Fifteen Years

During her tenure here Dymphna wrote repeatedly about the strange lack of commemorative attention that the anniversaries of the 7/7 bombings in London have received in the UK.

There may have been a significant observance on the first anniversary, but from the second onwards the date passed each year with scant public acknowledgement. I don’t know what the British media are saying today; perhaps our readers in the UK can provide their observations. I think I saw a news headline about the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan (no relation to Mohammad Sidique Khan, one of the bombers), laying a wreath at the memorial in Hyde Park.

For those who were too young at the time, or have forgotten: today is the fifteenth anniversary of the series of coordinated Islamic terror attacks on public transportation in London on July 7, 2005. The bombs went off during the morning rush hour, killing fifty-two people in addition to the mujahideen who carried out the attacks. Hundreds of others were wounded.

The atrocities were perpetrated by Mohammad Sidique Khan, Hasib Hussain, Germaine Lindsay, and Shehzad Tanweer, giving the incident a Mohammed Coefficient of 25%.

Readers can look at conditions in London and the UK today and decide for themselves whether the 7/7 attacks made Britons wake up and smell the halal coffee. Personally, I think the surname of the mayor of London tells us all we need to know.

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  1. As it happened, that day I was working in Guildford, about thirty miles SW of London; the first I knew was when my brother called to check I was ok.

    About ten years ago, I saw a tv documentary about the attack. They interviewed a black woman, aged around forty, who’d been injured by one of the bombs on the tube. She’d thought she was over it when, several months later, she was crossing London Bridge, and a smartly-dressed white man coming the other way stopped and asked if she’d like a hug.

    No, BLM, we are NOT all racist.

    • Reminds me of a TV news item way back. A group of UCLA students going on about white racism. Everyone in agreement except the lone white guy who breaks down crying his eyes out. “But I am not a racist…”. He was obviously serious. Everyone else started laughing. I imagine that is why it made the news. Nice guys come last – if at all.

    • Mark H, Your naivety, wishful thinking and lack of understanding of history really does bloody well amaze me. You will learn the hard way, as things continue to spiral out of anyone’s control, that being a sheep never ends well for the sheep, but at least you can claim you weren’t a so called racist. Being part of the woke cultist won’t save you.

  2. Ive not seen any mention in the media they seem unable to find room between the stories on BLM and other such nonsense.

  3. There is an expression commonly used in Britain that he, she or they “don’t want to know”. Its meaning always seemed clear to me but I was surprised to hear an American who had lived here for some years say that they struggled to understand just what was meant by it.

    The British people don’t want to know about the 7/7 bombings or the Woolwich killing or the other jihadist atrocities over the years just as they didn’t want to know about the industrial scale rape of native girls by Pakistani men or, now, the clearly illegal conditions in Muslim run sweat shops in Leicester which caused the recent Covid spike there. But now it has become so obvious that it cannot be denied even by the Labour run local government which turned a blind eye.

    The British people, generally, do not want to know about Islam. Even those who understand there is a problem will not inform themselves about it. They would rather not know.

    As for Sadiq Khan, you do not need to go as far as him to get an understanding of the malaise in Britain regarding Islam. Boris Johnson was his predecessor as mayor of London. After the 7/7 bombings in 2005 he wrote:

    “To any non-Muslim reader of the Koran, Islamophobia — fear of Islam — seems a natural reaction, and, indeed, exactly what that text is intended to provoke. Judged purely on its scripture – to say nothing of what is preached in the mosques – it is the most viciously sectarian of all religions in its heartlessness towards unbelievers….That means disposing of the first taboo, and accepting that the problem is Islam. Islam is the problem”

    But in 2008, while campaigning in the London mayoral election and presumably having become aware of the size of the Muslim vote, he said he now believed, after having researched the Koran more in depth, that it is “a religion of peace”.

    David Cameron wrote “Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around”.

    Thereas May said “The actions of ISIS have absolutely no basis in anything written in the Quran”.

    A tree dies from the top.

    • The power chord band Isis had to break up due to that unfortunate naming.
      Why would they name themselves after a pagan Moon goddess?

      Isis was introduced to Rome in 86 BCE, where She became very popular because Her cult was open to all, including women and slaves. She was so beloved by the people, that even after Paganism was abolished, Her last official temple on the Egyptian Island of Philae survived until 537 CE. It was finally ordered shut, votive statues of Isis, Osiris and Min were confiscated, and sent to Constantinople. Temple clergy were imprisoned, and the temple was converted to a Christian Church.

      • Isis was an Egyptian goddess, definitely not connected to the current terrorist organisation. There is a long tradition in Christianity that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute, though there is NO evidence for this in the New Testament, but I recall reading, many years ago (sorry, can’t remember where) that she was a sacred prostitute in a temple of Ishtar (the Syrian version of Isis).

    • Not necessarily. In this case the rot is at both the top and in the roots. Bojo
      is a great example of the first. In spite of all his bluster about illegal migrants, he’ actually taking them off the hands of the FRENCH!!

      Basically, he’s Theresa May with a penis.

      There is a way to stop this, if the Brits wish to. I don’t ordinarily push my own stuff in the comments section, but you might find this interesting:

      • Thanks Rob Miller.
        Many good points and a good blog.

        Also ECAW, why do the “young turks” seem to sell out their principles and rest on their laurels.

        But as Winston Churchill just stayed “mean & ugly” principled, so became the “man of the hour” for the right time & place.

        A remnant, keeps reminding, keeps recording, so ultimately, whether too late or not, there is a place when eventually for people to realize there is an alternative.

        Then it becomes a tool in the future, these prophetic words, history, always can be gleaned for wisdom to be used, and will relate to the people, if and when they decide to struggle.
        We do our part in keeping faith, doing what & where we can.

        Again thanks, and thanks to Baron & Dymphna, keeping a glimmer of light, knowledge, and experience.
        “Lest we forget”.

      • The British problem and also that of Western Europe is not a lack of weapons but a lack of a will to use them or a lack of recognition that they are being invaded and replaced. Wealthy societies or poorer ones with a social safety net and a dole are not likely to inspire its citizens to risk life and limb for something that hasn’t managed to intrude into their protective bubble of amusements and digital spectacles. If the economy should ever truly go off the rails and people face real poverty and hunger, then there is a much better likelihood of citizens finding they have nothing more to lose by taking up arms.

  4. Did Londonistan put up a monument to the bombers yet?
    Isn’t that a coincidence that practice drills always seem to running when the real thing happens.
    One of them there tinfoil hat things I guess.

  5. The only stories I have seen have all revolved around highlighting the tributes paid by Khan and his ilk…all crocodile tears of course; this is the same man who said non-stop Muslim terrorist attacks were “part and parcel of living in a big city”. Strange, last time I checked Budapest, Bratislava, Prague and Warsaw are all major cities and yet no terrorism or rape epidemics.

    Imagine if someone had said being a slave was part and parcel of being conquered by stronger cultures, the whole country would be in uproar.

    Regardless, the media is far more interested in White-guilt remembrance stories than White/Christian victims.

  6. “I am a soldier, and we are at war.”
    That is what Mohammed Sidique Khan, bomber, said in his video.

    That is the message that has escaped UK politicians.

    • Normally I am inclined to apply Hanlon’s razor to all kinds of cognitive mishaps. However, in the face of such bloody mayhem and the enemy’s clear, brutal openness and honesty about their goals and motivations, I no longer believe in simple stupidity of our leadership. I am rather certain they did hear it, like in all Western countries where similar things happened. They chose willful ignorance over the inconvenience of having to actually deal with it. When this madness is over, if we’re still here, they will face the music. Promised.

  7. Thank you for including this anniversary in today’s post. Remember it well.
    Was in NYC from land of O on 7/7/05. Tense day as we went about our business with thoughts of 9/11/01 running through my head. Prayers to GoV and patriots. Do or don’t do, there is no try.

  8. I remember this day well. I’d been out with friends the night before and was running a bit late. Had I been on time, I might well have been on the train that was attacked at Edgeware Road. The double decker bus that was blown up in Tavistock Square, exploded just outside the branch of the bank I used to use and my office was opposite Kings Cross/St. Pancras train station.

    I had long since given up driving to my local underground station and when the bus arrived there, station staff were locking the main doors so I stayed on the bus but when I reached South Harrow, they were locking down there, too but nobody was saying why, so I boarded a bus going towards Hayes British Rail station but when I got there, staff were locking that one down, too. When I asked what was wrong, I was told there was trouble in London but no details. At this point, it was after 10am and I decided to go home and phone in to work. When I got home, however and tried to call the office all I heard was a strange tone that I’d not heard before.

    At this stage, I put the TV on and, disregarding the BBC and ITV services, I went straight to Sky News where all hell was breaking loose. I knew that nobody was going to make it into work that day so I spent the day in front of the TV and watched it all unfold.

    I understand that in a cemetary somewhere in Pakistan, there is a memorial to Mohammed Siddiq Khan hailing him as a martyr to islam.

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