Biden My Time

And now for something completely different…

Biden My Time

by JLH
(with apologies to George and Ira Gershwin)

I’m just Biden my ti-ime,
That’s the kinda guy I-I’m.
My mind’s not there,
But look at my hair!
Bein’ cute just ain’t no crime.

I go swimming ba-are.
When female security’s the-ere.
It isn’t flashing
Because I’m splashing.
They pretend I’m not there.

I am utterly fai-air,
Whenever females are the-ere.
Seventeen or seven,
It’s utterly heaven
To bury my schnoz in your hair.

Now I’m really on tra-ack
To get the Oval Office ba-ack.
Fall in with me.
If you don’t, you see,
That means you just ain’t black.

I go with the ti-ide.
That’s my favorite ri-ide.
I go with the flow.
I never say No.
My strength is flexible pride.

Sometimes something made your eyes
See what couldn’t evade your eyes.
A glance or a look,
At a paper or book—
Shouldn’t be called “Plagiarize”.

A lot of folks had to wheedle,
But eventually the party’s need’ll
Win the day,
And that was the way.
For Kamala through the eye of the needle.

I am a patriot blue,
And she is an Indian true.
Just get us in;
It’s easy as sin.
And we’ll put the screws to take care of you.

5 thoughts on “Biden My Time

  1. Not only the Gershwins, I think; verse six is reminiscent of Tom Lehrer’s “Lobachevsky”, where the aspiring mathematician is advised to plagiarise, etc. (Oh all right, as it’s an Amarican song, “plagiarize”)

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