A Looter’s Life for Me

Below is JLH’s latest topical pastiche in verse form.

A Looter’s Life for Me

by JLH
With apologies to Pinocchio and other blockheads

Hi diddle-dee-dee,
A looter’s life for me.
A full face mask and a baseball bat;
I’ll show those $%&!*#s where I’m at.

Hi diddle-dee-dee,
Anonymous funding for me.
Bashing elders is lots of fun;
If they don’t fall down, away I run.
Breaking windows done with care
So none of the glass gets in my hair.
It’s so much better than going to war.
It’s not some principle we’re fighting for,
But just the fun of being rash,
And maybe looting some extra cash.

Hi diddle-dee-dome,
The basement is my home.
When I get the call to go destroy,
It is a moment of utter joy.
I leave the game of killing orcs,
And join my fellow mayhem dorks.
We maim and destroy and sometimes kill—
Slaughtering folks is such a thrill.
We’re avenging angels for some rich guy
Who hates everything that he can’t buy.

Hey diddle dee dum,
That’s where progress comes from.

4 thoughts on “A Looter’s Life for Me

  1. Poster children for free and unrestricted abortion upon demand…

    All of this ostensibly over some black man choked to death by a rogue cop when the most dangerous place for any black man is inside his mother’s womb.

  2. Now demanding removal of all symbols of white supremacy. Such as national flags and uniforms. National anthems better be changed to a more slavey version. After all we did originate out of Africa?

    • Try reading Mary Lefkovitz book “Not out of Africa”.

      Even Genesis 2 give a description that the birthplace of mankind is Eden, off the coast of Iran.

  3. Walking down an Irish Street I got a momentary flash back to a small town in the Rift Valley in Kenya just before independence. What a mess. Face piles of trials with smiles.

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