You Have Been Assimilated

I had to go to Charlottesville today, so I thought I’d check out the mask scene there in establishments that I haven’t been to since the Coronamadness set in.

My first stop was at the drycleaner’s. No masks necessary there! I wasn’t wearing one, and neither was the owner. Give him an A+.

Next stop: Food Lion.

I’m familiar some of the places where they won’t let you in the door without a mask, such as Whole Foods and the ABC store. I don’t bother trying to resist in either of those. But Food Lion is a downscale place, the most plebeian of the supermarket chains. The one out here in the boonies seems to be shrugging off the masks fairly well — the last time I was in it, about 50% of the customers weren’t wearing them.

Charlottesville, however, is Woke Central, and Nancy Pelosi’s message (or maybe Mitch McConnell’s) seems to have been effective there. The place was a hive buzzing with masked drones, both employees and customers.

When I pulled up in the parking lot I saw a woman entering the store without a mask. She looked quite a bit older than I am, but she evidently didn’t consider herself to be at risk. Or maybe she’s defiant, like me. Or maybe she doesn’t have a TV.

However, when I got inside the store, I saw that everyone else had a mask on. If it weren’t for the non-conformist elderly woman, I would have been the only maskless one there.

It was depressing.

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Based on some of the emails I’ve been getting, not everyone has the same opinion on the mask issue, even if they agree with me on most other things.

I understand the rationale behind the lockdowns; nobody wants to see elderly invalids dying horribly of the disease. But the best strategy would be to protect the nursing homes, rather than to dump COVID-infected people in them, the way New York Governor Andrew Cuomo did. Nursing homes in the USA became death-traps, thanks in part to clueless government policies such as his.

It just doesn’t make sense to quarantine everybody in their homes. It makes sense to take special care of those who are vulnerable to the coronavirus.

First of all, there should be a thorough public-education program about who is most at risk, as opposed to the ubiquitous indiscriminate panic-mongering that rules in the media these days.

Then there should be initiatives that specifically target those citizens who are most at risk. For example, I’d be willing to volunteer to do the grocery shopping for at-risk old people. Groceries could be delivered in a box at the front door, with no personal contact. The recipient should be provided with the materials and instructions on how to sanitize each item, if he or she is particularly at risk and feels the need to.

People who aren’t in long-term care and don’t have certain serious pre-existing conditions face very little risk. Almost none of the deaths from COVID-19 occur among people in that category. Leave the bars and restaurants open, and let the virus spread among the healthy so that they develop the antibodies. Then they will no longer spread it, and it will die out in due course, whether a vaccine is developed or not.

The ginning-up of panic over a “second wave” of COVID has already begun. It’s designed to do economic damage (which is always bad for an incumbent president) and induce the states to implement mail-in ballots, which should be more than enough to elect Joe Biden.

In any case, masks are widely considered ineffective. They simply serve as a signal. They say: “I’m a drone in the Hive.”

And let’s face it: the disease itself is mostly a hoax. Now that millions of people are being tested, the incidence of positives is increasing, but the death rate keeps dropping rapidly. That is, the coronavirus is mostly killing people in nursing homes and similar facilities. When it’s done scything its way through those institutions, there are hardly any victims left to kill off.

At this point, the crisis is an entirely political operation.

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  1. I’m going to wear a clown wig and some pretty pink panties for a mask with a CCCP XXXL hockey jersey to the Sack N’ Save.
    One night I wore my Black Death European Tour long sleeve with a big rat on the front and tour dates on the back.
    Reactions were mixed. Disciples of Saint George the Immaculate took offense and one guy laughed out loud and said that mofo is crazy.

    • I have been looking for a Guy Fawkes mask, since I have some sympathy for his goal. I must travel to the Left Coast soon so a mask is required in all the People’s Republiks and Workers Paradises to be found there. It is most unfortunate that he has been co-opted as a symbol of anarchists and antifa scum. However, that also means such a mask is a form of camouflage.

      • That is a very good idea,a Guy Fawkes musk i mean,although the politicians will not like it. I will try to find one.Here the majority does not wear a musk unless one travels by bus or train.Some old people,and the stupid ones who believe what the system says ,wear it.I am old but i beleive i am not stupid.
        I have one in my bag to use it in some cases because there is a fine of 135 euros.

      • I wonder who, even in the UK, recalls “1066 and All That”, by WC Sellar and RJ Yeatman (1930). Regarding Guy Fawkes, we are told that “Although the plot failed, attempts are made every year on St Guyfawkes’ Day to remind the Parliament that it would have been a Good Thing”.

        I still have my 1960s copy; the final chapter, subtitled “A Bad Thing”, is extremely short: “America was clearly Top Nation, and history came to a.”

  2. There is one problem with your plan for a thorough public-education program: the average person is jaw-droppingly stupid.

    This may come off as a bit George Carlin-esque, but he got a lot of things right. To begin with the average IQ is 100. If you’ve ever dealt with a person with an IQ of 100 you know they are oh-so-slow in the head. Now consider that half the population has an IQ below 100. Of course some of those folks are institutionalized but generally most of the population in a normal distribution is clustered about the middle. I would say that a significant portion of the population is not educable. Add to that those of a left wing bent who take CNN as the gospel truth and you have a lot of people who will not learn.

    Speaking of George Carlin, he had some gems.
    Flavored water – WTH is that about? If you flavor it then it’s not just water anymore. I like to flavor my water. I use Scotch.

    College girls who claim they’ve had a spiritual experience. The last time most of them had a spiritual experience was when they said, “God, please don’t let me be pregnant.”

    Tattoos of Chinese characters. Congratulations, you have “Broccoli with Beef” tattooed on the back of your neck.

    • Another problem with the public education program is that it requires the authorities to be honest actors, which they are not. Currently the ‘education’ program consists of “Be scared. Stay isolated. Wear masks. Download our tracking app. Get vaccinated (when it arrives)”

  3. I agree with you completely.

    The only times I have worn a mask is to go to the barbershop because it was required by law there. Today, while there I was told that they no longer require customers to wear masks although employees must still wear them. Needless to say the mask came off.

    Masks serve one very important function to our reptilian overlords. They serve to separate the wolves from the sheep, since only harmless sheep will be seen dutifully wearing them. For this reason it might not be a bad idea to occasionally wear in order to give the impression that one is also a sheep and therefore no threat.

  4. So the $64 million question remains, “Why did the powers-that-be choose social isolation over enhanced personal hygiene?” ” Why were lockdowns, gloves, and masks imposed upon the Republic instead of deep gargling with salt water to get the little critters out of the throat along with elderberry, Vitamin C, D, Manganese, and Zinc? My guess is that it was not about the public’s health but about control of the masses. In fact, the Demo(n)cratic Party has been front and center with the most oppressive sorts of controls. Our Governor Newbie has obviously been taking his clues from his aunt and her good friend, the mayor of New York along with following Coonman’s lead.
    Sadly, what we all seem to have missed is that this plannedemic was orchestrated and scripted by Gates, Soros & Co. Johns Hopkins held their conference in October 2019. Reliable sources state that the virus was in existence during late September 2019. What also went unmentioned was George Soros’ $500 million ‘investment’ in the Wuhan Lab that produced the virus.
    They have gone after Trump and his Deplorables Supporters. Even Covid-19 didn’t work so they threw the BLM/Antifa kitchen sink at him. That’s not working so in the unholy name of public health and social distancing they are calling for mail-in ballots. Let’s face it, they will take Trump out even if it means taking out Air Force One. Of course, we won’t discuss or go into detail the mess that will be left to clean up. Hunger Games already did that for us. Panem et Circenses, et tu Brute?

  5. It’s like someone said about water. Droughts are an act of nature, but water shortages are political.

  6. Good post Baron. I agree with your comments. Especially this one. “At this point, the crisis is an entirely political operation.”

  7. I wonder if you have to wear a mask when entering a bank. Normally facial coverings are banned (unless you’re a Muslima).

    I also wonder about robberies. With everyone wearing masks it should be much easier to rob stores and people. Maybe someone can trying wearing a guy fawkes mask or a balaclava (with an surgical filter attached) and see how that gets met.

    Lastly, one good thing about masks is that they would foil facial recognition software.

  8. Today our gov has close down a seaside bar because it was find out that in this bar they were 16 persons more that it was allowed.
    As you can immagine all these young people and many more took their beers and they moved to the next not organised seaside.
    Really stupidity governs the world and it is unbeatable.

  9. Infectious public health issues are properly addressed with quarantine. This isolates the infectious from the healthy and allows you to concentrate your resources on the most vulnerable. Lockdown is not now, nor has it ever been a public health policy, neither is social distancing, lockdown is a tactic used to control bad behavior among inmates in prisons. Bad behavior is being non compliant, and most importantly failing to elect Hillary Rodham Clinton. This requires punishment, so it doesn’t happen again. Not a hoax, but not a health crisis either, this was economic warfare by the two most dangerous outfits in world, the Chinese Communist party and the Democratic party.

    • so we are being punished for not having a sense of humor and voting for Hillar-it-y. It does make sense, in a frightening sort of way. The Supreme Court, with its last three decisions, appears to be walking in lockstep with the establishment’s agenda that wanted Mdme. Hillarity in the White House instead of the prison house where she really belongs. The facts that are coming out about General Flynn’s prosecutorial attempt would seem to support that and the ‘swamp’ being a place where you either eat or are eaten.
      I will be mourning for my country this July 4th, but despite the temptation I will not be resorting to the bottle or a 5th of July.

  10. Western Europe and the US is in decline because its people are being replaced, everything else is an extension of that. If we still had a nation and people all of the things listed would work themselves out.

  11. I’ve been venturing out in the past few weeks after three months of self-isolation. So far I’ve worn a mask only when going into a medical lab and the local drug store. At first the drug store was closed – orders had to be phoned in and then handed out the door by a masked staffer, but now it’s open and requires all customers to wear masks. I’ve been to a lawyer’s office (same procedure – documents handed out the door, no admittance), a mechanic’s, three grocery trips, and two garden centre trips—no masks worn by me, no masks worn by the staff. But I hear that the mayor of Toronto might be making the wearing of masks mandatory. If he’s successful, I expect other municipalities in southern Ontario to follow suit.

    As for the prevalence of COVID-19 here, our local Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit (for a large, mostly rural area with 230,000 population, although it does contain three small cities) reports that since the pandemic began there has been a total of 196 confirmed cases here, of which only 13 required hospitalization. This sounds like a rather good record, but the brunt of the viral onslaught was felt in our long term care homes, with one in particular being very hard hit. Pinecrest Nursing Home in the village of Bobcaygeon had almost half of its residents die from COVID-19 (28-30 out of 65 residents, the figures haven’t been clear). In the whole region covered by this health unit there have been a total of 32 deaths, so this one care home accounted for almost all of the deaths here.

    This tragedy has deeply affected the local community, with many feeling that the elderly residents were abandoned to their fate: once the initial few positive cases were identified in the home (likely brought in by a “snow-bird” returning from Florida), it was locked down, no visitors allowed, residents restricted to a relatively small area, often crowded into 4-bed wards. The local attending physicians advised families to “think long and hard” about whether to have their infected family members transferred to hospital (the implication was that it was not a good idea) and even the local hospital itself was quoted as saying it would not accept any. The reasoning wasn’t clear but presumably they didn’t want the virus introduced into the hospital and they had to keep the ICUs available for the “surge” (that never came). The hospital later walked back this statement, although it had been published locally. So, the eldery were contained in a virus-infected home, in close contact with positive cases, and left to await their fate. No wonder so many died. The political will to save them simply wasn’t there. This abysmal standard of care has raised many questions and no doubt changes to the long-term care homes in Ontario are coming.

    • If the elderly tended to vote far left (not counting the ones that are deceased), there would have been a much more determined effort to keep them alive.

      From a leftist standpoint, the elderly are non-constituents who cost the state money that could be better used to import more orcs who will cause mayhem and reliably vote for more leftists.

  12. I’m naturally argumentative, so I got into a debate with a progressive about masks, and asked him for references. Surprisingly, he provided me with some references showing evidence that in a group, if everyone wears a mask, the rates of COVID-19 infection in the group goes down:

    Masks do not protect the mask wearer, but they do protect the people around the wearer if the wearer is, knowingly or unknowingly, infected. This is because masks catch the virus-laden droplets the wearer breaths out. Masks do not prevent viruses from coming through, which is why it is not sufficient for a vulnerable person to simply wear a mask, and other people not wear one.

    My position is that there should be no lockdowns, and generally, businesses themselves should decide on how to comply with masks or distancing requirements. My exception to this is that if a business advertises or displays a sign that masks are required, the business must enforce the rule inside its premises. The reason for this is that if a business advertises masks are required, then vulnerable people can go there. But, if people are allowed to not wear masks inside, the vulnerable person is exposed to a risk he didn’t anticipate. The advertising was false.

    My thinking is that businesses could have hours, as some do, when masks and distancing would be required and strictly enforced, to the extent that the police could be called. This would allow vulnerable people (oldsters, asthma sufferers, other chronic ailments) to have a window they could do business and still feel safe.

    I also belong to a Facebook page advocating the opening up of Texas. I posted these ideas. Some people agreed and some people, as you can imagine, did not. But, governors, like the governor of Texas, are under a lot of pressure with the increasing rates of hospitalization (though not of deaths). So, the way I see it, it’s far better to allow him a pressure valve and keep things open, while requiring masks and distancing, which are a nuisance but not fatal.

    On the other hand, the permanent closing of small restaurants, hair salons, gyms and the like due to lock downs is fatal.

    • Well Heaven forfend that anyone on earth should be exposed to the virus!!!
      Are our people so stupid and MSM brainwashed that they dismiss the fact of herd IMMUNITY acquired through EXPOSURE???????

      OF COURSE. The “powers-that-be” delight in keeping people ignorant so that when the magic vaccine appears a nation of imbeciles can all line up to be injected with the “cure,” little knowing that the cure is the plan all along, little knowing what’s in the cure.

      • Yeah. Of course, letting the disease burn through without any constraints will kill a lot of older people in nursing homes, asthmatics and the like. But, the old people have already lived, and have no reason to expect society to lift a finger to protect them They have already made their contribution, so no reason to keep them around.

    • “Masks … protect the people around the wearer if the wearer is, knowingly or unknowingly, infected.”

      The idea of wearing masks to protect others is a ludicrous idea outside of a patient care setting. It flies in the face of “innocent until proven guilty” and is designed to make people who are afraid feel good about themselves.

      If you have symptoms, stay home. That’s what sensible people have done forever without government coercion.

      If you don’t have symptoms, wear a mask if you have an irrational fear of your neighbor. An asymptomatic person claiming to mask to protect others must logically wear that mask in perpetuity or be tested daily for every known communicable disease in perpetuity. No one can live that way, but you’re welcome to try. Just don’t tell me to do it.

      • I’m amazed at the number of rugged individualists who say “I can take care of myself. Don’t bother me and I won’t bother you.” Of course, that applied more to Daniel Boone living in an isolated wilderness shooting bears for food, than it does to a person living in a society.

        In a society, there is a certain amount of autonomy ceded to the group for the purpose of survival, individual and group. You live in a society of laws; are you willing to declare yourself open game? Like the rich, guilt-ridden suburbanites who pledge not to call the police if a black is trying to break into their houses or threatens them with a gun?

        Rugged individualists aside, there is evidence that wearing masks reduces the rate of infection.
        It’s long been a legitimate source of debate as to how much power a government has versus the rights of the individual. You’re saying the government has no right at all to regulate individual conduct in groups, regardless of how bad a contagion is. I myself do not consider that a reasonable premise.

        • I believe that certain contagions and plagues/pandemics do rise to the level of the federal government compelling behaviors, quarantines, etc. If there was an outbreak of hemorrhagic fever in a major city, or pneumonic bubonic plague, I would say it is well within the powers of government to compel quarantines or any other measures they saw fit. Wuhan virus as originally described was borderline within the powers of government to mandate behaviors.

          I found the proscribed behaviors initially acceptable because of the death rate that was claimed, and because the government had taken a “you broke it, you own it” attitude towards the economic dislocations that their mandates and decrees caused. As it became clearer that the virus was nowhere near as deadly as originally claimed, and further measures in support of those economically displaced by the control measures were not forthcoming, my opinion and support of what was being done to combat the Wuhan virus has changed. Now, as the globalist elite vultures circle for the kill, and walk away further enriched from the public trough while they talk of genetic vaccines “for thee but not for me” and implanting microchips to ensure compliance, I am at the point where I am ready to hoist the black flag and start slitting throats. I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way.

          • I’m against mandatory lockdowns. I think businesses have, in this case, the right to require masks or not require masks. But, if they require masks, they should be required to enforce the masking rule, to protect people with compromised systems from being infected in what they thought was a safe space for them.

            If it comes to a question of either requiring masks, or re-instituting lockdowns and restrictions on occupancy, I’ll take the mask rule as a lesser evil.

            Sometimes a strategic retreat gets you more than “stand your ground, regardless of the cost”.

            Nonetheless, I appreciate your reasoned approach.

  13. Speaking of death traps-nursing homes, picture this: My aunt, a resident of said elderly “havens” broke her arm. After each of two visits to her doctor’s office (driven there by her daughter) my aunt undergoes a 14-day quarantine. In effect, she is subjected to solitary confinement, suffers extreme loneliness and rapid decline in will-to-live.

    And the “authorities” will claim — with not a whit of compassion for the adverse consequences of their virus hysterics — that we have to make some people suffer unbearably in order to make them and others healthy.

    These are venal and deliberate deceptions, tailor-made to condition our population to servitude.

    It’s time to hoist effigies of Birx, Fauci, Coumo, Newsom, the MI governor, and my own idiot Governor Ducey. HANG these symbols of extreme reproach in the public square and tell them they have LOST THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED.

  14. Obey the mask! Kneel down to your racist overlords! The destroyers of society are in complete control. We all live in a combination of ‘They Live’ and the ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’. Don’t even try to reason with people using facts from Medical Doctors or Epidemiologists who know that neither a mask or six feet will protect you from an airborne virus. Especially when those masks are nothing but symbolic cloth replicas. Yet such things are of personal opinion and not the “official” narrative y’all have been programmed to obey. No, there is nothing wrong with your television set, do not attempt to adjust the picture, we are controlling transmission.

    Because this is what it has come down to being an exercise in obeisance much like giving a stiff right arm salute in Europe between 1933 to 1945. People always wondered why it was so easy to get people to do the evil they did and well guess what? Now we know. Now we know. You people who don’t obey will be noted to be dealt with at a later time. Most likely sooner then later.

    And because people are so stupid it can’t be explained to them that this virus is no more dangerous then the annual flu. Statistically proven no more dangerous by scientists, medical doctors and epidemiologists.

    Well facts no longer matter in today’s societies. Only the herd mentality of group think is important. Exactly like it was the most important thing in 1933 to 1945 Germany when a purely political operation used crisis after crisis to destroy most of Europe.

    “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.” – Adolph Hitler (1889-1945)

  15. Masks stop the ChiCom Wuhan flu about as well as a chain link fence stops the breeze from flowing through it. We should start wearing the beaked masks they wore during the black plague.

  16. I’m required to wear a mask in the common areas at work, in a hospital. We do it mainly to make the patients & families feel like we’re clean & professional. Behind the scenes, it’s also a big part of office politics right now. The place is mostly managed by democrat women, and they apparently love this dress-up and make-believe stuff. As long as they keep paying me, I’ll dress up and make believe with them. Whatever.

    Outside of work, wearing street clothes, I don’t bother with the mask. I’ve noticed that you don’t see the masks too much unless in you’re in places full of women and black people. Here in Atlanta, that seems to be the pattern of mask-wearing. White males are the least-devoted to the mask that I see. Masks in the grocery store? Yes. Home Depot? No. Hobby Lobby? Yes. The barber shop? No. And so it goes.

    • And not many masks out here in rural Virginia, despite the fact that Governor Coonman has made them mandatory.

      And, as you pointed out, the less woman-dominated an establishment is, the fewer masks. I didn’t see any masks at the place where I get my car repaired. Nevertheless, a lot of country women are resisting the pressure to mask up.

    • We’re not whining. We’re discussing something important.

      Coerced mask wearing may seem innocuous, but it is not. It’s an insidious instrument of social control, and one especially evil due to it’s irrationality.

      • I think it’s within reason to state that mandating masks is beyond a government’s power. But, when you state it’s irrational, you’re denying facts. The wearing of masks has been shown to reduce infections.

        Everything is a tradeoff. You can say increased infections is worth not giving the government power to mandate masks. But, to deny the reality is going against facts, and denying there is a tradeoff. Denying a tradeoff is the true irrationality.

        My own tradeoff is that I think there should be no lockdowns, period, even if it results in more infections and more deaths. But, I think if an establishment advertises masks are worn, it should be enforced.

        Now, do I think governments should have the right to mandate masks and some kind of distancing inside establishments? That’s kind of wishy-washy. Suppose you have a governor under big pressure to reinstitute lockdowns. He might take the compromise of having a general mask mandate and avoid lockdowns. This is a tradeoff. You can’t have all of what you want, but you can get the vital part.

  17. I think the whole story is a bit different. Check out this report by a guy who is normally an economist. Eye opening.

    The first article in the report is from an independent Swiss research group, the other, rather even more shocking, is from the German Ministry of the Interior. Enjoy.

  18. Take heart, Baron. In Colorado the masks are being ignored by many shoppers. More and more. Despite increasing propaganda regarding another wave. Hey. There are about 150 viruses out there at the moment. Are we gonna stop the world every time another one comes?

    Evolution has it figured out. The weak die, and the rest continue. As always.

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