Vehicular Attack in Borlänge

A taxi driver went on a vehicular rampage on Friday night in the Swedish town of Borlänge. Witnesses say he deliberately drove into and wounded a group of pedestrians, apparently targeting a particular young lady.

As usual, there’s no mention of ethnicity in this news report. However, there are two major indications that make it almost 100% certain that the marauding driver is a culture-enricher:

1.   He is a taxi driver.
2.   When asked whether there was any indication that the attack was “terrorism”, the police said they don’t think so at this point. In other words, the media and the police are at least considering the possibility of jihad, which makes it very unlikely that the driver’s name is Sven or Olaf.

So it looks like the driver was acting out of revenge, or some other secular motive, rather than waging jihad.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:31   Police do not believe that the perpetrator who plowed into several people
00:36   last night in downtown Borlänge had any terrorist motives.
00:40   A 30-year-old is in custody on charges of one count of probable cause of attempted murder
00:45   and four counts of attempted aggravated assault.
00:48   According to Dalarna regional authorities, three persons are lightly wounded.
00:52   The police received the call at 23:42.
00:56   A taxi driver in service ran over an 18-year-old woman and wounded her,
01:01   along with several other people in the middle of downtown Borlänge.
01:05   The man was wrestled and pinned down by other pedestrians until the police arrived.
01:10   According to the police, there were a lot of outraged people
01:14   here in downtown Borlänge on Friday night.
01:17   A taxi vehicle drove off this main street and turned toward the pedestrian street there,
01:23   and ran over several pedestrians. To the witnesses it seemed
01:28   that the driver was intentionally trying to run over the pedestrians.
01:33   Three of them were wounded and were taken to hospital,
01:37   but according to Dalarna regional authorities, all of them are lightly wounded.
01:40   According to the police, an investigation is ongoing.
01:44   However, they are still reticent about the motive.
01:47   —What does he himself say about the suspicions?
01:50   I won’t comment on that! We are working to discover a motive,
01:54   of course, and the reason what it happened,
01:57   or whether he is associated with the persons. —But currently you don’t suspect a terrorist offense?
02:02   No. There is nothing at the moment to indicate that.

4 thoughts on “Vehicular Attack in Borlänge

  1. Anytime race or ethnicity is not mentioned then you already know that it was a diverse vibrant on a cultural enrichment mission.
    Local garbage news will still show the faces of perps no matter what the race but I’m sure that will be too much for the woke snowflakes who can’t cope with reality.

  2. Bystanders didn’t try hard enough apparently. A knee on the neck until the cops arrived would have ensured it would have been the last time the orc tried to harm Swedes.

  3. The fact that this jihadi chose FRIDAY to carry out his attack should be a clear sign that this was TERROR

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