BLM Riots Come to Catalonia

Progressives in Catalonia were so outraged by the death of George Floyd that they decided to show their solidarity with Black Lives Matter by vandalizing shops and looting supermarkets.

Many thanks to Pampasnasturtium for translating this article from El Periódico:

Protest due to George Floyd’s death

Shops attacked and a supermarket looted after an anti-racism demonstration in Salt (Girona)

Mossos [Catalan regional police] assess the damage, which happened after the organizers gave the rally for finished

June 2, 2020

Embedded video caption: A supermarket in Girona is looted after the anti-racism demonstration in Salt.

Mossos d’Esquadra [Catalan regional police] are assessing the damage to vehicles and shops resulting from a protest that took place this Monday in Salt (Girona) over the death of the black citizen George Floyd at the hands of American police.

According to the information provided by the police department, which is looking for the perpetrators, some 150 persons initially gathered in Salt, but the number rose to 500, after which a rock was thrown at a police van and there were other attacks against a car and a public transport bus.

The damage includes a vandalized bank, a restaurant, urban equipment [as in benches, traffic lights, etc.] and damage suffered when the Salt protest moved to neighboring Girona, where the looting of a supermarket occurred, according to the Efe news agency.

The police have started an investigation, and they will record the complaints filed by owners of the shops and buildings attacked.

The organizers apologize

AfroVibes, the association that organized the demonstration, disowned responsibility for the events, and they reassured the public that these happened after the protest was declared finished, according to the ACN news agency.

The group regrets what happened and has apologized to those who suffered from it. Furthermore, they reminded the public that some twenty demonstrators followed behind the violent ones to rearrange the trash containers that were knocked over. AfroVibes emphasizes that they were not looking for “the image that was projected”, and they defend the pacifist nature of the official demo.

2 thoughts on “BLM Riots Come to Catalonia

  1. It seems that almost the entire western world suffers from an unwillingness to use force to maintain law and order, or a weakness of character that refuses to act decisively and seeks to avoid confrontations.

    If this whole sordid and wretched saga had happened in the time of The Greatest Generation, those rioting in the streets would have likely been beaten by the police without mercy and most of the public would have unapologetically supported them in doing so. Looters would have been summarily shot. Whether the kinder, gentler, modern way of allowing rioters and looters to steal and destroy property and make a mockery of law and order is an improvement on the unapologetic use of state power and authority to quell riots and lawlessness I leave to the reader to decide.

  2. Largely commies and self proclaimed anarchists their vandalism had little to do with the sad death of George Floyd. Hello Baron- hope you doing good. Important email me.

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