A Child-Raping Afghan Recidivist in Dortmund

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Bild:

After the first act, he was freed — Sex offender allegedly raped two girls (11, 13)

[Photo caption: The police arrested the suspect (23) a few hours after the second rape. Now he is back in custody.]

by Frank Schneider and Dirk Decker
July 28, 2020

It can hardly be believed: The man (23), who is alleged to have raped a 13-year-old in Dortmund on Friday, apparently struck a month before!

On June 20, the Afghan allegedly raped an 11-year-old. “It was a similar incident,” confirmed prosecutor Börge Klepping about the earlier incident, when answering a question from BILD. To protect the now 12-year-old victim he did not want to give details.

Shortly after the crime, the man was arrested, but after only twelve days, on July 3, he was released from custody under reporting requirements. Reason: No risk of flight.

The prosecutor: “He had previously been named in a drug offense, but not in connection with sex crimes. He had a fixed residence, and so there was no flight risk.”

On Friday it is alleged that the Afghan, who has a temporary resident permit, lured a 13-year-old into a hallway and raped her. Because the girl gave a good description, her tormentor was arrested Saturday night.

Prosecutor Klepping: “He is in custody for serious sexual abuse (rape).”

3 thoughts on “A Child-Raping Afghan Recidivist in Dortmund

  1. After reading about this case in several newspapers, I’m still not able to believe it. But apparently it’s true.

  2. Someone needs to go full Boondock Saints on these rapist orcs and their white-collar enablers in the legal system. A franchise in every major city in Europe. I think there is enough business there that someone starting today would be able to work a full forty years until retirement. Crowd fund the whole enterprise, buy off the cops, reward sympathetic prosecutors, and take care of business…

    Certainly would be much nicer coming home from work, turning on the news and hearing about how a couple rapists, some Somali drug dealers, and a crooked judge that allowed these kinds of rapists back on the streets all were whacked. Each and every day until it is safe enough for a single woman to walk anywhere throughout the city at night with no fear of being assaulted or raped.

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