Those Rascally Swedish “Youths”

The following news report from Sweden concerns a recent police action called Operation Rimfrost, in which law enforcement moved strongly against violent crime in the “Sensitive Urban Zones” where cultural enrichment holds sway. It turns out that while Rimfrost was underway, violent crime — including shootings, murders, and explosions — actually increased. A police spokesbeing explains that if it hadn’t been for the special operation, violent crime in the no-go zones would have been even worse.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:11   The number of shootings has increased,
00:14   despite the special investment against the violence.
00:18   We can confidently say that we have prevented serious violent crimes.
00:22   So this would have been worse if we haven’t initiated Operation Rimfrost.
14:57   Despite the massive police engagement to decrease
15:01   the lethal violence through Operation Rimfrost,
15:04   the number of shootings has increased during the first months of this year,
15:09   according to a review done by SVT [National Television]
15:12   One of the recent victims of the gang violence is buried here,
15:17   in a cemetery southern Stockholm
15:20   A 29-year-old man was shot dead in Östermalm [Stockholm] at the end of March.
15:25   In addition, less than two weeks ago another man was murdered,
15:28   and found a few hundred meters away from this location.
15:31   He was 25-year-old who is believed to have been involved in the same conflict.
15:34   When found, his hands were tied behind his back and he had been shot in his head.
15:39   The two murder crimes are part of the statistics
15:42   on the number of shootings in Sweden. Between January 1 and April 15 [2020],
15:46   15 persons were shot dead, and 32 injured in a total of 86 confirmed shootings.
15:54   The number of shootings — also the injured — is an increase compared to the same period last year.
15:59   The number of the deaths is at the same level.
16:02   But in contrast to last year,
16:05   the increased violence took place during the police Operation Rimfrost!
16:10   Which aimed to reduce the lethal violence.
16:13   It’s probably a question of perspective.
16:16   We have confiscated 545 weapons and hundreds of kilos of explosives.
16:21   Hundreds from these violent environments are taken into custody and arrested.
16:27   The worst was in Stockholm. Seven persons were murdered with firearms.
16:32   The conflict, to a large extent, is among the drug traffickers.
16:36   But the gang structures are not as strict as before,
16:39   which in turn makes is harder, but also simplifies the situation for the police.
16:43   The shootings very often happen among various individuals in the network.
16:47   You might initially believe they were on the same side, until you see that they weren’t.
16:52   Which could be for a wide range of reasons,
16:55   from drug debts to someone who just screwed up. They get stressed in such situations.
17:00   We take the opportunity to intervene properly.
17:04   Stefan Hector means that the figures would have been more awful
17:08   without Operation Rimfrost. I would claim that we have reduced the deadly violence.
17:13   Because we wouldn’t otherwise could’ve known how the situation seemed.
17:17   We can confidently say that we have prevented the serious criminal offenses.
17:21   So this would have been worse if we haven’t initiated Operation Rimfrost.

2 thoughts on “Those Rascally Swedish “Youths”

  1. Hmm,

    Maybe they should just ban guns or drugs or both and the problem would instantly disappear like in Chicago.

    Personally, I would just ban orcs and deport them as fast as they can be found. The Swedes have not used violence to deal with their orc infestation so it is not likely they would take up shooting each other once the orcs were gone.

  2. Operation Rimfrost. ! Ah Operation Barbarossa . . .

    So operation Rimfrost just like any militarily named Operation when one nation fights another. It has come to that. Denials cannot cover the truth.

    Falsehoods cannot replace the logical frank solution.

    So at last truth came to surface willy-nilly.

    Now those very civilized humanist Swedes, who considered themselves the most advanced people in our solar system now feel like fighting the most savage wars.

    Swedes . . this is the beginning of your long, ever lasting pain.

    Ah humanists indiscriminate : you cannot distinguish between your son and the son of The Pirate, Mo.

    Vodka is white. Water is white. For Swdes they will use either to cleanse their eye when a sand particle gets under their lid.

    Cold hot, Up down. Love hate. Jihadis makers of peace. Corona virus and common cold………….. laws of nature. Differentiating things sharpens the mind

    Read history Swedes and learn.

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