London is Being Ethnically Cleansed — The Rest of us Are Next

London saw swarms of Black Lives Matter marauders again this weekend. Seneca III sends this report.

London is Being Ethnically Cleansed — The Rest of us Are Next

by Seneca III


Today in Africa-on-Thames there were two supposed ‘protests’. Their assembly points, routes and final destinations had been designated and published to keep them separate at all times before the dispersal time of 1500hrs. Either by intent or by sheer incompetence the Metropolitan Police under the titular command of Commissioner Cressida Dick, but actually under that of the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, the Paki bus driver’s son, one time legal defender of Muslim terrorists and a Labour Party stalwart, failed miserably.

One of these groups was the usual collection of BLM/Antifa semi-sentient thugs and criminals who by now had learned how to co-ordinate their movements — well, they’ve certainly had a lot of practice recently!

The other group were a relatively smaller ragtag and barely organised bunch of anti-BLM protestors whom the Police tightly kettled in a small corner of Trafalgar Square, their designated area, such that when the Black mob were permitted to infiltrate the area the Brits were trapped and had to sustain a barrage of flares and firecrackers. Plod did nothing to stop this nor other sporadic attacks upon them.

However, no doubt our impartial media will report otherwise. Here I will end this brief report on the early situation and focus on a singular event which occurred elsewhere after the second group had left the area and it was occupied by the cheering Black mob punching their fists into the air as if to threaten Nelson himself. As, again, Plod looked on.

They thought they had won, and they had, thanks to Khan and Dick and their inadequate and in many cases Common-Purposed constabulary on the ground. I wonder what the hero of Trafalgar, still stolidly looking straight ahead, must have thought of that disgusting scene playing out below.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Simian pack-attack on a lone white man and then a possible knifing/slashing followed by a head stomping when he goes down.

In Africa this is the norm — remember Rwanda? …

…and here in what once was our capital city the immigrant hunting pack gathers and attacks its prey.

As the prey tries to escape it is encircled and there is now nothing left to it can do but face its fate.

Then one of the pack breaks away, the one in the grey track suit, seen here just off the left shoulder of the other hoodie who is waiting in the foreground to make a quick, covert, weapons pass to the striker.

Meanwhile the fleeing prey is finally stopped dead in its tracks by a stomach kick from a third animal.

Animal 1 then uses whatever is passed (by the look of the way it is being held probably a small, concealable fist shiv designed to slash rather than wound, a popular piece of kit where these bottom-dwellers camp out).

Note the position of its right hand and arm ready for an upward extended strike and then a swift slicing withdrawal.

Note again that this is not a punch, but a move to pass the weapon under the chin and then draw it back across the throat of the prey.

Which it does and then turns and legs it, disappearing off screen still clasping whatever is in its hand.

Note also the gloves it is wearing so that there will be no DNA trace or prints on the weapon in case it has to be quickly dumped — the passer was also wearing gloves, so there can be little doubt that this was a well-practised and common procedure. The motif on the hat of the other thing in the foreground says all you need to know, really.

The full video is below — if it has not already been pulled by the time this report is published. Everything happens very quickly, and to follow the action in detail you will have to rapidly stop-start several times.

Conversely, earlier, this one was protesting ‘peacefully’, albeit somewhat loudly…

…but the…

…in the main sequence above were not protesting, they were out for a kill.

Penultimately, take a look at this snap just before Plod arrived and broke up the final stages of the attack with some difficulty. The female in the white top and blue jeans was one of the kickers/head-stompers…

[Tip —she leads with the left boot so is probably a southpaw.]

…and here she is bugging out as Plod arrived. I wonder if anyone knows who she is?

And, just to complete the icing on Plod’s cake in case they are actually looking for them in order to charge them with ‘accidental wounding’ or something similar (protected species, remember!), here is a different picture of the principal perp without his hood and mask.

He’s really not the ripest coconut on the palm tree after all.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Whatever else this day may have done, it has illuminated the fact that within human cultures, particularly between civilized peoples and rampaging barbarians, war has always been the most common form of political intercourse between tribes. It is invariably the result of competition for resources, precipitated by an incursion or invasion undertaken by one group with the intention of seizing the resources of another group.

As the human mind is inarguably the ultimate resource our species possesses, it endows unlimited power and wealth upon those who can control it. Be they priests or politicians, or an unholy alliance of both, those who seek to gain such control so define their ultimate objective. Hence, the suppression or subordination of a group identity is the principal determinant in the enslavement or extermination of one tribe by another. It is both the essential precursor to and the sine qua non of abiding conquest… and it’s happening to us now.

This, however, is not unusual: The historic course of all civilizations is cyclic in nature. Over a period of three to four hundred years, on average, all of them return to a similar common starting point, a point always defined by a darkness of the collective soul and a loss of moral fortitude. It is there and then that an inevitable movement for a return to old ways and meanings begins to form. Imagine if you will a civilization’s chronological pendulum completing a vertical ellipse rather than just an arc at the bottom.

At the superior apogee, twelve noon in the cycle, the pendulum almost pauses at a point of stability before beginning its inevitable descent, accelerating slowly at first, even imperceptibly, but ever faster as the gravity of cultural entropy increases its velocity until it approaches the inferior apogee, midnight, where then it begins its at first rapid but ever-slowing climb back into the light.

It is there, at midnight and immediately before and beyond, that chaos rules, and with it comes a time in human affairs that does indeed try men’s souls; a time where dawn remains but a hope beyond an unseen horizon, where the night people are well about and yet to be put to the sword and where is found the formative crucible within which men and women, bound by strength and tradition, gather together and stand firm against the depredations of barbarism.

Here is a standard media mealy mouthed subservient ‘far-right this and far-right that’ report from Breitbart London… Andrew must be turning in has grave.

The same applies to the Daily Mail by several orders of magnitude; I gave up trying to count the number of times it used the phrase ‘FAR RIGHT’! However, read the comments and you will see that the readership does not agree.

The link to the video of the purported knifing incident is here, and you the reader must make your own analysis and come to your own conclusions, as no further news has broken as of the time of writing.


As the future unfolds before us, we white, real indigenous Brits are going to have to make a stand or turn our backs on what we once were and should have remained and accept what is coming down on us. Unless we take that future into own hands, act according to our needs and damn the traitors in Westminster* and the media parrots, then we are finished, ethnically cleansed and forgotten… the fate of all tribes that cannot or will not defend themselves and repel invaders with a greater ferocity than that which is being inflicted upon them.

The future always belongs to the victorious, not to the defeated.

— Seneca III, as my homeland sky darkens about me in sunny Middle England on this the 13th day of June in the year of our Lord 2020.

*   That ‘Great White Hope’, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland who was once touted as a possible Churchill Mark 2 has demonstrated that his loyalties do not lie with us, the native islanders, and is abasing himself, and us, by groveling at the feet of the invaders and the media scum as in the background the sound of primitive howling comes from an alien pack of hyenas on the attack. He even makes Chamberlain appear patriotic.

For links to previous essays by Seneca III, see the Seneca III Archives.

23 thoughts on “London is Being Ethnically Cleansed — The Rest of us Are Next

  1. The following comment got a Swedish producer fired:
    “If black lives want to matter, then black lives get their f***ing s**t together, study hard, go to work, make their own money instead of depend on welfare, stop lying, get out of prison, and become heroes instead of self-appointed victims for the world to laugh at. That matters!”, Bard tweeted.“

  2. All diversity has done is create mental illness on a scale that is surely inviting invasion and loss. What a bunch of anchors we are turning out.

    • There is no diversity in China and yet most of their Chinese appeared to have some sort of mental illness and phobia against foreigners or people they deemed as outsiders.
      China “rising” influence and their rise to notoriety set a bad example to the Blacks. That is why the Blacks dared to behave badly in this time and age.
      Those racist Chinese and Blacks migrants only pushed for diversity in Western countries because they want to steal wealth belonging to Whites and deviously profit from Western countries.

      • I’d be surprised if many black people were inspired by any Chinese example.

        Actually, setting aside the current regime in China, which bears many resemblances to National Socialist Germany, and at the risk of being entirely un-pc, I believe that the success of many ethnic Chinese abroad, like that of Ashkenazi Jews, is due to high IQ and dedication to education and hard work, and I see no evidence of any conspiracy in either case- unlike the case of some muslim immigrants, whose first loyalty is to the Ummah rather than their host countries.

        • @Mark H
          I think you may be under some delusion over some of their so-called success which seems to include forcing us to pay exhorbitent rent for their rundown properties, substandard stuff, etc. I think the world should not be forced to be afraid of thei Africanss or Chinese just because they tend to be more exploitive and tend to be more hateful and manipulative. I still remembered how they profit excessively from rundown flats that that they shamelessly profit from without care for us did not know any better. They never care about us. They only care about profit.They certainly caused a lot of hardships for us in their quest to accumulate money, properties, land and only to ruin and it for most of us. Many nasty Chinese abroad are known to have excessive irrational sympathies and loyalty to their big nasty China. I just hope they would never succeed in enslaving us with more of their oppressive, brutal economies. Their system is brutal, bullying and abusing us who have less than
          them due to them cheating and exploiting us. They irrationally blaming the West all the time while milking the benefit in the West is certainly not an indication of a high IQ people. Many of them are just thugs pretending to be civilized, that is till they gain more upper hand to spread more oppressive conditions to us. Perhaps, there may be some insane people who like them, but I think any sane person would soon found out their nasty tricks.
          They are a big problem too invading us and taking over with more Chinese oppressive culture/virus. Their failure to stop the virus spreading from China is another indication of low IQ people pretending to be high IQ with cheating us and scamming us of our hard earned money.

  3. In the name of anti-lynching the lynch-mob reappears. It was the brilliant insight of René Girard that human beings are hard-wired for persecution. When society breaks down, the community becomes a mob at war with itself that generates cohesion only at the expense of the innocent victim. I write not of Floyd George, whom no crowd confronted, but of the uncounted random and nameless victims like the one depicted in the suite of photographs accompanying Seneca III’s candid prose. A Dionysiac ecstasy makes itself evident in the actions and on the faces of the persecutors: The endocrine system has subsumed and suppressed all moral and intellectual functions; the mob is now a single beast, bestial in its thirst for blood, and ready to tear its victim to pieces. The attempt to draw the knife across the victim’s throat is purely sacrificial. The looting that takes place alongside such lynchings is the equivalent of the Dionysiac sparagmos (the ripping of the limbs), but instead of carrying away the dismembered morsels of the victim, which serve as fetish-tokens or reminders of the event, the mob helps itself to booty that it associates with the victim, like pricey tennis shoes and high-end wristwatches. The millennially long struggle of civilization has been to raise itself from this lowest level of savagery – and Christian Revelation constitutes the most concerted effort of all to redeem humanity from its murderous proclivities. The constant war of militant secularism on the Christian religion plays a big role in the current descent into the blood-lust of anarchy. The feebleness of “Humanism” stands no chance against the feral crowd, but only, in the wretchedness of its submission, encourages the crowd’s violent tendencies.

    • The BBC, for all its shortcomings, puts out some excellent programmes, especially on Radio 4. Yesterday, on “The Life Scientific”, they interviewed a social scientist and government advisor, Clifford Stott.

      He talked about the London riots following the police shooting of a young, mixed-race man called Mark Duggan in 2011. I make no excuses for him; he was in a drugs gang, and had been in possession of an illegal gun just before he was shot and killed. However the police failed to contact and inform his family for over 48 hours, so a protest started outside the local police station (Tottenham), and turned violent, and spread, exacerbated, according to Prof. Stott, by the black community’s sense of disempowerment in the face of their young men being disproportionately targeted for”stop and search” (There were good reasons for this, but the authorities failed to make the case for it.) Point is, turning the tables on the police makes people feel empowered who previously didn’t.

  4. Enoch, a truth tellier.

    They ostracised him, the traitors are doing the same now to ordinairy folks,

    Im in portugal, and anti-white racism is rife here, perpetuated by communists who are full of jealousy and hate towards anyone who they perceive has more than them! More money, more talent, more anything,

    The favourite communist portuguese hobby, is snitching on your new foreign
    Neighbour, the local portuguese councils offer rewards to snitches.

    If your foreign neighbour painted his garage doors, or repaired his garden gates, youll get visited by a gang of communist thugs from council municipality, threatening you with fines, terrorising you with stacks of threatening letters from dozens of so calked enviromental agencys,

    This terror can cause suicides, illness, early death to sick or the disabled.

    So dont own a post box in portugal!!!

    Now its dangerous to go out here to a bar, or live music,
    These left commies are getting brave now, showing themselves now, they feel emboldened by the blm fake antifa. who are actually hitlers brownshirt brigade in black!

    If u go out in public here, u risking attack, ostracisation, slander, defamation,
    If u dare to not share same warped nazi commie feminazi lgbtxyz views of these braindead victims who are parroting cultural marxist propaganda.

    Portugal is communist bAsket case, full of western euro aged out hippys,

    Spouting out communist ideology.

    Its time to stand and fight these leftist commie femiinst NaZis.

    • Thank you for the update, Morpheus. I was thinking of visiting when the current Corvid mess terminates but I suspect I will give it a miss now. I spent a few weeks there (on my way to Africa, funnily enough) coming up 40 years ago and enjoyed it immensely.

      What a pity, but I would suggest that there are very few places, mostly rural, left in Europe and, indeed, the UK where a white man can relax his guard and enjoy himself amongst friends and these would on the whole be out of the way small to medium sized rural communities like mine which have maintained stable community relations underpinned by tradition and faith.

      • In Western Europe, to be more precise.

        I had a lovely time in Poland.

        And it’s not like those people are nasty to non-Europeans, either: I look rather Middle Eastern (due to being “racially” half-Jewish, presumably) – it doesn’t help that I have a scruffy beard, too – and a very obvious foreigner in Poland (though oddly, I have ancestry from there!). Not once did I feel in any way tense, the way I do in “enlightened” places such as Brussels.

        Incidentally, while there, I saw a woman in a hijab walking around Warsaw after dark. I happened to be going in the same direction, and so was walking behind her for a little bit on a rather deserted street. She seemed completely unconcerned. So much for all the garbage that the lamestream media says about Poland. I’ll bet that she’d have been more concerned in a Muslim-majority country.

        In fact… an acquaintance of mine has a hijabi mother. She lives in Tunisia. She came to visit him in Canada, and was afraid of how she would be treated (presumably from having watched too much lamestream media from Tunisia). Her conclusion? That she felt more comfortable walking around the mid-sized town where he lives, complete with hijab, than she does back home in Tunisia.

        I digress, I suppose, but it makes me very angry when Poles and ourselves are labelled as we are.

        Likewise, hijabis can be seen walking around places like Tel Aviv, going about their business unmolested, in “evil” Israel.

    • If only we had an Enoch Powell today. His speech about blacks was truthful and every country know that low class BLM members are terrorists. In the last few weeks I have become a full fledged rasist against low class blacks.

  5. Whether the “white, real indigenous Brits” will take a stand or accept the end of their culture is yet to be seen. The decisive moment is nearly here, as it’s certain that the present state of near-anarchy can’t continue. With the institutions of power, media, and seemingly the police, allied against the native Brit the chances of turning events around is slim.

    What has changed in the character of the indigenous Brit in the past 60-70 years to bring about this state of yielding up one’s culture and traditions, one’s way of life, to incomers who were welcomed, but show little sign of appreciation or assimilation? It’s a deep question, for not only must we identify what has changed, but also the why and the how. It’s as though British society has been the guinea pig in a massive social experiment to test the strength and depth of its bonds. So far, it has capitulated at nearly every turn.

    Why does the individual white indigenous Brit show little sign of caring about the land into which they and their ancestors were born, the land which led the world in so many beneficial ways for mankind, and for which so very many died?

    As a transplanted “white, real indigenous Brit” (this phrase should be used proudly and frequently), I find the need for these questions and the sorry state of Britain today disturbing.

    • Don’t worry, there will be Brits who take up arms soon and when they do, it is going to be a shot heard around the world, it will galvanize those who are in a daze to action. For underneath the thin veneer of western civilization, lies the man with conquer and kill all in his way in his DNA, his vengeance, as history has shown time and time again, will once again make those around him of the 3rd world and their leftist enablers tremble in fear. It is going to be a great red day. This is the land of Wolves now, the sheep are what is for dinner. So make up your mind, are you the sheep, or the Wolf?

      • There are non-white Brits who will join in, or may even lead the charge.

        The Sikh Awareness Society crowd in the UK, by way of example, seem to value British society/values more than the average upper class white Brit, and by a long shot.

        • Mike, The Sikhs and muslims absolutely hate each other. The Sikhs will make the average upper so called class white turn green at what they do to muslims. As for the rest of us. Since the police have been effectively neutered, death squads will appear shortly if they haven’t already. What an exciting time to be in the arms business.

  6. Imagine what it will be like when all the white Britons are gone! A land of milk and honey, all the non-white races living together in peace and harmony! Or, not.

  7. A few points does anyone know the murder rate against white farmers and whites in general in South africa since “liberation” in 1994, iheard the figure of around 40,000 a few years ago.
    Living in Hull i saw the aftermath of a police shooting of a white who had been attacking cars with an axe,when i arrived there were 3 policemen pulling this individual along the floor “like a sack of potatoes”even though he had a bullet wound in his back ,no attempt was made to give him first aid.
    He later died ,i thought at the time if he had been black there would have been no end of public inquiries.

  8. “Those whom the gods would destroy, they first divide with an overdose of feminism and diversity” – EURIP.

  9. White genocide. Their dream of all dreams. Mainly the men though, and enslave the women. We have lots of room in the southern US. Get a ticket while you can.

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