A Gatophage in Campiglia Marittima

Campiglia Marittima is a village in the Italian province of Livorno. Last Tuesday a young culture-enricher from the Ivory Coast killed and cooked a cat over a makeshift fire near the station in Campiglia Marittima, outraging several passers-by, who used their phones to take videos of the incident. The police briefly detained the puir wee bairn, but released him without charge, since apparently there was no violation of any law.

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The following article about the incident (also translated by FouseSquawk) was posted at neXtQuotidiano:

Man who cooked a cat at Campiglia Marittima

Since this morning, a video has been circulating, posted by a Facebook user, in which a man can be seen who is cooking or burning a cat at Campiglia Marittima. According to the press agency ANSA the man killed the cat and started to cook it lighting a fire on the sidewalk near the city station (Livorno/Leghorn). And from what has been reconstructed by the Carabinieri, who intervened this morning after more notifications, and who have identified the perpetrator as a 21-year-old foreigner who will be reported for killing an animal. The young man was then accompanied to the Carabinieri station pending clarification of his status in Italy. At the moment, he does not appear to be listed as legal. The Carabinieri intervened this morning shortly after 7 in response to numerous calls from citizens.

According to what the mayor of Campiglia Marittima, Alberta Ticciati, wrote, the man has been identified but not arrested. Repubblica Firenze (Florence) writes that the young African man is 23 years of age and comes from the Ivory Coast, and confirms that there has been no arrest because the laws do not apply.

He was a resident at a reception center in the area of Livorno from which he left (or was kicked out — an aspect to be clarified) and now is listed as without fixed abode. The young man has made an application for refugee status, but the request was rejected, and he presented an appeal: the proceeding is now at the Tribunal of Florence. There has been no arrest, as Ceccardi writes (no violation is specified in article 544 bis of the penal code, explain the investigators), but there is a report with release.

Article 544 bis of the penal code specifies that anyone who, out of cruelty or without necessity, causes the death of an animal may be punished by a period of incarceration from four months to two years. The episode has been posted on the Facebook pages of Susanna Ceccardi and Matteo Salvini complete with video.

“A chilling episode in its brutality, but unfortunately all true,” also writes Susanna Ceccardi. “I congratulate the Carabinieri who took the torturer into custody; now we ask for punishment as an example, because in our civilization the domestic animals are left alone and deserve maximum humaneness and respect for all the unconditional love they offer without asking for anything in return,” concludes the candidate for the Lega in the next regional elections in Tuscany.

The story has also been propagated by Matteo Salvini, who increased the dose: “An upsetting scene, cruel and monstrous this morning in Tuscany, near Livorno. They tell me that the delinquent will be arrested, I hope that will be confirmed. It merits jail, and, if he immigrated illegally, expulsion; we don’t want to see him walking around again!”

Both speak of an arrest which in reality has not occurred.

Video transcript:

00:07   [Unintelligible] Cats are not eaten…
00:11   You know? [Unintelligible] cats are not eaten. Here cats are kept in the house,
00:15   as if they were our children… —It’s not that I…
00:18   That’s no reason. That’s no reason, that’s no reason.
00:22   You can’t tell me that. Here we are not… where are you going? Where are you going?
00:26   Now I’m sending you to jail. You’re going to jail.
00:30   Shame! Look what you are doing Shame! Sh… what?
00:36   What are you doing, what… what are you doing, what…
00:40   Eat? Go to work, like everyone works,
00:43   instead of killing cats… cigarettes, you have cigarettes,
00:47   and you don’t have money to buy bread? Shame!
00:51   Disgusting! Disgusting that [unintelligible] Disgusting!
00:55   Shame! Look here! Look at what you are doing to that poor creature. Look here.
00:59   Shame! Shame! You should go back to your own country.
01:03   [unintelligible] eat. I see you have cigarettes here [unintelligible].
01:08   Here, you don’t eat that. You don’t eat that, they are bought
01:13   [unintelligible] —A cat. —A cat? —Yes. —[Unintelligible] buy some bread instead of killing a pet.
01:18   Yes, You worry. You worry. Shameful. Disgusting.
01:24   Piece of s***! Piece of s***!
01:28   Money…
01:31   Piece of s***! You have money! —Up your a**. [Unintelligible] piece of s***!
01:46   [Unintelligible] shameful at the Campiglia station.
01:51   He has killed a cat. He is cooking a cat by the Campiglia station.
01:59   A shameful thing. Shameful. Shameful.
02:25   He is cooking a cat here. We are without words at the Campiglia station.
02:42   He is cooking a cat and…
02:47   I don’t know what to say.

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  1. If it had been a dog.
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  2. What a cat-astrophe.

    Even Germans have better manners than to kill and cook Tabby. Thank Allah for the cultural enrichment that african orcs have brought with them to Europe.

    • Well thank you. However, we don’t know if the specimen above is Islam-infused. The mores (or total lack thereof, which is even less than vile Islam) of these brutes lay bare nothing but our reptilian ancestry, since it shows no sign of any conscience or consideration at all. I want to eat NOW. I want to [copulate] NOW. Is all that counts, even where their basic needs are readily provided. But then by strict logic deduction, this is nothing but an animal which killed another animal and not standing above the cat killing mice. What a dilemma again! Maybe someone will take him in as a pet instead of the cat? Even people with daughters are dumb enough for that nowadays, which puts them, too, squarely into the (d)evolutional vicinity of the brutes. Oh wth, I’m warming up to the nuclear solution already…

  3. Islam and its excrement. Humans next. How can the dark side of the non Islamic world not be doing advanced planning and preparation to take care of business. It would I imagine take the Chinese, Japanese, Russians and others about five minutes to move to clear out this rubbish. A hundred times more putrid than the C disease.

    • About a hundred kilos of weapons grade plutonium would do the trick. That, plus some leaders with big brass ones…

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