Difficulties at Vlad Tepes

Vlad Tepes is experiencing unprecedented technical difficulties, and advises readers to use this temporary alternate site: vladtepesblog.net

Here’s what he said earlier today:

The domain registrar, GoDaddy.com, without warning, notice or explanation, has decided to remove access from the owner, the domain Vladtepesblog.com

The site for now is up and running at Vladtepesblog.net while we try and get our property back.

Please click over there to access the site and comment.

More to come in the near future.

8 thoughts on “Difficulties at Vlad Tepes

  1. GoDaddy is not safe. IIRC they have a ‘hate’ clause buried in their TOS somewhere, so it’s not exactly free speech friendly. As a matter of fact, almost nobody is. Might want to look into hosts based in Iceland, they’re big on free speech/privacy over there.

  2. GoDaddy, eh? I hate those bastards.

    Never, EVER use them.

    One friend of mine had a site up with them. He got sued. They turned over EVERYTHING, including his credit card information, on a lawyer’s production order – not even a court order, and not even from a jurisdiction which has authority over them.

    They’re SPECIALISTS in this type of cowardly behaviour.


    That’s without even getting into their annoying “upsell” behaviour.

    I suspect that the least censorable domains at this point are probably country-code ones, from countries that actually support free speech.


    On the bigger picture, we’re seeing the online book burning moving into full steam mode.

    • Mike, nice overview of the disordered situation. I too have some unsavory experiences with GD. Stay far away where the super-capitalist meshes with joyful and dancing totalitarians. Country code domains from open minded countries…worth looking into.

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