The Orwellian Ministry of Truth in Germany

Jürgen Braun is a member of the Bundestag for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). In the following speech he addresses the various totalitarian measures that have been imposed in Germany under the pretext of fighting the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:05   Mr. President, dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen.
00:09   Mr. Federal Foreign Minister, fine words. Once again, as is the case from you very often.
00:18   You have literally denounced alleged misinformation in other countries.
00:23   Couldn’t that be something that we should deal with in our country?
00:30   With the NetzDG [The Network Enforcement Act], you have been responsible for
00:33   the network enforcement law, an internet censorship law. In the worst cases,
00:37   it is about deleting other opinions or alleged misinformation, but we will get to that.
00:44   Michael Ignatieff, the rector of the Soros University and the most important progressive thinker
00:50   from George Soros, said in the Swiss Weekly magazine Weltwoche, quote:
00:54   The nation state remains the only legitimate source of political authority in the world.
01:01   The pandemic strengthens the power of the nation state because it remains the only
01:07   credible answer to the question, “Who will protect me now?” End of quote.
01:13   That could be from the AfD, but it’s not. Do you realise that the left-wing liberal
01:20   Michael Ignatieff, of all people, the most important of Soros’ progressive leaders, has long since
01:24   surpassed all of you here from the establishment parties.
01:31   In this country everything revolves around Corona at the moment. We are stalling
01:34   the country at any price. Humanitarian aid is also suffering.
01:37   Are the people in Africa interested in Corona?
01:41   Not so much. In East Africa, their concern is locusts.
01:46   There, gigantic swarms are currently eating everything bare. Chemical agents that might help
01:51   have been fought by the Green Party for decades.
01:54   Green whining about damage caused by plagues of locusts
01:57   in Africa is therefore pure hypocrisy.
02:03   Corona obscures the greater problems with diseases worldwide. One example is malaria.
02:08   Malaria is more dangerous than the coronavirus.
02:12   Whoever doesn’t die from it, as in many countries in Africa or India, will need permanent care.
02:18   DDT should be used more to combat the mosquitoes that transmit the disease.
02:24   Even if this is a taboo subject for Green Europeans, DDT is the most effective.
02:32   The decades-long Green campaign against DDT has had devastating consequences
02:36   in Africa and India. It has cost many lives.
02:41   In some countries of the world, dissenting opinions on how to deal with the coronavirus are being
02:47   fought and eliminated. That’s when the internet police arrive, in the manner of George Orwell.
02:52   Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and so on. Susan Wojcicki, the head of YouTube,
02:56   let it slip in an interview with CNN
02:59   by way of unmasked phrasing. The gist of what she said
03:03   was that they also delete scientific opinions
03:06   if they are contrary to the opinion of the WHO. This WHO is not a purely medical institution.
03:14   It is a political organization. At its head is an Ethiopian communist,
03:18   and he likes to do his kowtowing in Beijing.
03:22   Mind you, mind you, the head of YouTube is deleting dissenting opinions.
03:29   Deleting other opinions and facts; George Orwell could not have conceived of it better.
03:37   We find the Orwellian truth ministry in this country too.
03:40   His questionable helpers see themselves as fact checkers
03:44   or fact finders. They call themselves “Corrective” and appear on the news and in ZDF.
03:50   However, they obscure the facts. They are conspiracy practitioners.
03:57   A media that doesn’t inform in a balanced way, a media
04:00   that practices self-censorship, media outlets such as
04:03   the Spiegel publishing house and the Zeit, which received donations
04:06   from the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation. In the millions.
04:10   These media outlets are conspiracy practitioners.
04:17   How would Green Leftists react if in Hungary or Poland state TV did not invite the representatives
04:21   of the largest opposition party to the studio for months?
04:25   There would be complaints that state television
04:28   was on the same level with and only served the government. The EU would start proceedings against
04:34   these governments, as is so often the case. In Germany, however, the government and the media
04:37   are actually proud of their unbalanced reporting.
04:46   Panic has reigned among many people in Germany for two months now.
04:50   It was the German government that created it. The Interior Ministry
04:54   claimed over one million Corona deaths
04:57   in Germany alone this year. It also prohibited Christian services
05:02   at Easter. Meeting relatives was forbidden. The meeting of families was forbidden.
05:08   That wasn’t prohibited. —Touching a sick mother was forbidden.
05:14   Of course, in certain states it was indeed. Holding the hand of a dying person was forbidden.
05:20   Attending funerals was forbidden. Travelling within Germany was
05:24   forbidden. Eating ice cream was forbidden.
05:27   Sitting on a park bench was forbidden. Constitutional law experts
05:30   in this country were unanimous even before
05:33   the unconstitutionality decided Corona measures in various states. Professor Klaus Gerdes,
05:39   Professor Florian Meinl, Professor Thorsten Kingreen,
05:42   Professor Pierre Thielbörger, Professor Christoph Möllers,
05:46   Professor Dietrich Murswiek, just to name but a few.
05:49   As well as former constitutional judges Professor Udo Difabio,
05:53   and Professor Hans-Jürgen Papier. They ALL denounce
05:56   the violation of fundamental rights and human rights.
05:59   Not in some autocratic country, but here in Germany.
06:04   In other countries, a critical public supplements the government’s
06:08   actions. Here, uncritical media accompany
06:13   a green party chancellor who pro forma leads a CDU government.
06:19   ARD, ZDF and the rest of the green leftist mainstream media serve this federal government,
06:25   unless the greens start to whinge. The smallest opposition party
06:30   determines the climate of opinion in this country
06:35   via the media. I quote, and I quote, the highly regarded
06:40   internal paper of the federal interior ministry:
06:44   “The observable effects of Covid-19 do not provide
06:49   sufficient evidence that it is anything more than
06:54   a false alarm. At no time did the new virus pose a greater threat to the population than normal.
07:03   The senior councillor Stefan Kohn sacrificed his career with this paper for truth.
07:12   The Council of Europe has decided to protect courageous people like him.
07:16   Last year’s Resolution 2300
07:19   was adopted with the votes of CDU and SPD. Stefan Kohn is a hero for human rights in Germany.