“Lampedusa Doesn’t Deserve All This”

Lampedusa is a small Italian Island close to coasts of both Tunisia and Libya. It is the preferred landing point for the people-smugglers who want to get their customers across the Mediterranean and into the European Union.

I’ve been covering the mass migration into Europe via Lampedusa since 2007. The constant influx of mostly-Muslim immigrants has done inestimable damage to the island’s culture and economy.

A resident of Lampedusa made the video below to show what is happening to his island, and to decry the complicity of politicians in the continuation of the destructive people-trafficking.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   …speaking… There are… look what they are doing
00:05   “In 24 hours, 618 land… Lampedusa July 10, 2020… Spread it…And the illegals give us the middle finger”
00:09   This is… This is Lampedusa…
00:12   This is Lampedusa. I am making a video
00:18   What the Hell do you want? —This… This is our Lampedusa
00:23   You see this scenario.
00:28   Everything thrown on the ground.
00:33   And this business is continuing… morning, evening, night and day.
00:41   Business of human flesh. In Lampedusa they want to create an open-air jail.
00:47   What are we talking about? This government is ruining us.
00:52   They are especially destroying Lampedusa.
00:55   Because here we live on tourism, fishing, agriculture,
01:02   restaurateurs… What are we talking about? Lampedusa…
01:06   Lampedusa doesn’t deserve all this.
01:11   Lampedusa doesn’t deserve all this.
01:14   You are ruining an island, a marvelous island.
01:18   This is today’s result.
01:24   Always these landings. Every day, now Lampedusa…
01:29   You cannot understand anything any more…
01:34   Thanks to this government… they are giving us this
01:38   magnificent summer.
01:41   At what point have we arrived at in Lampedusa?
01:45   And nobody moves a finger. Nobody moves a finger.
01:50   It is a global shame.
01:59   These are the results also today.
02:06   This is Lampedusa now.

6 thoughts on ““Lampedusa Doesn’t Deserve All This”

  1. Remember when Gadaffi warned that all of this would happen if Libya was taken out?
    Why it’s almost if it is a feature and not a bug as part of The Great Leap Forward.

  2. Not difficult to see how the Muslims populations wanting to quicken the demise of what’s left of the infidel’s Western Europe could do all the preparation and planting of arms dumps needed for the big day. All perfectly co-ordinated with Turkey of course.

  3. Tragedy beyond for Italian people, and people of Europe, it’s a crime this traitors from EU, created, ..poor generation to come

    • What a pity the UK and USA are in such an advanced state of
      of whatever. Like that funny ad where the fellow walks into the bank building saying, “I don’t know what it is but I like it”. Now it’s the opposite. This Chinese accused with good reason heath issue and their WHO accomplished delay has absolutely forced everyone still sharp enough to see – to see.

  4. This is…heartbreaking, infuriating, maddening. Way back when, in the late 80’s, I visited Lampedusa for a few days. It was one of the most pleasant memories I have of the time I lived in Sicily. The people were friendly, safely could we two girls walk about in the evening senza paura, without fear. We had no hesitation to go to the beaches. It was a tranquil little jewel under the Mediterranean sun.
    And to see this now…angers me so much. I have developed such hostility towards these ‘leaders’, organizations, media who, with the spines of over cooked pasta, bend down and betray their own people, culture and nations.
    And yet, how it could all change if the ‘silent majority’ would rise up and become a visible, vocal majority. But I suppose that will never happen.

    Isn’t it odd how a leader can foist illegal migrants on one’s country, cause a fundamental change in its society all without a general consensus from the public and not be called a dictator.

  5. stop voting for the usual suspects then you know the eu MUPPETS who are all on board with the , un NWO plan,, vote for salvini .

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