Bombs Bursting in Air

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

This may be the last 4th of July that is celebrated according to time-honored custom. The Woke Brigades are well on the way to victory in the culture wars, and they have determined that Independence Day is a WAYCIST occasion. The intention seems to be to elevate “Juneteenth” to fill the void left by removing our major midsummer holiday. Which is interesting, because all the statues of Abraham Lincoln are being pulled down, so we will be celebrating Emancipation without acknowledging the Emancipator.

There may be more than usual number of bombs bursting in air today, if the BLAMtifa battalions make good on their promise to inflict major damage at various prominent public locations. However, the last time I looked at the news, everything seemed to be proceeding more or less normally.

I’ll be hanging around here for a while performing my normal functions, and then I’m going to visit some friends for a traditional 4th of July celebration that involves burgers and adult beverages.

Dig ya later!

5 thoughts on “Bombs Bursting in Air

  1. Happy Independence Day, Baron!
    The leftist trash might want to tear us down, but they can’t even figure out which bathroom to use. [Have carnal knowledge of] ’em. We’re voting for Trump again and we’re making our nation better and better. If the communists try to block actual national progress, they will get steamrolled – because there are no brakes on the Trump Train.

  2. There are more of us than them. And we are armed. If that is what the leftists and cancel culture scum want then I say “bring it on” .

  3. Fireworks shows were canceled in L.A. County in the name of Social Distancing. However, in my neighborhood we had fireworks going off all around us except to the north of us where the respectable folks lived on the ‘right side’ of the tracks. We are very well ‘trained’ around here. The neighborhood fireworks put on a pretty nice show, and I think the show lasted until midnight. The lunar eclipse didn’t happen, especially as the moon rise was too far to the southeast. Interesting day, except for the calendar, Trader Joe’s being closed, and the neighborhood ruckus you would never have known that it was the Fourth of July. Sad. Sniff. What has happened to my Country?

  4. The comrades will eat their own as always happens in revolutions.
    Youngsters who don’t know much about anything other than brand names and the latest social media sewer abomination won’t be able to run a lemonade stand let alone a complex society.
    I doubt that the money changers will just step aside and let the glorious people’s collective utopia commence.
    They are funding them for now to use for the societal reset from Covid-1984.
    Manboons are not a learning animal and it won’t end well but then again it never does.

  5. Instead of cancelling fireworks for COVID, etc., our city had fireworks in three different locations so many people could watch from home.

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