Anti-Trump Propaganda on German State TV

Except for the fact that it’s in German, the following video might have been drawn directly from Democrat Party talking points.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   It’s a cliché, often made into a Hollywood movie:
00:05   a US president starts a war somewhere in the world in order to be
00:09   re-elected. US President Trump seems to like such a script,
00:13   only he fights the war against his own country.
00:17   In Portland, in the US State of Oregon, for example,
00:21   people have demonstrated against racism and police violence for weeks, not always,
00:25   but mostly peacefully, and the US president sends federal security forces
00:29   against the wishes of the mayor.
00:33   Every night, provocation from both sides, at the courthouse
00:37   that the federal police should protect, a culture war
00:41   in Portland’s streets. Police of various federal agencies
00:45   against demonstrators whom Trump calls “anarchists”.
00:49   He presents himself as “man for law and order” representing
00:53   so-called good citizens. Another evening,
00:57   against the frontline along the fence. A few demonstrators provoke,
01:01   the others bear it. All are too angry that the Federal
01:05   police are still there. So are the mothers
01:09   who now support the activists.
01:13   It is their way of protesting; they do not provoke,
01:17   because the federal police will come out, no matter what happens here.
01:21   The election is 98 days away.
01:25   Trump has found his campaign theme to get out of the low point in the polls.
01:29   A fight against demonstrators in Democrat-run
01:36   cities across the US.

5 thoughts on “Anti-Trump Propaganda on German State TV

  1. Global collusion can be proven by how often the globalist Prometheans use the same talking points over and over, even in different places and nations.

  2. Good. I feel the same about what Germany has become. Let’s disconnect the US from Germany altogether and let them survive on their own. Both nations would be happier that way.

  3. The BBC is very much anti-Trump. As in Germany the MSM is frightened.

  4. Czech national TV and media in general are anti-Trump too, sometimes extremely so. Most folks support him though. Most of those don’t like him as such, but never forget to add “he’s a thousand times better than Hillary though.”

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