More on the Stuttgart Riots

Below are three more news reports about last weekend’s riots in the German city of Stuttgart. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

The unrest in Stuttgart seems fairly mild in comparison with the average BLM riot in the USA, but it is apparently a big deal by German standards.

Video 1: RT Deutsch

Video 2: Die Welt

Video 3: Euronews (French)

Video transcript 1:

00:04   Broken shop windows, flying paving stones and also looting.
00:09   In Stuttgart there were serious riots in early hours of Sunday morning.
00:17   Dozens of small groups engaged in street fights with the police.
00:22   The rioters threw cobblestones, which injured several police officers
00:26   and severely devastated parts of the city centre.
00:30   The main focus of the riots was the Schlossplatz and the neighbouring Königstrasse.
00:40   The police spoke of a situation that had gotten completely out of control.
00:48   Emergency forces from all over Germany came to the state capital
00:52   To help get the situation under control.
00:55   The situation only calmed down after several hours.
00:59   TRW and the fire department repaired the damage in the morning.
01:08   Last night, three, four, five hours ago, all hell broke loose here. Honestly.
01:12   There were helicopters flying over. Lots of police were here. There were police lights everywhere.
01:17   Somewhere windows were smashed. People were kind of,
01:22   I don’t know, protesting. Did whatever they wanted.
01:26   The police fought back. There were police all over the place.
01:29   Full. The whole city was just full of police.
01:32   Helicopters were up there filming the whole time. It was really sick.
01:36   Do you know why this escalated and who did it? —Yeah, why? I don’t know,
01:41   I don’t know why, but I know what’s been happening here
01:45   in the last few weeks, and I know what’s been happening in other countries
01:48   and on other continents and stuff. Something like Black Lives Matter. Black people live worse.
01:54   I don’t know if it was because of that today.
01:58   I can tell, anyway, the problem is that some people feel
02:02   disadvantaged and that makes them just commit criminal acts.
02:06   They aren’t committing these criminal act voluntarily.
02:09   They lack something and this causes them to commit criminal acts.
02:13   At the moment, nothing is known about the background of the clashes
02:16   or the exact number of the rioters.
02:19   The police spoke of several hundred people in small groups.
02:24   How many people were arrested is also still unclear.
02:29   The riots started around midnight and lasted for several hours.
02:34   OK, so I know about, I know, I know a lot of people here.
02:37   I don’t want to say names here on the street and stuff.
02:40   I’m not someone who watched it directly. Just from a distance.
02:43   I can say this, that or the other. Where I was, or if I saw something?
02:46   I can’t say that I’ve seen everything, but still,
02:49   you know, someone screwed up. —Black Lives Matter.
02:54   I think it was a dark-skinned guy today or something.
02:59   The cops, I mean the police, sorry, sorry again. —They insulted us.
03:02   The police didn’t act with any respect.
03:05   The police broke bottles. —They were aggressive and broke bottles.
03:09   We had bottles next to us. It was beer. Just normal. We’re chilling here.
03:13   They broke it. They’re just acting like there was some mass brawl or something.
03:17   Nothing happened here, really. Some guy over there did something. —OK. OK.
03:23   An African. Like me. Everyone goes nuts. A crazy man. A white man. A crazy man.
03:29   A crazy man. He went to help him. He was just helping him and what happened?
03:34   People didn’t just watch, everybody helped. That’s what escalated.
03:39   During the previous weekend there had been some rioting with the police
03:42   involving mostly young people, but not to this extent.

Video transcript 2:

00:03   A city in a state of emergency. Shop windows were smashed and looted.
00:09   Policemen were attacked. The rioting started at midnight
00:12   with several hundred people marching through the streets,
00:15   organized in small groups. Cobblestones flying in the air.
00:20   Then we saw how a guy with a grey sweater went into McDonalds and ripped out the cash drawer
00:26   and ran out. He ran until the next street. He ran left
00:30   into another shop, took all the money and disappeared.
00:35   Several people were hurt and cars were damaged. There were numerous arrests.
00:39   Police forces from all over the state were being called in to get the situation under control.
00:45   That’s when people started throwing bottles at the police
00:50   and it totally escalated. So after that, the police ran away, and then people
00:56   started throwing bottles at their squad cars. The police defended themselves with pepper spray.
00:59   They said something like, they only see stuff like this on TV.
01:03   Like the whole commando groups or something like that.
01:06   For me it is the first time. It’s really shocking. In Stuttgart?
01:11   It is still unclear what caused the riots. According to police,
01:15   during the last few weekends there have been several fights between police officers
01:18   and especially young people, but not to this extent.

Video transcript 3:

00:02   The city centre of Stuttgart, Germany, was the scene of violent riots
00:06   on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Clashes between groups of youths and police escalated.
00:11   Hundreds of people clashed with police using cobblestones and bottles.
00:15   Several police officers were reportedly injured.
00:19   There were broken shop windows and vandalized shops.
00:22   One of the city’s major thoroughfares was literally ransacked.
00:26   According to some sources, a police check was the trigger for these riots.
00:30   But for now, despite some arrests, the authorities say they have no concrete information
00:35   about the perpetrators of the violence or their exact motives.

2 thoughts on “More on the Stuttgart Riots

  1. The state has voted a green president, the city has voted a green mayor:
    delivered as ordered.
    0:30-0:35: some of the perps had shouted allah u akbar! and most were said to be of immigrant origin other than swiss, norwegian or hungarian.
    So the exact motives are clear and to be read in the manual in the sura about unbelievers.

  2. It IS a big deal by German standards. How could it not be? A few years ago, we were a peaceful country…

    But I’d like to add something to the translation of the first video: From 3:23 on the young man doesn’t say “a crazy” man, but an honourable man or a man of honour (in German it’s easy to misunderstand, partly because of his accent: he says “Ehrenmann” = honourable man. I suppose, MissPiggy understood “irrer Mann” = crazy man). I thought it important to point that out, because, obviously, it’s makes a big difference.

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