Ofay Police Girl Submits to Swedish BLM

The composited video clips below caused a sensation on Swedish social media a few days ago. In the footage you’ll see a lovely young blond-haired blue-eyed Swedish policechick submit to Black Lives Matter protesters. Not only does the young lady take a knee for the mob, she also raises her arm in a clenched-fist salute to the cheers of the assembled throng.

The clips were compiled by Charlie Weimers, a member of the European Parliament for the Sweden Democrats. He has a few remarks to make in response to this appalling event.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:11   Get down on your knees! On your knees! Kneel!
00:34   I am thinking about this police officer,
00:39   who should protect all Swedes regardless of their skin color.
00:43   Endorses a sign which is directed against Whites!
00:50   Obviously heedless of the fact that there is a reason
00:54   why Lady Justice is blindfolded!
00:57   What happened to “All are equal before the law?!”
01:01   Shouldn’t the police endorse this principle?!

13 thoughts on “Ofay Police Girl Submits to Swedish BLM

  1. Dumb blonde female virtue signaling for attention.

    What else is new?

  2. At the risk of being branded a misogynist, this is what happens when a nation and a people – in this case Sweden and her people – believe in the fairy tales of Cultural Marxism. You know the ones I’m talking about – the dogma which has assumed the status of unquestionable fact, such as the “fact” that women can and should do anything that men can do. That women and men are interchangeable, despite the mountain of scientific and real-world evidence which proves otherwise. That female cops and soldiers are just as effective as their male counterparts. That culture, race and national origin do not matter. And so on.

    The school of cold, hard reality is a stern one, but some pupils will learn in no other….

    • Unfortunately, a large number of male cops have also taken a knee in response to BLM mau-mauing.

      Is it the general feminization of culture? Too many soy-based products in their food? Or perhaps the level of estrogen in urban water supplies?

      • Baron, you’re assuming that appeasement is a feminine characteristic. Apparently these strong women never got that memo: Boadicea, Abigail Adams, Mary Wollstonecraft, Florence Nightingale, Irena Sendlerowa, Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, Oriana Fallaci, Meena Keshmar Kamal, and millions more. Somehow, I can’t see any of them on their knees.

        Feminity does not equate with weakness of character.

        • Actually, I WASN’T assuming that. I was extending Georgiaboy’s argument to its logical conclusion, to show how one would have to explain all those male cops kneeling to their black overlords. It illustrates the problem with his line of reasoning. It seems there must be some other explanation besides simple femaleness that would account for the current fad of submission.

      • The increase in the level of estrogen in urban water supplies has been documented but also heavily suppressed, likely due to the explosive implications such a finding would have for pharmaceutical companies who manufacture hormonal contraceptives. This is directly tied in with declining sperm counts in all western countries, but curiously not in third world cesspools. Water purity standards and environmental regulations in the US do not address the issue of estrogen in drinking water or what if any is an allowable maximum. And of course there is very little interest in the form of funding for pursuing such a topic. Likely, the feminization of western males has just as much if not more to do with environmental factors than social factors.

    • This act by the female police officer has nothing to do with her biological sex. Plenty of males have done this too—prime ministers, police officers. police chiefs. These are powerful, biologically male individuals who share the unthinking and craven need to conform and be seen to be politically correct that this female office displays.

      This is a psychological state which is not dependent upon sex.

  3. “Take the Knee, Or Else! UK Police Force Warns ‘Trouble’ for Officers Not Showing Solidarity With BLM“. A headline deadline. BLMagic.

  4. On your marks. Get set. Female submission. Mind blowing. I imagine it’s party time for the for free loaders and leaders.

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