Whatever You Do, Don’t Mention Kanaken

Boris Reitschuster is a German journalist and vlogger, and was featured here earlier this month in a report on the BLM riots in Berlin. More recently he was censored by YouTube over the use of a single word, Kanaken, which is a pejorative German term for Turks, Persians, and other “southerners”, roughly equivalent to the English slang word “wogs”.

Before we move on to what happened to Mr. Reitschuster, here’s the relevant audio message from a police officer that was recorded during last weekend’s riots in Stuttgart. The accompanying footage is from the streets of Stuttgart on the same night, but is not necessarily coterminous with the audio track.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The article below from Politically Incorrect (also translated by MissPiggy) describes what happened to Boris Reitschuster after he uploaded the audio to YouTube:

“Parts of This Voice Message Could Unsettle the Population”

YouTube censors voice message from desperate Stuttgart police officer

by Torsten Groß

Just a few hours after the unbelievably violent riots in Stuttgart city centre, committed by a motley mob of mostly foreigners, refugees and Germans with a migrant background, a private voice message by a police officer in action — completely upset — appeared on social networks, which has already been heard by millions of people.

The obviously extremely shocked officer describes the events experienced quite realistically from his point of view. The video platform YouTube has now classified the video as “Hate Speech” and censored this moving voice message, which contradicts the first reports of the vast majority of mainstream media.

Here’s the link to the video that the blogger Boris Reitschuster posted on Sunday of the voice message by the Stuttgart police officer on his video platform page on the video platform YouTube with pictures of the civil war-like scenes. The upload was uncommented.

Within a few hours, the video produced by Reitschuster had tens of thousands of views.

The blogger Boris Reitschuster writes about this censorship on his blog:

“Yesterday I uploaded to YouTube the audio message of a policeman from the night of riots in Stuttgart. In the recording, an officer describes what happened there. Among other things, he says: ‘Here in Stuttgart is war, if you wear a uniform, then you’re just the victim, a miracle that no one has been shot. There’s more to come!’ The video was viewed nearly 30,000 times in less than 24 hours.

“YouTube has now blocked the video, claiming that it is ‘hate speech’. The network belonging to Google has taken it off the network and issued me with a warning. The reason: ‘It violates the guidelines on hate speech.’ And further: ‘It is your first violation; this is only a warning. If you receive another warning, your channel will be warned and you won’t be able to upload videos, post, or stream live content for 1 week. If you receive a second warning, you are not allowed to publish content for 2 weeks. If you receive 3 alerts within 90 days, your channel will be permanently deleted. We want you to stay on YouTube. Please note, therefore, the following:…’ A training lesson follows.

“In my view, this is censorship. I can’t detect any hate speech in the audio recording. Once the official makes an insulting statement when he says, ‘Just Kanaken’: As much as I distance myself from such terms — although similar references such as ‘dirty potato’ or ‘pork-eater’ for Germans pass through without problems — the ban on ‘Kanaken’ is completely excessive. Especially since the term is also considered by the judiciary to be at least partially not relevant to criminal law. Is an offensive word a reason to block an entire statement? In a country where women politicians can be called ‘F…’ with impunity? And where in the TAZ has openly asked to dispose of policemen in the garbage dump because they tend to be Nazis? So far, no one has made any attempt to block this article.”

The worldwide Internet doesn’t just consist of YouTube, Google and Co., who have recently only too gladly bowed to the “leftist-green zeitgeist” and its defenders in politics and the mainstream media — especially since the legal “thumbscrews” are gradually being tightened.

The moving voice message of the Stuttgart police officer, which everyone should listen to, may also be found in other places on the net that do not rush to censor according to New German standards.

Video transcript:

00:00   Hello everybody! I’m giving you the latest on the dramatic situation in Stuttgart this evening,
00:03   right now it is 1:55 A.M., parts of the city center near the Königsstraße, Rotebühlplatz
00:08   are devastated [no longer have glass windows]. My colleagues were massively attacked with
00:12   cobblestones and bottles. State reserves have been called upon, activated.
00:16   At 1:56am, Weber [a fellow officer] just barely missed getting punched in the mouth.
00:22   We are submerged here in rioting. Similar to the U.S., I would say.
00:27   Not only can you listen to this, you can see it live.
00:32   So people, please just stay at home!
00:38   I’m telling you, really. I hope this will be shown in the media.
00:42   It’s a miracle that there haven’t been any dead colleagues yet. This is war.
00:47   We’re really at war tonight. And I’m not exaggerating.
00:52   I’m so frustrated, I’m just gonna say, well, I can’t find the words to say it.
00:57   I hope that’s the way the press is presenting it. It’s only Kanaken [Turks, derogatory, i.e. “wogs”].
01:03   Yes, I’m speechless. And the command? Yeah, they’re just really helpless.
01:11   That’s why I have to get it off my chest. All in all, it’s a disaster.
01:17   All forces are here from surrounding police departments. It’s all here.
01:23   And the national reserve is coming from, I don’t know, Lake Constance or something.
01:29   It’s really disgusting. There’s a war going on in Stuttgart. If you wear a uniform — good night!
01:36   I say good night because you’re just the victim, no matter what. Patrol cars were destroyed.
01:42   The first police station was attacked. Geez, man! It’s like a miracle that nobody got shot.
01:50   I don’t know, but I’m not exaggerating. I’ve been on the force long enough,
01:55   but that really leaves me stunned. There’s more to come.
01:59   If that was it, then OK, but I think this is just the beginning of what is wanted.
02:05   So people, that’s how it looks. And now I’m gonna pass this on to a few more.
02:10   I’m really upset. I can’t believe it.
02:14   It’s unbelievable how my colleagues are treated and what happened to the shops.

12 thoughts on “Whatever You Do, Don’t Mention Kanaken

  1. Here in Frankfurt we have expression “deutsche kanaka”. Means someone with German passport or even born german but living like anything but.

    By the way, Frankfurt is lost, completely.

  2. I remember that many many years ago in a now defunct Forum someone posted a comment by Prof Dr Heidmeier of the University of Bielefeld who was an expert in racism research.
    He said, that if you compare insults, then Kanake and Kartoffel are the same.
    Germans insult Turkish immigrants with the word Kanake, while turkish immigrants Insult Germans with the word Kartoffel (potato).

    And I give you three guesses who will be prosecuted by the law if you use one of those insults…

    And there was also a Research why turkish immigrants have affairs with german Girls but marry turkish women.
    Ther article was known as “Deutsche Schlampen zum üben” = German sluts for training

    • Anecdotally from several of my buddies who were stationed in Turkey, Turkish girls love to partake in anal fornication. They still get most of the enjoyment of the carnal act, which is a novelty for American participants, and they can still truthfully claim to be virgins on their wedding night.

      I think the joke is on Turkish men who believe in the chastity of their women. Women are the same everywhere, and are just as unfaithful as Western women when given the opportunity to do so.

      • What you describe,in our language(greek) is called Ottoman sex and it is very common between men.

        • I wouldn’t ascribe the descriptive “men” to any males that partake in that act with another male.

  3. Let’s see, we’ve seen major violence in the past weeks alone in

    – Stuttgart

    – London multiple times

    – Dijon <literal war zone with shootouts

    – Brussels

    – every city in the United States

    – Amsterdam in a major police crackdown on anti-lockdown protests this past week, figures

    I think I’ve had enough mob rule for a life time. Western society cares so much about a single black man killed in disputed circumstances in America but apparently nothing at all about mob violence, but don’t you dare protest the lockdown. Really losing my patience with the cowardice of the media who now exist in a separate universe.

    • The media purposely gives the impression that the left is in the majority and that the rioters have the sympathy of the majority as part of their effort to intimidate and silence the real majority. It’s not working. It’s having the opposite effect. So fragile are the ruling elites that a simple message “White lives matter” had them quivering in their slippers.

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  5. I have been saying for years that the European “immigrant” problem is really an Islamic invasion bent on conquering and requires an army to handle the situation, only if Europe wants to continue as a part of Western Civilization. How many more no-go areas are there than 10 years ago. If you want to preserve Europe, it just becomes harder and harder as each day passes.

  6. Drecksau, blode strohkopf, untermenschen, these are a few of my favorites.

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