You Deserve a Brick Today

The BLM protests about the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis are convulsing Western Europe, just as they are the UK, Canada, Australia, and the USA.

Today in Düsseldorf a supply of cobblestones was placed conveniently near the demonstration site in a construction area where the street had been opened up. The situation provides the paranoid mind with ample food for speculation about how the projectiles came to be placed exactly where they would be sorely needed by the “anti-fascists” later in the day. The directive to open up the street would have to come from at least the level of the municipal government. Who ordered it? Did he or she know the ultimate disposition of the cobblestones?

The thing is, the same convenient placement of bricks and cobbles has been observed and photographed in Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Mainz, Mannheim, Wiesbaden, and other German cities.


The video below is from Karlsruhe. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The second video is a compilation of photos and footage of cobblestone supplies at various locations in German cities. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading it:

MissPiggy was in downtown Düsseldorf this morning, in the immediate area where today’s demonstration was scheduled to take place. She sent this report:

I just dropped my daughter off for her first aid course at the Main Train Station in Düsseldorf. We got there a little early to check out the scene in front of the main entrance.

Lo and behold, the brick fairy had been there. We took pictures of the nice pile of bricks from the conveniently timed “construction”.

I asked the first aid instructor what security measures he would be taking for the demonstration today. He responded with, “What demonstration?”. He was uninformed and disinterested. His response was, “Let them demonstrate.”

I asked the barista at Starbucks if he knew about the BLM demonstration at 2pm. Nope.

I went up to a police officer. He was the only one that knew about it. I saw several police patrolling already at 8:30 in the morning.

My conversation with the police officer was interesting. I told him my daughter was taking a First Aid course today until 4pm. I asked if he knew when the demonstration would be over, and what area would be blocked off.

He said he wasn’t psychic, and it all depended on the demonstrators.

I asked him about whether the demonstration was registered and if there wasn’t a specific time period for demonstration to end. Same answer.

I told him my husband would be picking my daughter up and asked if he could tell me which street would be blocked off.

He couldn’t (wouldn’t) tell me, and suggested my daughter take public transport home or that we pick her up somewhere else in the city.

I asked if the demonstration will only take place in front of the train station.

He said that depended on the demonstrators.

I asked if the police wouldn’t make sure they don’t leave the area.

He said that the police wouldn’t contain them because that might provoke a violent reaction.

I mentioned the pile of bricks. He said the police assume that it will be a “peaceful” demonstration.

I retorted with, “Like in the U.S.? Eleven people died.”

He repeated, “We assume it will be peaceful.”

I asked, “If it isn’t, will the police stop it?”

He said, “Then there will be ugly pictures on the news tonight.”

There’s more at Vlad’s place, including additional photos and videos.

Transcript of video #1:

00:00   So folks, I’m here at the Friedrichsplatz in Karlsruhe, Germany.
00:03   A demonstration is taking place here today. From a movement called Silent Moments
00:07   and Black whatever. I don’t know.
00:13   The demonstration will probably be just as peaceful as all the other demonstrations taking place
00:17   around the world. For sure.
00:20   Of course it is just pure coincidence, really coincidental that here, yesterday evening,
00:25   everything was ripped up here and nicely parked right here.
00:30   The little cobblestones. The city doesn’t make any effort to clear it away.
00:37   Yes, so similar pictures were taken in Mainz. Coincidently, there were also stones ripped up
00:42   the night before and stones neatly stacked in front of the central train station.
00:48   Please do me a favor. Have a look in the cities where these demonstrations are being planned today.
00:52   Have a look at what kind of governments run these cities, the city council and in surrounding areas.
00:56   That will be interesting. Everything is blending into one color. That’s the consequence.
01:04   Oh well, see you later.

9 thoughts on “You Deserve a Brick Today

    • I was thinking the same thing; Antifa thugs and their government enablers leave piles of bricks and rocks laying around potential riot sites then patriots should start leaving mags full of 5.56 conveniently located nearby.

      Whats good for the goose is also good for the gander…

  1. I am not sure I understand what you guys are on about. Someone has followed standard procedure and pulled up the pave to lay or repair pipes or cables running underneath it. Workers do that everyday, here and elsewhere. It is not hard to do, even with improvised tools – as protestors have repeatedly shown over the last few centuries. Should Europe ban paving stones or somehow lock them down?

    I thought the policeman responded quite well, based on the information in the article.

    • You’re ahead of the game, you’ve reached stage 4 ‘Normalization’

      Stage #1 Ideological Subversion/Demoralization
      Stage #2 Destabilization Of The Nation
      Stage #3 Crisis
      Stage 4# Normalization

  2. Sorry, but I don’t believe this. That’s simply not how our German bureaucracy works. Certainly not in several German cities at once.

    Besides, construction sites with bricks are everywhere. No need to set them up.

    • German bureaucracy works well, they literally pay ANTIFA to destroy streets buildings and assault people, then the German government rewards ANTIFA free apartments and the media screams white racist, right wingers, nazis and the masses move their heads up and down in agreement. All hail German guilt.

  3. So was the brick company named Acme (like in the USA)?
    Is the brick company there also a fully owned subsidiary of Soros old mentor? The old man in Omaha?

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