BLM Riots Come to Berlin

Germany has not been spared the riots and madness in the wake of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The five videos below provide various snapshots of Black Lives Matter “protests”, most of them in Berlin.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video 1: The vlogger UnBlogd gives an overview of the BLM riots in Germany

Video 2: A bird’s-eye view of BLM in Berlin

Video 3: Police arrest a BLM protester in Berlin — “Wasn’t George Floyd enough?”

Video 4: Woman harassed by BLM

Video 5: Nazis out!

Video transcript #1:

00:03   The so-called protests in the U.S. aren’t stopping, of course. Far from it,
00:09   and this crap is spreading, even to Europe. More on that later.
00:13   Meanwhile, this is what the situation look like in New York.
00:25   Yeah so, since the situation is so dramatic,
00:28   the city has now declared a curfew from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.
00:31   Unfortunately, as you can perhaps imagine, very few are adhering to it.
00:38   That’s why the city has started cracking down. The police have now arrested over 2000 people.
00:59   The mayor said that this would calm the situation down
01:03   and that there would be no need for the National Guard.
01:06   So I’m curious to see how the situation in the city develops.
01:11   Since the situation is not really calming down in other states in the U.S.,
01:16   more and more Americans are taking their guns out onto the streets because
01:20   they, thank God, still have the right to use weapons against these troublemakers.
01:45   There’s another interesting story about what happened while a news crew was filming live.
01:52   There was an attempted robbery on a pawn shop, but that didn’t work. The owner was
01:58   armed, along with other people. They protected the shop until the police arrived.
02:03   What do we learn from that? The only method to stop the looters and people with violent intentions
02:08   is to protect yourself from them with weapons. These people aren’t interested in laws.
02:16   So waiting for the police to eventually show up could quickly end in disaster as we’ve seen
02:22   in New York and other cities.
02:25   In Germany, instead of calming things down somewhat through objective reporting on the subject,
02:30   editorial offices such as the Editorial Network of Germany manage to add fuel to the fire.
02:36   Excessive police violence, especially against blacks, has always been a major problem in the USA.
02:42   For that reason, among others, the “Black Lives Matter” movement was founded.
02:46   It explicitly opposes racism, police violence
02:49   and discrimination against African Americans in the USA.
02:53   Yeah, so this is BS that can be proven false with the FBI statistics, and actually it can be proven
02:57   to be BS using ANY FBI statistics from any year.
03:01   So I just took the most recent, but you can have a look and compare
03:05   for yourself. The result is ALWAYS the same.
03:08   In 2018 in the U.S., whites killed 234 blacks.
03:14   However, in the same year, blacks killed 514 whites.
03:20   So that’s more than double. Often purposefully ignored
03:25   is that crime among blacks is ten times higher.
03:30   Another thing often ignored is that blacks only make up 13% of the total population.
03:37   So that means the black population is a small percentage
03:41   of the total population, significantly smaller;
03:44   despite that, they commit four times as many murders.
03:48   These facts are completely covered up.
03:52   Instead of trying to resolve the problem of the alleged racism
03:56   against blacks, we should be much more concerned with
04:00   the cause of criminality among black people.
04:03   So while black people continue to shoot each other in gang wars,
04:06   whites celebrate their cult of guilt
04:09   in order to continue to collect victim bonus points. A video circulating on the internet
04:12   makes this whole movement look more like a sect.
04:30   There’s another interesting scene where the police
04:33   knelt down in front of demonstrators.
04:36   Submitting to them and showing how guilty they feel.
04:56   In another city there was a similar situation in which the police also knelt down,
04:59   but the whole thing was in the trap and ended a bit differently.
05:16   Yeah, and as usual, naturally this madness has spilled over into Germany.
05:20   So now a few people in Cologne lay down on the cathedral square. Face down of course,
05:25   because it’s so tasty, in order to show their solidarity with the black lives matter movement.
05:31   They shouted: “I Can’t Breathe”.
05:42   I don’t know about you, but watching that reminded me of the refugees-welcome clappers
05:45   at the train stations here in Germany. Not only that, but the climate activists too.
05:50   I have the feeling this is more about self promotion
05:54   on social media platforms like Instagram, etc. This way they can feel a bit more morally superior
06:00   and show, once again, what a great person they are.
06:03   If these people were actually interested in the topic,
06:07   then they might take a look at the crime statistics,
06:10   and realize that the whole thing isn’t like what is being propagated everywhere here.
06:15   You probably noticed that yesterday was called “Blackout Tuesday”.
06:18   It was about showing solidarity
06:21   with George Floyd by posting a black picture/screen.
06:25   I believe that this more about self-promotion.
06:28   Spotify took part, iTunes, Amazon etc.
06:32   All kinds of big company monopolies supported this, and it’s easy to see
06:37   that this isn’t a protest against the establishment,
06:41   but more like a protest WITH the establishment.
06:45   The children’s channel Nickelodeon stole the show, though,
06:49   by broadcasting the following on their station:
07:11   Yes, as you can hear the child in the background is crying.
07:14   The child is scared and wants the mother to change the channel.
07:17   The mother is looking at what exactly is being done
07:20   and sharing it publicly.
07:23   All this just shows how crazy it has become. The most important thing is scaring kids
07:30   along with the whole Corona panic-mongering,
07:33   so these children can go out into the world completely disturbed.
07:36   The whole madness has now arrived in Europe.
07:39   The first protests took place in Paris
07:42   and it was just as peaceful and looked like this:
08:07   The protests have not only spread to France but also to Spain,
08:11   the Netherlands and also to England.
08:35   In Germany, the first protests happened in Hamburg. Illegal immigrants complained that
08:40   they are allegedly discriminated against here because their residency isn’t authorized
08:45   and because it is allegedly so racist here.
09:09   Coming this weekend, more demonstrations of this kind
09:12   have been planned in several of Germany’s bigger cities.
09:15   The dress code is black. That’s probably so no one can tell them apart from the Antifa or the
09:19   Black Block left-wing extremists. So we can be glad
09:23   all this crap will now probably spread over here.
09:27   I can tell you one thing: if this crap spreads here
09:30   like it is in the U.S., it will probably be a lot worse.
09:33   First of all, Europeans don’t have much connection
09:36   to their own culture anymore. So why defend it at all?
09:39   Secondly, we have far fewer opportunities to defend ourselves.
09:42   All of our police forces have been destroyed
09:45   to save money, and secondly we barely have any rights
09:48   to protect ourselves. At least when it comes to weapons.
09:51   If the looting begins here, well then, all I can say is, “Good night Germany”.

Video transcript #2:

00:02   Yep, that’s some demonstration, dude, ain’t it?
00:07   Holy s**t dude!
00:15   Boy, oh, boy!
00:18   Social distancing please, social distancing please. Dude, social distancing.
00:28   Boy, oh, boy!

Video transcript #3:

00:18   Hey! That’s one guy! It’s only one guy!
00:24   Wasn’t it enough? George Floyd wasn’t enough?
00:30   Wasn’t George Floyd enough? Hey!
00:34   Hey! Wasn’t George Floyd enough?
00:48   Why!? Why are you doing this!? It’s just one person.

Video transcript #4:

00:01   Germans come here. We take care of Germans.
00:10   Why are only Germans allowed here? —Who is being discriminated against?
00:13   Some joker called me a Nazi over there. Do you want to know why?
00:16   Why? —Because I am aware of the fraud committed by the company Brunata.
00:26   You Nazi!
00:36   Your mother is a slut! —You nigger, you!
00:49   He insulted my mother! He insulted my mother! Here! You all!
00:56   He is insulting my mother as a whore! That joke over there.
01:01   Piss off! Piss off! —Piss off yourself! —Piss off! —No.
01:12   Go sit on a tack! —S***y old Nazi!
01:29   Let her leave! Let her leave! Keep going!

Video transcript #5:

00:01   Nazis out! Nazis out! Nazis out!
00:21   Nazis out! Nazis out! Nazis out!

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  1. Berlin is near-London tier so not surprising. It’s like finding out there were riots in Paris.

    Nevertheless little birdie told me protestors were bussed into Birmingham over the last week to “protest”…..hmmmm one too many groups just so eager to tear down “racist statues”.

    An old ww2 origin hit list? How would antifa college drop outs get that?

    I’m starting to smell the set-up for all of this aside from cultural rot. Soros’ prints up and down this global crime scene, beyond typical antifa none sense.

    • An equivalent response to this would be to put out a list of Soros family members, fellow associates, and leaders of his NGOs along with known residences, likenesses, and bounties in Bitcoin for successful elimination. Playing cards with images of those globalist lowlifes and their known characteristics printed in multiple languages and distributed globally would encourage criminal organizations and patriots everywhere to hunt down those scum to the ends of the earth for financial reward or just as a service performed for the good of society.

      • It makes me wonder: how good is George Soros’ security? How many bodyguards does he have? What sort of electronic surveillance surrounds him? How large is his security team?

        I assume his envelope of protection rivals that of POTUS, and possibly surpasses it.

        • I am sure his immediate security and personal bodyguards are on par with or surpass the Secret Service. However, I can think of any number of outside-the-box methods for targeting such an individual that do not involve getting within Wuhan Virus transmission distance or even Rule 308 distance, which I will not list here.

          Having a known residence means that at some point an individual can be targeted if those doing the targeting are patient enough and creative enough. Whether his security is also equally creative in thinking of possible scenarios and taking decisive action to counter them is open to speculation.

          • I wonder if he has to sleep in a different place every night, like Geert Wilders.

        • Baron, Soro’s security is extensive, but Soros is arrogant enough to believe he and his family are untouchable, for he looks at anyone in his pay as expendable, for only he truly believes he is worthy of such protection. His arrogance and contempt for anyone not him will be his downfall.

        • Maybe it should be put out into the islamosphere that Soros has a pastime of wiping his anus with pages torn from Qurans kyped from the Kaaba in Mecca. No further bounty would be needed, and he undoubtedly would have to sleep in a different residence every night. With his wealth I am sure it would be nothing more than a minor annoyance.

          Who knows, maybe he actually does use Qurans for wiping his bung hole. After all, when was the last time anyone saw him buying toilet paper?

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