African Migrant Terrorizes the Berlin S-Bahn

Last Monday a young African culture-enricher terrorized everyone, and in particular one young woman, on a suburban train in Berlin. The video below shows what happened

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The following article from Politically Incorrect (also translated by MissPiggy) describes what happened on the Berlin S-Bahn:

Black Man Terrorises an Entire Train Carriage

S-Bahn Berlin, Gehrenseestraße — A dark-skinned man attacks woman with dog

Martyrdom of a young woman in Berlin’s S-Bahn — Where nobody helps!

By EUGEN PRINZ | A mobile phone video that was recorded on the 29th of June in a Berlin S-Bahn [suburban train] compartment near the Gehrenseestraße stop makes it shockingly clear that unaccompanied women in Germany have become helpless fair game. It also shows how little hope the victims have that someone will come to their aid.

The video sequence begins with pictures of a nearly empty S-Bahn train compartment. Near the front exit of the train compartment we can see M.B. kneeling. She’s kneeling because she being harassed. In desperation, she is on the ground next to her family dog. Standing in front of her is a highly aggressive black man in a red t-shirt, shouting at her and calling her names.

Cries for help are not heard

The kneeling young woman keeps calling for help, while the few people in the compartment stand around indecisively. Only one young man, with wild curly hair and wearing light brown trousers, hesitantly tries in vain to verbally appease the aggressor, who is completely out of control.

When B.M. tries to stand up again, the black man stomps back over to her and shouts: “I’m f***ing your mama!” The girl fearfully holds her hand in front of her face in anticipation of being beaten.

“Can you help me, please?”, she implores the curly-haired man. The black man insults him with the words “You bastard”. When the girl tries to create distance between herself and the black man, he shouts at her several times: “Come to me! Come on, come to me!” and “You’re nobody!”

“You’re nobody!” — (Information for a Bio-German from a asylum seeker)

Unbelievable: Burly man sneaks away, without helping

While this is happening, in the foreground of the video, we can see how one of the passengers, a burly-looking young man with a backpack and white shorts, quietly and inconspicuously moves from standing at the far right end of the compartment to the nearest exit without making any effort to help the young woman.

A few seconds later the S-Bahn stops at Gehrenseestraße station. The man with the backpack leaves the compartment without further concern about what was going on just a few meters away from him. Near the exit where the young girl is standing, the sliding door of the carriage also opens. The black man uses this opportunity to push his victim out into the open with full force. The young woman is desperate because her dog is still in the carriage. Despite the presence of the attacker, she tries to get back into the compartment to her dog. This leads to further scuffles. The woman pleads more and more desperately:

“Can you help me, please, can you help me… please, can you help me… please! I’m getting beat up, please!”

Shockingly, in the background you can see that the strong, younger passenger in white shorts and with a backpack, runs away from the fight, but out of curiosity, comes back when the black man is no longer there.

How anyone can ever look at themselves in the mirror again after such behaviour is a mystery to the author.

Only the younger man with the curly head tries to dissuade the black man from his actions with a repeated loud “Hey, hey, hey”.

Luckily, the aggressor leaves the S-Bahn compartment and makes his way to the stairs of the Gehrenseestraße stop.

Victim reports on Facebook

In the meantime, the victim of the crime has made a statement on Facebook about what had happened earlier:

I actually stood up for the man with the backpack, because he was attacked before me. When he attacked me, unfortunately the man with the backpack didn’t help me…

Apparently there were also Facebook commentators who criticised the victim’s dog. Here too, the young woman had an answer:

Many thanks for the ‘Get well soon’ wishes. However, I would like to address the people who think that think my dog should have intervened. I am HAPPY that he didn’t do anything! The guy was absolutely crazy and we were locked in the moving train. I don’t know what would have happened to my dog, my best friend and a living creature for whom I have responsibility! I wouldn’t have been able to forgive myself if something happened to him! My animal is my friend and not my weapon! Thank you very much!

Federal police have identified suspects

In the meantime, the Federal police have announced that the suspect has already been identified:

Support the cover-up?

Of course, we agree with the request of the Federal Police not to distribute such videos on social media in the future, so that it can be reported that Merkel’s guests who are turned into “men”, “party-goers”, or “aggressive mob” (see the Berliner Zeitung‘s coverage of the incident).

And yes, that was meant sarcastically. It’s good that such videos are put on the net, so that the narratives about “party-goers” and the like can be counteracted.


This video shows what the Merkel government did to this country. What we have seen here is not an isolated incident, but almost normality in the suburban trains and public spaces of our big cities. The big losers from immigration are women. It is a mystery why so many of them have not yet realised this. Moreover, these pictures show that many German men have degenerated into pitiful cowards who have nothing, absolutely nothing, to oppose the wolves among the immigrants.

Video transcript:

00:00   Shut your f***ing mouth! —Please let… —Also you, you bastard!
00:03   F*** you! —Help!
00:06   Call the police!
00:13   Please call the police! Please call the police,
00:16   please call the police! —Call the police! —Yes, yes, we’re calling the police.
00:19   Call the police. —We do that, yes. We do this.
00:25   Come to me! Come! —My bag is here. —Your bag is yours! Your bag, it’s yours!
00:32   If you come near me, I’ll f*** your mama! Is there something wrong? Huh?
00:38   Could you help me please!? —Call the police! S***! It doesn’t matter!
00:41   Tell everything! You bastard!
00:45   Call the police!
00:49   Come to me! Come on, come to me!
00:57   You are a nobody! Come here! Call the police!
01:03   Call the police.
01:06   Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hey! Hey! Hello!?
01:11   Can you help me, please, can you help me… please, can you help me!
01:19   Yes. Help me please! Please! Please!

24 thoughts on “African Migrant Terrorizes the Berlin S-Bahn

  1. How fascinating!

    The same genetic inheritors of a culture that shot and raped Belgian civilians in cold blood, shot and raped soviet civilians in cold blood, shot, raped, gassed, and cooked in the ovens jewish civilians in cold blood, cannot find in their genes a speck of the same cruelty and aggressiveness to give to a single african orc harrassing one of their females what he so richly deserved? Shame on them!

    • The Germans (as well as the Russians) are ideal state slaves. What they are told, they do.

    • I’m baffled by the expectation that men should step in and assist these women. The same women who like to constantly remind caucasian men that they are our equals and that they are not ‘our’ women.

      • Thanks Ollie , I do agree. They are now our equals . That is what they have fought for since the 50s and got it . Now they must learn to deal with it .

      • It’s going to be a long hot decade of decay. Unprepared for decease control. Demands for neighbourhoods own Po lice gangs of colour and squalor. Well I’ll be dammed look where all that feminism diversity and multicultural has brought us to. The counter attack better be absolutely merciless.
        Otherwise where is the cheap labor to rebuild going to come from?

        • When I see a mean girl with car trouble…I just keep on rolling.
          A vibrant diverse third world [epithet] can help her with some cultural enrichment or she can fix it herself.
          Zimbabwe? Yes we can!

    • Have you forgotten JCS 1067 of the Allies?

      Right now I dont have the exact wording available but it could be said as:
      “We do not come as liberators, but as occupiers! We will remove any trace of militarism, fighting, war-liking out of the german genetic code.”

    • Moon, the Germans didn’t rape themselves across Russia like the Russians did in reverse. You are correct that it is truly fascinating that no one did a bloody thing. Note to German women, get a German Shepard, they naturally have a tastes for 3rd worlders when they get their 3rd world ways on, in fact they love hunting 3rd world orcs with a fierce passion.

  2. The rule of the European Union for over 45 yrs is responsible for much of the now inherent cowardice being displayed-I say as an Englishman to the German people get rid of Merkle and her tribe of useless leaders. You have had your land stolen-beware the rise of Islam-such an ideology is working its way across Europe to enslave all people as they the Arab has done for thousands of years.

  3. Haven’t traveled in trains in decades but is there no emergency stop or call in the cars? She was so close to what looks like the door to the next car, could she not have tried to go through when the bastard was being distracted? This is a perfect argument for the Second amendment and concealed carry. Had he pulled a knife on her…he could have slaughter all of the passengers.
    It says someone was calling the police. Did they respond, were they waiting when the train pulled into the station?

    Hard to know what to say that isn’t socially unacceptable. Perhaps in this new Germany it is against the law to intervene? Perhaps the person would find him/herself liable for prosecution under some sort of hate crime or race crime against the poor uneducated impoverished victim of oppression? My, my how the super race has fallen.
    If this is the way of the future Germany is done.
    As upsetting as this video is, these sorts of incidences should not be suppressed. The public has the right to know the risks they face when traveling out and about.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble:
      If you press the emergency stop button nothing will happen unless the train driver pushes a button of his own. A few weeks ago this information was leaked in response to another situation.

      And the doors have an emergency open button too, but you have to push the doors to the side (sliding doors) and you need some time.

      And to self defense: Please look up Ermyas Mulugeta. A black who attacked two germans. All were drunk. When Ermyas lost the fight he ran to the police claiming two Nazis had attacked him. The two guys were found and at once transported to Karlsruhe as the highest german prosecuter demanded the right to prosecute them.
      They were kept in prison very long and always the cops told them they should stop lying and admit they were the attackers. As they had no income they lost their flats and everything they owned because without money you cannot pay rent. So their landlord threw everything away or sold it.
      Then five minutes befor ethe trial started a cop dared to look at the smartphone of Ermyas and you dont believe it: He recorded the entire incident! And this proved the innocence of those two germans. The prosecuuter dropped the case, the press forgot this case ever existed and the two were released. Yes, they got some money (EUR 25 per day minus 6 or so for food), but they had no flat, no clothes, nothing.
      (And if you ask my opinion: I wouldnt be surprised if the cop, who found out that Ermyas was lying will have to pay for his crime of bursting the nazi bubble.)

      Or ever heard of Sven G.?
      He and his friend were walking through the streets when five foreigners came along. All seven were a little bit drunk.
      Sven G showed his friend a small knife (blade length less then one ich or so) when the leader of the five foreigners punched Sven G.s friend to the ground. There had been no provocation from Sven or his friend.
      Then Sven in fear stabbed with the knife and was lucky (about a few cm to the left and it would have really hurt).
      Of course he was arrested and brought before Judge Götzl.
      When Sven claimed fear the judge dismissed that as paranoia, nazi imagination etc. And then he sentenced him to about 4 years prison.
      Only after Sven G payed about 12.000 EUR to the foreigner and made a self debasement that would make even Stalin proud (yes, he was a dirty german nazi b.stard at least) Judge Götzl graciously removed a few month of prison time so Sven G could leave prison on parole.
      But dont ask about the friend of Sven G. According to when I looked he did not get even one cent for this unprovoked attack.

      So, if you are a german and are attacked you are screwed. The best thing is to defend your life and run. Of course in the train there are cameras so you are screwed anyway.

      • Practice the shoot, shovel and shut up method in dealing with 3rd worlders and walk away like nothing happened. If you are not armed up by now, you are sheep for the slaughter, so start being the Wolf.

        • Yes; say hello to my little friend. His name is Walther. He loves to play with aggressive orcs.

      • Yes, you nailed this. The reason for passivity in the face of violence is fear of punishment if action is taken. Usually, though, Germans are out-numbered in these incidents. The powers that be have made sure there won’t be any opposition to the population replacement that’s been under way there for quite a few years now…decades, in fact. I was there in ’93, and saw this first hand.

        As for some of the posters here: first you want Germans de-Nazified, then you whine about their lack of push-back. Make up your minds, eh?

        • Jane, what is coming is going to make the naxis look like sunday school children. Nothing makes a westerner more vicious when the anger and resentment is allowed to stew for a long time. It is going to be bloody epic and real old testament when the westerner finally blows a fuse.

  4. I’m baffled by the expectation that men should step in and assist these women. The same women who like to constantly remind caucasian men that they are our equals and that they are not ‘our’ women.

    Take a look at South Africa for a glimpse into how this will end for women.

  5. German men are balls less spineless cowards , in Poland this parasites will be dead , right from the spot , they don’t full around to protect polish women, shame on Germans males ..

    • It has always been this way in Germany at least going back to when I was a soldier in Germany in the 60s. I intervened several times while others simply turned away from someone being beaten.

  6. “….the rise of Islam“ applies not just in Germany. The female and minority toxic banjaxed cut and run and grovelling in shame strategies in Western Europe countries has well and truly cleared the way for invasion – and derision. It’s a very queer old world,

  7. The only thing Germany knows how to doit is when German boats take immigrants from Turkey and bring them to EE through the island of Lesbos.What is happening in EE blame it on Merkel.

  8. The laws and legal system favour violent immigrants, because these immigrants are the replacement population. That is how the 20 year old documents on the UN website describe these people. Two decades later and the advocates of replacement migration argue that it’s not happening fast enough.

    Until you are the victim of racist violence from immigrants and experience the police refusing to even attend the scene of the crime, saying “because you’re white”, you won’t believe it. A friend of mine who was married to a black woman for 30 years was stabbed in the neck by a black man he tried to help (the wound was so serious that my friend was air-lifted to hospital). Instead the police convicted my friend of “racially aggravated” violence, for the effrontery of having defended his life. The career criminal who stabbed him was not even prosecuted, although he was immediately returned to the prison from which he’d been released just 24 hours earlier.

    I suspect the only option for indigenous people forced to live among the replacement population is to avoid the immigrants at all costs, to own an aggressive dog and let the dog protect them. This woman had a dog but she seemed not to have trained it to protect her. My friend came within minutes of bleeding out and for being a Samaritan he was jailed. It took a near-death experience for him to realise that the legal system is on the side of the replacement population.

    • Arm up and deal with those 3rd worlders 1-5 at a time. Trying to avoid and ignore them only emboldens them. The law is now against you so deal with the problems yourself or the problem will take care of you. Wolf or sheep? Which one are you? If you are sheep, I have ZERO sympathy nor empathy left for anyone who refuses to fight back. If you are the Wolf, crack on!

  9. You Germans got what you deserved. I live in Germany 12 years and can’t wait to go back to Croatia. You bring bad immigrants in, good ones are going out, 10 years from now they will occupy your country completely.

    Don’t blame this in anyone except on yourself.

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