Awakening My Inner Honky

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s open season on white people. Black Lives Matter, but yours doesn’t, not if you’re white.

Readers may recall Johnny Williams, a sociology professor at Trinity College in Connecticut, who reacted to the shooting of GOP congressman Steve Scalise three years ago by posting that white people were “inhuman a**holes”. He said, “Let. Them. F***ing. Die. And smile a bit when you do.” To drive his point home he used the hashtag #LetThemF***ingDie.

Prof. Williams was suspended by Trinity for his tactlessness, but has since been reinstated.

More recently, after the latest BLM fad took off, Irami Osei-Frimpong, a University of Georgia teaching assistant and Ph.D. candidate in philosophy — of all things — wrote, “Some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole… To pretend that’s not the case is ahistorical and generally naïve.”

The University of Georgia reviewed Mr. Osei-Frimpong’s behavior and decided that it warranted no disciplinary action.

It’s too early to say whether the more lenient treatment of Irami Osei-Frimpong is an outlier, or indicative of a trend. But one thing is for certain: the sentiments he and hundreds of other “activists” have been expressing are now being mainstreamed.

The “kill whitey” trope is nothing new — it has been publicly expressed in black radical circles since at least the 1970s. However, those who espouse it are now gaining significant political influence at the national level. All national political figures in the Democrat Party support the Black Lives Matter movement, as do all major academic institutions and almost all of the national media. Those same media outlets may not highlight the fact, but the same “mostly peaceful” BLM protesters they support are increasingly proclaiming their desire to assault, burn, torture, maim, and kill white people. Not just “racists” or “KKK supporters”, or “Trump voters”, but white people. Whites, it is averred, are irredeemably racist, genetically damaged, harmful to the species, and do not deserve to live.

Down there on the street, where the revolutionary communists — who are the organizing force behind BLM and Antifa — raise their clenched fists in silhouette against the glare of burning courthouses and police stations, the genocide of white people is one of the stated political goals.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Except for my slightly olive skin tone — which probably derives from an Indian in the woodpile on my mother’s side of the family — I’m a totally whitebread guy. I have no rhythm. I’m a traditional nerd. I like meatloaf and mashed potatoes. I listen to Baroque music because I love the way it sounds. And I enjoy sitting around with my nerdy white friends making stupid jokes.

Worse than that, I’m a full-on WASP. And, now that I’m old, totally without redeeming social value. A straight old white man, certain to be in the first tranche put up against the wall by the Social Justice firing squad.

So I’ve been watching with interest the growing prominence of the “White People Must Die” meme in the fever swamps of the alternative media. It makes me think about other well-meaning traditional white people, the kind who have always been scrupulously non-racist and truly believed in a color-blind society.

Assuming they’re paying attention, what are they thinking now? Because the spear point of the new Woke revolution doesn’t make any exceptions for being well-meaning. White people are destined for the dustbin of history, and this means YOU.

Maybe they think the death-to-whitey radicals don’t really mean it. Maybe the bellicose rhetoric is just designed to extort a higher price. Maybe if they just grovel a little more, and surrender more of their paychecks to fund “reparations”, all the screaming and burning and looting will die down and life can return to normal (except for having to wear a mask, of course).

Or maybe, just maybe, they’re edging towards becoming WAYCISTS. Maybe they’re realizing that white lives — their lives — really do matter. And, unless they can find some solidarity with their fellow whites, there will be no organized entity that will act to defend them.

Surely the BLM/Commie movement can’t intend such a result. It’s not in their interest to create a new cohort of white men consciously working together to protect their own race. Because even with their communist commissars, blacks in the USA are vastly outnumbered by whites.

Maybe the Revolution is counting on enlisting Hispanics and Arabs as allies in the cause against their common enemy. Once Whitey has been successfully exterminated, of course, the members of the black-brown consortium will have to work out among themselves which group will rule the roost.

My money’s on the Arabs. Ever since the time of Mohammed they have demonstrated that they have the shrewdness and ruthlessness necessary to overcome their erstwhile allies. And they have always reserved their worst treatment for black Africans, whom they believe to be their natural slaves, as decreed by Allah.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

At least Islam gives you a choice: you can say the shahada and submit to Allah, or you can die. So when the hosts of Mohammed come marauding through your town, you can save your skin, even if you’re white, with La illaha ila Allah, wa Muhammadun rasul Allah.

But when the Kill Whitey crew arrives, there’s nothing you can do. You just have to die.

And what about the white communists who form the core of BLM, Antifa, and the rest of the Red alliance?

When the dream is finally realized, and the death squads are formed to exterminate white people, why should those honky commies be spared?

Do they believe their official Woke Certificates will guarantee their safety?

Or will plundering the vast wealth of Washington and Wall Street be enough to slake the thirst of the screaming brown hordes?

Maybe they don’t really think about such things. Maybe they subconsciously assume that when the new order emerges from the rubble of the Former United States, they will remain the commissars in charge, and continue to manage their negro subordinates, providing benign wisdom and guidance for those they consider inferior beings.

But it’s clear that the street-level “protesters” will be satisfied with nothing short of the total destruction of the existing order. I find it hard to imagine the forces behind the current madness in other than demonic terms. For whatever reason, evil Powers are being awoken and let loose in the land to wreak destruction and havoc.

I don’t think even the best-trained Marxist theoretician will be able to put that genie back into the bottle.

36 thoughts on “Awakening My Inner Honky

  1. Remember Charles Manson…he hoped to ignite (or so the books say) a race war believing the blacks would win. But then they would need Charlie to show them the way afterwards.

  2. What does the western left have in common with Charles Manson ?

    They both kill with the intent to start a race war.

    Was he ahead of his time or what ?

  3. I am not as old as you and I don’t intend to go quietly if it should ever come to that. I have the training and the firearms to ensure that I take a sizeable bodyguard with me to Valhalla. At least we still outnumber the (illegitimates) and we are still armed.

    College has been a curse upon the white race, and the apologists for white privilege have been almost exclusively college indoctrinated. If there is purging to be done then the college indoctrinated are certainly among the ones who most richly deserve it. It has been decades since college has taught useful skills that prepared graduates to be managers and technically proficient in the fields in which they studied. Since most of them are irredeemably indoctrinated, their elimination could only help the country by eliminating voters for socialist candidates who should also be eliminated.

    Arabs do not constitute enough of a force to matter anywhere in the USA outside of Minneapoli-Dishu or maybe Detroit-Arabia. The only tbing that is keeping the islamists alive in the USA at present is a good economy and resulting law and order which precludes anyone from putting a cap in their posterior for fear of losing their job and place in society. Take away prosperity and their will certainly be a lot of dead islamists and socialists. I would welcome the chance to put the likes of Soros, Gates, and Buffet six feet underground where they could no longer agitate and forment unrest amongst the proles.

  4. I couldn’t agree more.

    I must say, Woke Whites irritate me even more than Islamists: the first want to self-destruct, the second want to destroy others. The second variant is at least saner, in relative terms.

    Looking at events like the Iranian Revolution, one can see a precedent for the Marxists getting done by the Islamists. I can’t say I’ll feel the slightest bit sorry for the Marxists if that day arrives.

    I’m half white and half Jewish (“racially”), possibly with a smidgen of an “Indian in the woodpile” as well. Any of these crazies take over, it’s not going to go well for me. Why so many fellow Jews support them is beyond me. I get along horribly with the average leftist North American Jew – though the average Israeli Jew seems to find me totally normal!

  5. Arabs, Blacks, SE Asians and Latins have been imported into the West to burrow into it and destroy its structure entirely. These groups have no other function and have nothing to offer. It is the communist Chinese who are being set up to rule over us and everyone else.

    • [Obscene imperative], [epithet]. You’re just as bad as the people this article is about.

      • LOL I really do enjoy the folly of wishful thinking where woke leftist like yourself are concerned, for it would seem you and others of your wretched leftist ilk are hell bent on receiving your very own Darwin Award.
        There are no equals here, you are now either with the 3rd worlders and their leftist Marxist enablers, or you are with your tribe, it is that coldly simple. War is coming whether you like it or not and you will not be able to take that so called high moral ground without being buried in it. In war, there are only Victors and vanquished, so good luck. LOL See Balkans War for current reference of why diversity and forced multiculturalism always, without exception, FAILS!

        • Islam has been on the march in Western Europe for quite some time now. An arms dump here and an arms dump there?
          Check. Kafir food and water supplies target? Check. Kafir women? Check. Etcetra etcetra etcetra. Both sides clear on the whys and wherefores. Or at least should be by now. No wait.

        • I don’t presume to know Dave’s politics, but if the ethnic Chinese and other SE Asians, are really out to undermine our culture, they’re doing an excellent job of concealing their intentions by making a major contribution (as most Jews have).

          • The Chinese contribute what exactly? Cheap junk? The are great at stealing western tech for their own nefarious purposes, but can’t invent a damn thing. Ever since the communists took over in 1949, they have been good sheep and march to the orders of the CCP. Nothing good ever comes out of China, even the Japanese despise them.

  6. These fools say White people are so awful. Let it become a self fulfilling prophecy. Push us so far we go full Visigoth on their idiot [derrieres] and see how that works out for them.
    If we hate them so much, considering any day we wanted we could kill every last one of them by sundown, yet have not and have never considered it or tried to, what manner of fools are we dealing with here?
    Fortunately I have seen polling data which shows Black Americans in the majority do not support BLM and many of those reject it specifically because of its Bolshevik ideology.
    BLM and the White Antifa commies doing all the agitating and rioting are the enemy of any thinking American. They should be ordered to disperse and disband. If they refuse they should be gunned down like dogs in the streets they now terrorize.

  7. What if “Whites” and their allies in all matters Islamic and their Black Lies Mob decide finally to do something about pre-occupation threats of bloody mayhem. I imagine this is now no longer an empty threat. Way past bed time.

  8. Small c conservatives have a big problem – they are scared stiff of being labelled as Nazis and Racists. Judeo-Christianity had proven itself superior, and skin colour is an accdidental side-issue which the Marxists have turned into the biggest red herring/hoax since the building of the White Sea canal.

    This canal, bult by Marxists using 126,000 mainly white slaves was finished in 1933, some 12 to 15 thousand of those slaves died.

    These are the non anti-slavery credentials of the hypocrites cavorting in Portland.

    These nasty malicious people are like weeds, the need to be plucked out by the roots, prefeably before those roots get too strong. But whitey loves his TV too much, and will only be dragged away from it by the (non-violent) execution squad arriving at the front door. Jews in 1930’s Germany thought they were Germans too; does whitey still think he is an American? Does he even think?

  9. most of the woke whiteys are in fact young (and some older) women. men are also woke but are a minority. (at least in my country)

    Lets face it. the whole dilemma with mohammedan invasion and other evils is rooted in the fact that women are allowed to vote. Womens life is emotion not ratio and since they are as important than men no politician dares to make policies against the will of half of the population.

    Nation-building and protection was always a men-thing and its process is often cruel. Most women dont have any concept of national border protection or the will to employ max force to deport illegals and criminals. All they want is to speak with the wrong-doer like a good parent. Exactly this is what we see now. Women are caring and soft, they are the glue of small communities, but they are also masochistic openly or more often secretly. (the sadomaso spectactle “shades of grey” had mostly women viewers)

    Wokeness is just the degenerated but logical continuation of this behaviour. Of course behind most evils are (white old) men without any morals but they use hysterical women as useful idiots and spearhead of their plots.

    • Ever heard of “no taxation without representation”, nator? Not that I’m advancing this as the only reason women should have the vote; if they have differences/weaknesses, so indeed do men- just different ones. If I believed in a divine creator, I’d suspect He (She/It) designed things this way, so we’d balance each other.

      • See the modern western world for your love of the feminist and their utter stupidity at feelings and not facts and where that has gotten us? They are why are birth rates are abysmal as they are, it’s why we have been flooded with the bloody 3rd world. Yeah, giving women the right to vote has been great eh? LOL

  10. “I don’t think even the best-trained Marxist theoretician will be able to put that genie back into the bottle.”

    A Marxist would not even try. In word and deed, the BLM crowd are post-Marxist, grievance studies graduates who have lost contact with and no longer understand the working class.

  11. It’s certainly nothing news. Look at what happened to South Africa after the terrorist Nelson Mandela took over a previously prosperous country. They implemented anti-white policies and empowered blacks.
    It has not gone well.

  12. The folks pushing the 1619 Project, are not going to enjoy the 6013 project, or the 7213 Project.
    60% of America is white, 72% is white or hispanic, only 13% is black.
    America is not yet South Africa, not by a long shot.
    What worked for the ANC is going to backfire on BLM et al.

  13. If we Whites are so awful, why dont they go back to Africa, Middle+South America etc?
    If some People are awful, I would not go to their place.

    And to this Say the Shahada and live vs You´re White you´re dead, why does that remind me of a certain 12 years of Germany? There were a lot of loyal jews in Germanies Grand Army earning the Iron Cross or other medals by being loyal and brave and a few years later their Religion was an automatic death sentence.
    (Yes, I know, Godwin`s law, sorry.)

    I believe Frederick Douglass was right. And the Allies at the End of WWII: Everybody goes home. All Germans in Germany, all Poles in Poland, etc. Then we have peace. And we did.

    And yes, I think the White woke anti-racists have not thought the Situation till the end. In the end, the Revolution eats ist own children. Just ask Robespierre, Danton, Marat. Or the guys of the Stalinist Show Trials. All good communists…

    On the other hand, not that I support this, but just assume for five minutes that the evil Nazis were as competent as they are described. Then they would disguise themselves as BLM, kill some white woke BLM supporters and claim that they were not woke enough, they were really Nazi sympathizers or any other leftwing rubbish. I wonder how long it would take for the left to tear each other apart.
    Thank God the Nazis are not competent. Would be frightening to say the least.

  14. This was once a Christian nation, but about twenty years ago folks got tired of hearing the some old thing and wanted something new. Many of the ‘churches’ were nothing more than social clubs with few taking the Gospel seriously and preaching the Word of God so those in the fellowship could grow in the knowledge and understanding of the Faith they had embraced. So the ‘majority’ decided to exchange the Lord Jesus for Lord Chaos and the privilege to do as they saw fit without restraint. Well, you’ve made your choices and you have your consequences as Lord Chaos sits enthroned and rules this land and to all appearances will soon rule the world.
    As for me and my household, we serve the living God, and to be absent from the body (physically dead) is to be present with Him. Given the present condition of society and this planet (check out the seismic activity on being with the Lord is much to be preferred, but we will remain here and serve Him and love our neighbor as we do ourselves until He calls us home.

  15. Kipling’s poem The Wrath of the Angry Saxon comes to mind when I read how these 3rd world savages want a war with whitey. They sure are in for one horrific, bloody, gory surprise if that balloon goes up, for nobody does war better than whitey when the gloves come off.

  16. Well, they might kill me. But they’ll have to climb over a pile of their dead homies to do it.

    I also think all this “kill whitey” nonsense is being paid for by China. Cut off all trade with the idiots and throw their collaborators in federal prison. Watch this BLM nonsense dry-up like a slug on the driveway.

    • “and throw their collaborators in federal prison”

      Well, that covers DiFi’s retirement plan.

  17. Circa 1700 the entire British empire, which was comprised almost wholly of persons of English, Scottish, Irish, or Welsh descent was approximately 1.3 percent of the world population. Two centuries later the United Kingdom comprised approximately 2.3 percent of the world population, ruled outright another 20 percent and controlled another 20 percent (not counting the U.S.), and an Englishman could reasonably expect to take a stroll almost anywhere in the world, armed with nothing more deadly than a walking stick, and return home safely. Do these illiterate tools actually think that was a historical fluke.

  18. The two best bosses I ever had were black females; I caution against generalizing. However, there is a growing cancer, enabled by the loudest voices of the left, to remove your comfort and security. We should not allow ourselves to be marginalized due to the sins of others. Resist in every ethical and moral way you know how.

  19. Baron, you ask what the “well-meaning traditional white people” are thinking—if they are indeed thinking at all. I believe they are thinking all right, but only in a constricted way, lacking any breadth or depth. Their thinking is reined in by two kinds of fear. One is a fear of future events so awful that, as my late mother would say, they “don’t bear thinking about.” In other words, don’t let your mind go there. The other type is fear of being thought of as a racist or bigot if one’s true opinions are revealed. So, for most of them life continues in its insulating, but temporary, bubble of daily activities: good people going about their lives, “going-along-to-get-along,” hoping this will all go away.

    So, they are paying attention, hoping that they can stay on the outer periphery of events. But once the spotlight targets them and their way of life will they find the courage to resist? This, of course, is the crucial question.

    • Yes, I know that feeling: don’t let your mind go there. Some of the possible outcomes have been that way for me; I just don’t want to think about them. But now that they are becoming more and more probable, I spend more time thinking about them than I used to.

  20. I’m privileged enough to be able to go back to college to further my nursing education to help others learn a skill. I miss trade schools, church, the Pledge of Allegiance and people being “present” instead of stuck to their phones.

    I’m an Independent voter (yes, a FEMALE voter) who likes to think we are all color blind, but I’m not that egregiously ignorant. I also miss traditional values, morals and the focus on a healthy society.

    Doesn’t anyone remember Jessie Jackson saying “if I hear footsteps behind me in an alley I’m relieved to see it’s a white person”. BLM is a ridiculous, Communist movement that is killing innocent humans, animals and destroying property, society and relationships.

    BLM supports pedophiles like Biden, I presume? They are pro-abortion; more black babies have been aborted in one year than the police have killed in a CENTURY!

    I pray this will be over soon; I wonder where BLM will be during Armageddon?

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