Bang a Gong Against the Call of the Muezzin

Protesting with spoon and pot against the muezzin call

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this article from Westfalen-Blatt:

Why does Marcel Bauersfeld makes noise in front of the Herford Mosque during Friday prayers?

The police were already waiting for him: Marcel Bauersfeld in conversation with the two officers in front of the Ditib Mosque. After a lengthy discussion, the 37-year-old is sent away. But he says, “I’ll be back next Friday.” Photo: Moritz Winde

Herford, Saturday July 11

When the muezzin calls to prayer at the Ditib [Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs] Mosque, Marcel Bauersfeld stands on the sidewalk of Bielefelder Straße — again. He hammers with a spoon on a cooking pot. Shortly afterwards, the police come and send him away

by Moritz Winde

Is this freedom of expression, or does the 37-year-old interfere with religious freedom with his actions? “Two fundamental rights collide,” said the police spokeswoman Simone Lah-Schnier. However, as soon as there is a suspicion of a criminal offence, the police may, as in this case, issue a dispersal order. According to the government spokeswoman, the man from Herford has never had a police record, but he is now being charged with disturbing religious freedom.

On July 3, Marcel Bauersfeld had also made a lot of noise in front of the mosque. A week ago he used a cowbell. “That was confiscated by the police. That’s why I’m here with the pot today,” he says. The case is currently before the Bielefeld Public Prosecutor’s Office. Simone Lah-Schnier says that it will be examined whether it is a criminal offence. For the time being the cowbell will remain in the custody of the authorities.

For the third time in a row, the 37-year-old is protesting this Friday against the Islamic call to prayer that Mayor Tim Kähler had allowed the Turkish community in mid-June. Since then, the decision of the head of the administration has caused controversy. The CDU, led by mayor Anke Theisen, had criticized the decision. A majority of the City Council, however, regards the call to prayer as a fundamental right.

Marcel Bauersfeld makes it clear in an interview with this newspaper: “I am neither left- nor right-wing. Nor do I have anything against other cultural practices. The only thing that bothers me is the muezzin call, which in my view is nothing more than calling out a Caliphate. I don’t want to have Sharia law here.’

The protester says he has studied the Koran in detail and believes with the permission for the muezzin call, a Pandora’s box was opened. “Other Turkish communities could claim the same right.” He calls for the city of Herford to revoke the permit for the muezzin call.

The 37-year-old has announced he will be back next Friday. “I’m curious to see if I’m prosecuted for a cowbell or a cooking pot,” he says.

The Ditib community could prevent this if it obtains an injunction from the local court to impose a restraining order. This means that Marcel Bauersfeld is only permitted to approach the mosque up to a certain, fixed distance.

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    • Yes. More and more one comes to understand how Jewish people got heaped onto trucks. With all our so called education and history and hokey donkey woke only a few like this man is true to himself. While there is still a majority these war mongering hell dwellers need to be confronted and brought to heel. They make the nazis look like a good alternative.

  1. I would the reaction be the same outside a C of E or RC Church? That is really the question to ask.

  2. The call to prayer is jihad. Bravo that at least one local man knows this. The Mayor is a dhimmi.

  3. I imagine the Muslim de-population will get tired of the remaining infidels
    interrupting the establishment of a coast to coast one size fits all.

  4. Here’s a suggestion: wouldn’t it be better to get together with some friends( 5+) and do a drive- by honk with their cars. Even if the cops stand close by, they could never prove whose horn caused the noise, but hold it, , they would find an other reason to fine you: abuse of public space driving around with no particular destination.

    • Why not bloody well confront them. Pass laws. Women are not getting the job done.

  5. “Who’s next? Judges are accused of ‘opening floodgates’ to MORE ISIS brides and up to 150 terrorists after Home Office LOSES bombshell High Court case to keep Shamima Begum out of UK”. Newspaper headlines. Soon the choices will be stark. War or downtrodden minority status on Muslim Afro- Asian dominated islands. Time flies. Grifters rule,

  6. Imagine the Gestapo’s best challenging all those death sentences and demanding compensation. No wait.

  7. When cowbells and cooking pots are outlawed only deplorable Kulak untermenschen heretics will have them.

  8. Ring the local church bells when the caterwauling begins, or do what we did, use 10 foot speakers playing AC/DC or Rammstein, that really got them frothing at the mouth. LOL

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