First Dijon, Then France

Below are a video and two articles about the recent mass violence in the French city of Dijon. The conflict is enricher-on-enricher: Chechens vs. Arabs.

First, a video excerpt from a panel discussion on French television. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

From the notes accompanying the video, also translated by MissPiggy:

June 15, 2020

Outbreak of violence in Dijon — Shootings, crazy car: Shocking images of violent clashes between Chechens and drug dealers circulate on social networks.

In the debate, at Pascal Praud’s: Véronique Jacquier, journalist. Ivan Rioufol, Le Figaro journalist. Gilles-William Goldnadel, attorney-at-law. And Benjamin Morel, PhD in Political Science.

Christophe Fernandez, departmental secretary of the SGP Police-FO Unit.

The following article about Dijon is from Paris Match. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation:

Violence in Dijon: Laurent Nuñez promises, an extremely firm response”

June 16, 2020

The Secretary of State to the Interior Minister, Laurent Nuñez, promised on Tuesday “an extremely firm response” to the incidents that have rocked Dijon in recent days and announced a new reinforcement of more than 150 police officers mobilized for the coming night.

“I want to send a very clear message to the thugs that we have seen exhibiting weapons, to the individuals who came to commit violence here in Dijon: Our response will be extremely firm,” he said upon leaving the police station.

Tuesday evening “there will be two mobile police units in Dijon,” of about 150 officers and troops of the Gendarmerie, in addition to the local forces, he added, noting that “they will be present as many times as needed.”

The secretary of state also said that he “is very proud” of the actions of the police since Friday, saluting their “courage” and their “determination”. “The police did not hold back. That is totally incorrect!”

In line with the speech of Emmanuel Macron Sunday night, Mr. Nuñez reaffirmed that for him the police were “the guarantors of our republican order,” within a context of defiance and demonstrations in France and the entire world against police violence.

Punitive Expeditions

For four nights Dijon has been plagued by tensions in a city rarely accustomed to this kind of trouble. Everything began on June 10 with the attack on an adolescent from the Chechen community. Punitive expeditions, “completely unprecedented”, were then carried out this weekend in the center of the city and the sensitive quarter [no-go zone] of Grésilles by members of this [Chechen] community, and the proprietor of a pizzeria was seriously wounded by gunfire.

After three nights of violence, on Monday evening, the police dispersed a group of hooded and visibly armed men wanting to defend their quarter against these intrusions. “I understand that the population has been traumatized by these events.” The people of Dijon have the “right to peace, tranquility and safety, “ insisted Laurent Nuñez, in making it understood that the investigation was in progress. “There are leads,” he assured his audience.

Monday evening the prefect of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Bernard Schmeltz, defended the police strategy of non-intervention over the course of the weekend to AFP [Agence France Presse]. “Supervise and surround to prevent abuses: that is the only practical strategy.” That did not prevent the outgoing Socialist mayor of Dijon, François Rebsamen, from denouncing the lack of police measures, faced with some 200 Chechens, armed with iron bars, baseball bats, and sometimes firearms.

“Since justice comes too late and since the police don’t have the means of action, the Chechen community came itself to enforce its right,” the mayor analyzed, campaigning for a fourth term.

Christian Jacob has written a letter to the prime minister

The president of the Republicans, Christian Jacob, wrote a letter on Tuesday to the prime minister to ask him to “reaffirm without ambiguity,” his support for the police and “to finally take strong measures in the face of the explosion of violence in several quarters.”

“These unbearable images, from Dijon to Nice, against a backdrop of deleterious community [conditions], show hooded individuals, carrying heavy weapons, spreading terror, and imposing their law, with great impunity,” states Mr. Jacob in this letter to Edouard Philippe, of which the AFP has obtained a copy.

At the hour when our country is going through an unprecedented crisis, we cannot add a climate mixing division with chaos,” he added, when the city of Dijon has been shaken by tensions against a backdrop of punitive expeditions since the weekend.

A shootout in a quarter of Nice plagued by drug trafficking caused three injuries in the night between Sunday and Monday, a few hours after other incidents with knives and guns. Mr. Jacob deplores the “silence” of the prime minister, which, according to him, “sounds like an admission of guilty impotence.” “You must reaffirm without ambiguity your full support for our police,” he adds.

The second article on the Chechen situation in France, also translated by FouseSquawk, is from Le Figaro:

A troubling confidential report on the progression of Chechen organized crime in France

Chechen criminal networks have been investing for several years in “a large range of crimes”, according to the Judicial Police.

by Pierre Sautreuil
June 17, 2020

The shows of force by criminal groups of Chechens “are more and more frequent in France and are devolving into violence without precedent,” warns a confidential report from the Central Direction of the Judicial Police (DCPD) dated Tuesday, June 16, and from which Le Parisien published extracts on Wednesday. These observations were expressed after dozens of Chechens launched a punitive expedition on Friday June 12 in the center of Dijon. This invasion kicked off a weekend of violent tensions between this community of Caucasian origin and residents of the quarter of Grésilles.

“In recent years the confrontations between the Chechens and other communities, principally of Maghrebian origin, have grown,” this report from Sirasco [the service of criminal information of the Judicial Police], sums up. “These conflicts often arise for reasons of honor or result from clandestine stakes against a backdrop of a grey economy.” If the confrontations that broke out this weekend in Dijon pertain more to the first category, Le Parisien states, a source close to the supporting file says that the majority of the participants on the Chechen side are “members of criminal organizations.”

For several years, say the PJ analysts, “the criminal Chechen networks have invested in a large range of crimes”. In several regions, such as Alsace and the south of France, the members of the Chechen networks have notably imposed themselves as security agents during the night, controlled principally by traditional banditry. In this domain of activity, they have progressively managed to oust the competition by force (aggravated violence, extortion) and develop their own activities.”

In Île-de-France, the report furnishes the example of the ZUP [sensitive urban zone, i.e. no-go zone] Surville, of Montereau-Fault-Yonne, in Seine and Marne, where the Chechens have managed to implant themselves and impose themselves by force, threats, and intimidation upon the residents and local traffickers.

This progression in recent years has drawn the attention of the French intelligence services, who are particularly worried about the intertwining of Chechen banditry with elements “known for belonging to the independent Chechen movement or their religious fundamentalism”. According to Le Parisien, about 300 Chechens are today believed to be listed in files for the prevention of terrorist radicalization (FSPRT), “an over-representation.”

Video transcript:

00:00   When you have such an ecstatic vision of immigration that you consider it
00:05   to be a wonderful opportunity for France, you don’t want to talk about this kind of thing.
00:11   I’m someone who considers this failed immigration.
00:14   This massive immigration, and often illegal immigration,
00:18   is an existential misfortune. So I’m not surprised by it.
00:21   But, what you said is right. It would be interesting to have statistics, for example,
00:25   on whether these people are illegals or not. —Let’s not exaggerate.
00:29   You think I’m exaggerating? No, but I had not finished.
00:32   Excuse me, but I’m not finished. —Then finish. —Go ahead, continue what you were saying.
00:35   In that respect, it’s Pavlovian. The moment immigration is criticized
00:39   in any way the response is “don’t exaggerate.”
00:43   First of all, I’m not even near exaggeration, I’m understating. Second, and Ivan will remember,
00:49   there’s a complete lack of police. But you know, these people aren’t afraid if the police come.
00:56   They know we don’t have any police. The police aren’t scary anymore and justice makes them laugh,
01:01   so what we see here in Dijon… —But this goes further than that. —Sorry?
01:05   —Are you finished? I wanted to finish. —No, well,
01:08   what we see, what we see, what we see in Dijon
01:11   is just a sample of what we’re going to see increasingly elsewhere in France. Dijon is France.

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  1. What a bloody laugh! These Frogs trying to deal with uncivilized savages with civilized means! The Chechens are the worst of the worst where Islamic savages are concerned, it is their bread and butter combined with their penchant for white slavery of non muslim women, drugs, Islamic jihadist terrorist and their ability to use whatever force and violence they can come up with that make them so dangerous in our western countries. If you want to deal with them, send the FSB death squads, they know how to get the job done and the the Chechens are scared to death of them. Time to deploy those extreme methods. Otherwise, this is just an exercise in futility.

  2. The Secretary of State to the Interior Minister, Laurent Nuñez, promised on Tuesday “an extremely firm response”…

    “I want to send a very clear message to the thugs that we have seen exhibiting weapons, to the individuals who came to commit violence here in Dijon: Our response will be extremely firm. ”

    So does that mean Macron’s finest will wave two white flags instead of one, and offer several female virgins in addition to their own backsides for the pleasure and appeasement of the warring orc tribes? Not that I am surprised; Isuppose he has a long and unbroken line of appeasers and cheese eating surrender monkeys to live up to.

    “When you have to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk.”

  3. In Europe, especially in Germany and France, there is a very large Chechen diaspora. Moreover, in Germany they almost arranged sharia. It is believed that they all fled from the tyrant Kadyrov.
    But my husband does not believe in this version. He thinks that Kadyrov is with them for one thing, and these “refugees” are one of the forms of spreading Chechen influence in the West.

  4. So we have on the menu “Dijon mustered on prime minister beef in a French role” served with a chechen-arab ghoul lash, and white whine.
    nice lunch

  5. So help me understand this. To me, the entire Balkan world is so complicated.

    The Chechens are Muslims…correct? So what happened here? Non-Chechen drug dealers were coming into their “quarter” and creating problems? So they took the law into their own hands?

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