There’s Blood on Your Hands!

Dr. Heinrich Fiechtner is a hematologist and oncologist, and a former member of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) who currently serves in the Baden-Württemberg regional parliament (Landtag).

In the following video you’ll see Dr. Fiechtner speak forthrightly about last weekend’s riots in Stuttgart, and express his contempt for the progressive policies that allowed the mass immigration of the groups that formed the bulk of the rioters.

I don’t know what the rules of the Landtag are, but the good doctor apparently violated them, and was suspended from parliament by the speaker as a result.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Thank you. Now I give the floor to member of parliament Dr. Fiechtner.
00:28   Dear Madame President, ladies and gentlemen and everyone else A-Z.
00:32   Even though I’m almost 60 years old, I’m still learning every day.
00:36   This past weekend, my newest insight was that the term ‘party scene’
00:42   seems to be a new geographical term for the Arab region and the Maghreb.
00:47   Another new insight came while watching what seems to be
00:50   the newest Corona prevention measures in Stuttgart:
00:53   Going out and celebrating wearing a balaclava.
00:56   It also seems to be necessary to equip yourself with an iron bar.
01:00   That’s probably necessary to maintain a distance of one and a half meters.
01:05   Mobs of left-wing extremist and mobs dominated by foreigners are well known
01:09   in our Republic, and not just since yesterday. During the Stuttgart 21 protests and
01:13   more recently at the G20-17 summit in Hamburg, we witnessed the extent of uncontrolled riots.
01:22   Even in this case, politicians are watching with relish and shed their crocodile tears.
01:28   Just imagine if the riots had happened in East Germany and right-wing extremists had shown up.
01:35   The next day, Federal President Steinmüller would have been at the scene, bringing flowers,
01:42   new laws would be passed, standoff speeches would have been made, and
01:46   the culprits would already have been identified. In this case, there’s persistent silence about
01:50   the details and background information. Not even a clearly audible ‘Allahu Akhbar’
01:57   is recognized as a clear statement. All of you, from the green, red [SPD], black [CDU]
02:04   and magenta [Leftists] know it. You have skeletons in your closet.
02:09   It was you who wanted to see our German population overrun by foreigners.
02:14   It was you who in Thuringia voted Ramelow, a communist, into office.
02:19   There’s blood on your hands! Leave this Chamber… —Dr. Fiechtner! —and go immediately
02:26   to the Königstraße nearby… —For that I will issue a reprimand against you. —Go immediately
02:32   to the Königstraße nearby and pick up the shards of your politics. And take Mrs. Aras with you.
02:40   Dr. Fiechtner! I’m expelling you from this session now.
02:59   Dr. Fiechtner! We have procedural rules. This is up for debate.
03:04   You are expelled from the session. Please leave the room.
03:18   Just a moment. First —This a totalitarian system.
03:24   Dr. Fiechtner!
03:27   You have been expelled. I am interrupting the session. No! I am interrupting the session.
03:33   I ask the party leaders of all five parties to the bench. I would like to discuss a point briefly.
03:46   No live stream available
03:50   Ladies and gentlemen, our session will now continue.
03:57   The session interruption is regrettable, but unfortunately unavoidable.
04:03   As our rules of procedure provide in such cases,
04:07   the Presidium has unanimously agreed, in accordance with Section 92, paragraph 2
04:13   of our procedural rules that parliamentary member Dr. Fiechtner will be expelled
04:18   for five days from the parliamentary session.
04:28   We’ll continue our debate on TOP 2. Now I give the floor to member of parliament Dr. Gedeon.
04:51   Dear Madame President, ladies and gentlemen. Just a word about this expulsion.
04:55   It seems as though Dr. Fiechtner… —Dr. Gedeon! The discussion is about TOP 2, not the expulsion
05:02   of a member of parliament. Stay on topic. — I am permitted to make a comment about
05:08   what just happened. You can’t …
05:12   What have we come to here, ladies and gentlemen? I strongly reject this expulsion.
05:19   Regardless of one’s opinion of Dr. Fiechtner,
05:23   there is absolutely no legal basis for this expulsion.
05:27   I would like to state that as protest. Of course. Now on to today’s topic.

10 thoughts on “There’s Blood on Your Hands!

  1. In case it is not immediately transparent to foreign readers, the speaker Mrs Aras is ethnic Turk which triggered the remark to take her out with the trash for her all too obvious siding with it. Which makes her abuse of power when expelling the critic all the more scandalous, including the smugness and nonchalance of the ruling faction.

    • When dealing with the bloody turks, nothing puts the fear into them like ole Saint Vlad the Impaler Tepes, so be like Vlad!


    It is interesting that the woman who expelled him, a so-called Green, is a Turkish Kurd who practises Alawite Islam, so she is double minority. She was allowed into Germanistan at the age of 12. You can hear her accent in German.

    In spite of founding an accounting firm in 2000, and being somewhat endangered vis a vis majority Sunnis, as she is both Kurd and and Alawite apostate together, wallah, ….she seems to identify politically with whatever can smash a jewellers window with a brick.

    • They are not Germans and never will be Germans, EVER! A dog born in a barn doesn’t make it a horse. They will always be invaders from the 3rd world, no matter how many of their wretched generations have been squatting here.

      • Thanks to traitor Merkel , she is disgusting, and she have guts call people of Germany who elected Her “Nazi “ how disgrace she is , no words .. bitch beyond…

  3. While turkey slob BJ was doing his lies some other elected character in the background responded with a “hallelujah!” People pleasing western oriental gentlemen no doubt. People pleasing and niceness the new survival order.

  4. In most assemblies, there are rules of decorum and direct personal attacks on the character of other members are not permitted.

    Winston Churchill was subject to rules of that nature in his debates. He could not, for instance, call someone a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”, because that’s a specifically forbidden jibe.

    So he called him a sheep in sheep’s clothing.

    But to say of other members, generally or by name, that they have blood on their hands, crosses the line by any rules.

    Assemblies cannot conduct orderly discussions if insults of the kind that result in fistfights in bars are allowed. Either a fistfight breaks out in the assembly, or the insulted member backs down and lets the insult stand, thus appearing weak and guilty, or they answer with a yet more vehement insult, and things go downhill.

    In the Austrian assembly, in the days of Austria-Hungary, there was some experimentation with democracy. It all unraveled when one of the members pronounced a particularly scatological insult to another: Deine Grossmutter auf dem Misthaufen erzeugt worden.

    Those of you who know German, or who have access to Google Translate, can well imagine the scene. It ended in a general brawl and the assembly was disbanded by authority of the crown and that was that.

    • The time for niceties, pleasantries and civilized discourse is OVER! For the 3rd world invaded and those days are now done! So wake the heck up and smell the invasion. Democracy is dead as we know it, time to bring the Austrian Emperor and the German Kaiser back! Then this stupidity will stop.

  5. What cannot be seen in the video: the doctor is literally carried out of the parliament by police officers. I myself do not see what exactly he said that might have violated any parliamentary rules. But: mainstream media are presenting the story as if he was some kind of madman.

  6. “Be not therefore anxious for the morrow : for the morrow
    will be anxious for itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil
    thereof”. Things can and do change so fast.

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