Les Invulnérables

The migrant-loving French official who was identified here as a mayor is actually a member of parliament. Oz-Rita has translated an article with all the context for the event, and includes this prefatory note:

From the article we can see the name of the man — whom I mistook for a mayor — who brown-nosed the illegals. He is: the greenie (formerly belonging to the party of Macron) MP François-Michel Lambert. In France, for the civilised French, the Corona restrictions are far more draconian than, for example, here in Oz. There is an obligation to wear a mask, and an interdiction on all assemblies of more than ten (at least at the time of that demonstration).

The translated article from Boulevard Voltaire:

Thousands of illegals defy Covid-19 and France in Paris

At the call of 195 associations (no less, but no doubt most of them would fit into a single clip), thousands of undocumented migrants, mostly Africans, defied French law by parading through the streets of the capital, from the Opera House to the Place de la République. In order that they might, from illegal undocumented migrants, become legal migrants in their own right. There were 5,500 of them, according to the police.

For them, huddled together, it was a real call to insurrection, defying barrier gestures, of course, and the police prefect’s ban on demonstrations, since they did not respect the decree forbidding gatherings of more than ten people. These illegals who are asking to be welcomed in France have a very particular concept of what France has become for them: a lawless money machine!

We even saw and heard, at the Place de la République, where hundreds of Africans had taken over the statue, the ecologist deputy François-Michel Lambert, wearing his tricolour scarf, haranguing the crowd to demand the regularisation of all these men who had arrived on our soil without the slightest visa. The slogans? “Freedom for all the locked-up”, “Papers for all”… or even “Police assassins”, as we can hear very clearly in this video [see link] relayed by Eric Ciotti.

The police made only a timid appearance, throwing a few tear gas grenades and arresting 90 demonstrators, so the banned demonstration was able to go on until the end. Astonished and outraged, many politicians and public figures expressed their anger forcefully on Twitter.

Thierry Mariani: “A distressing parade of illegal immigrants on our soil.” Jean-Yves Le Gallou: “600 cops to prevent a demonstration by the Identitaires, there just a chopper from the gendarmerie.” Damien Rieu: “France, this magical country where thousands of illegal immigrants can parade in total impunity, when the police should cordon off the street and arrest them all and deport them immediately.”

It should be noted that this was an ideal and rare opportunity for a pro-active government to “snatch” as many of these people as possible, who have no reason to live in France, and isolate them in pre-deportation detention centres. But Mr Macron does not have that determination! Julien Odoul will be satisfied with just one word: “Out!” THE shortest tweet of his political career. A restaurateur, by the way, is surprised that he has to respect all the health protocols when they [the migrants] are exempt from them… And that’s what Nicolas Dupont-Aignan will tweet: “They live illegally on French soil, defy the ban on gatherings, disregard the health rules, provoke the police and there are thousands of them asking for their regularisation.”

The final word will be that of Éric Ciotti: “In the midst of a pandemic, this illegal demonstration is an indecent provocation. [Interior Minister Christophe] Castaner, how could you let this hate rally take place in the middle of Paris?”

6 thoughts on “Les Invulnérables

  1. Arresting them and deporting them would be nice, but better yet would be to ask yourself “What would they do to Harambe?”

    • That’s an obscure reference; wiki throws up several links. If you mean the three-year-old boy who got into the gorilla enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo, resulting in the shooting of an adult male gorilla, I don’t see your point.

      • I suppose one has to be younger in years to instantly “get” the Harambe reference.

        Harambe the gorilla was shot to death (many would say unnecessarily) for the threat he represented to the child, even though at the time he was minding his own business and just doing whatever it is that gorillas do all day when they are not eating, sleeping, or mating.

        My point inverted the reference; the state doesn’t want to do anything to deal with the threat that hundreds of thousands of potential Harambes represent to it; while they should have rounded up and forcibly deported the ones who were illegally gathering in the streets to make demands which they have no right or reason to deserve, they will not do so even though it is a much more humane and non-violent way to deal with the threat they represent to the state and social harmony and cohesion.

        Instead, when the threat eventually metastasizes they will have no choice but to use the method used to deal with Harambe which was unfortunate for the poor gorilla, and will also be unfortunate for the hordes of orcs who will wind up dead instead of deported, and the innocents that inevitably will be killed in the crossfire.

          • Hope ain’t much of a plan. The orcs will be dealt with the good ole fashioned way because we will be forced to in order to survive. There ain’t no peaceful way out of this mess. That time has come and gone.

  2. In Angkor Wat, millions of monkeys live in the overgrown ruins of a once mighty civilization. On the Yucatan’ peninsula, there are a huge amount of ruins of a once mighty civilization, also overgrown, and mostly inhabited by birds and rats and mice and snakes. Once mighty Rome is only a history of itself, with beautiful ruins for tourists to see, if they can only avoid the nth wave of barbarians beseeching them for buys, alms or demands. The French are already a conquered people, with their own police unable/unwilling to push back the African Invaders, or even penetrate the moslem enclaves regularly. The Chimp-Out gang here continues to erode and corrode what is left of the US, and yes, the police here are unable/unwilling to penetrate the crowds of looters and arsonists in our midst, but I think we are only a half-conquered people. What happens when the unconquered half decides to take decisive action (push,shove,action) will be the stuff of legends. Do we become ruins, or do we build anew? As a recently banned blogger over at WRSA was fond of saying, we are already in a low grade civil war.

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