A New “Rescue” Ship for “Refugees” in the Mediterranean

The business of carrying migrants across the Mediterranean to Italy is primarily conducted by NGOs, some of which are directly funded by various organizations sponsored by George Soros.

People-traffickers in Libya notify the NGO ships that they are carrying a load of customers to the open sea between North Africa and Lampedusa. The NGO “rescue” ships are then dispatched to pick up their charges and deliver them to a port in Lampedusa, Sicily, or the southern mainland of Italy.

Various NGO ships have recently been detained or impounded by the Italian authorities, inhibiting their operations. But now Lutheran churches in Germany have chipped in and bought the “rescuers” a fine new boat so that they can resume their work.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this report, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   The Sea Watch 4 left Spain for the international waters off Libya.
00:06   The “refugee rescue ship”, financed primarily by the Evangelical Church,
00:10   is currently the only private ship cruising the Mediterranean.
00:13   Before that, the ship was moored in a shipyard in southern Spain.
00:21   A number of NGO “rescue ships” had been held on flimsy formalities.
00:26   Because of that there are currently no more ships in the central Mediterranean.
00:31   In addition to members of Sea Watch, there are also representatives of “Doctors Without Borders”
00:35   on board. They take over the medical care of the “rescued”
00:39   in the “operational area” in the international waters off Libya.
00:42   One problem is the health situation of both the migrants and the crew.
00:50   All crew members are quarantined for seven days,
00:53   and will have to have a negative PCR test before going on board.
00:57   We measure the temperature of all crew members every day
01:00   and as soon as we have “rescued” people on board, a diagnosis is made immediately,
01:04   including temperature measurements. —It is the first mission of Sea Watch 4
01:08   that has been financed mainly through church donations.
01:11   The ship cost 1.3 million euros,
01:14   raised by an alliance that now comprises 550 organizations and companies.

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  1. Screw this priests , they are traitors to Europe and Germany, how bad is becoming in Europe, priests bringing illegal savages, reapists , murders to the continent with own boats , they can burn in hell , God will judge them for sake of European people, put them to great danger..

    • Yes. What a bunch of Muslim enablers. It will take another Joan of Arc or a Son of Charles Martel.

  2. The Evangelical church should be reaching people in their own countries. By funding the Ferry Service they are aiding and abetting illegal entry, encouraging unending others to follow, and increasing the likelihood of drownings.

    This is not “Search and Rescue”: it is Collusion and Rendezvous.

  3. Oh what I wouldn’t give for 1 S-Boat and some rough hard men, I would make short work of that ship and crew with extreme prejudice and a smile.

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