The Muslim Brotherhood Penetrates the Swedish Defense Forces

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from the Ledarsidona blog:

Muslim Brotherhood established in Swedish total defense

May 2, 2020

In the shadow of the Corona crisis, the Muslim Brotherhood network of organizations has begun to establish cooperation with the defense forces’ civil society organizations. A consortium of ABF (Worker Education Association) and the Swedish Church, which again makes it clear the high level of the Brotherhood’s organization as well as communication skills. A capacity that has been built up over a long time.

Defense trainers are a nationwide voluntary defense organization, and their activity ranges from individual security to defense of the community. Defense trainers are responsible for recruiting, training, and writing up voluntary agreements for both defense forces and crisis readiness.

  • Specialists such as caregivers, scouts, CBRN soldiers (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear), who handle hazardous substances, field cooks and information officers for the Home Guard.
  • Agreements for crisis readiness in order to increase stamina in case of crisis in, for example, communication, health protection, hazardous substances, or nuclear accidents.

Defense trainers are responsible for comprehensive activity within both Sweden’s defense and crisis readiness.

Together with the municipality of Huddinge, defense trainers arrange free digital training in crisis readiness for security. Training consists of three 15-minute films, and there are texts in Arabic, Kurdish, and Turkish as well as in Swedish sign language. The training is offered in cooperation with ABF Huddinge and the Swedish Church in Huddinge, as well as the Ibn Rushd Study Association.

The Ibn Rushd Study Association is one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s network organizations in Sweden. Through personal unions and activity, like for example, the now-defunct Muslim Family Days, there is a direct connection with the Islamic network. Mainly through the connections among Ibn Rushd, Sweden’s Young Muslims, and FIFS, (United Islamic Associations in Sweden), which constitute the links to, among others, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Egyptian organization as well as the Brotherhood’s ideological leader, Yussef al Qaradawi.

It is not only in Johan Westerholm’s “Islamism in Sweden” (Greycat 2020) where personal unions between the Muslim Brotherhood and Ibn Rushd are presented. Also, not least, that the Muslim Brotherhood rests upon a totalitarian and fundamentally fascist ideology.

Within the defense sectors, there is knowledge of this, and the Public Education Council has come to the same conclusion. The Public Education Council’s report on the Ibn Rushd Study Association by Professor Erik Amnå, “When Trust Is Tested”, comes to the same conclusion. Amnå points out earlier warning signals in the form of the report that FOI (Swedish Defense Research Agency) produced for the SST (Swedish Support to Faith Communities) authorities through Rickard Lagervall. This study concluded that the study association, at the founding of the organization, rested upon the Brotherhood’s ideological and theological interpretation of the Koran.

That the Muslim Brotherhood is now taking the opportunity to strengthen its position in society together with the Swedish Church is something that isn’t surprising, and is as Ledarsidorna earlier pointed out. Partly because the government has now been influenced to remove requirements for self-financing of aid projects, but also through cooperation with the Swedish Church. Cooperation with civil society organizations connected with the defense forces comes as no surprise either.

In an earlier article, Ledarsidorna described how the Swedish Church initiated cooperation within the framework of the project “A World of Neighbors” with another of the Muslim Brotherhood’s network organizations, Islamic Relief.

The cooperation also includes the Muslim Cultural Heritage Center in Kensington, London. The Center is better known as the Manaar Mosque, and should be considered one of Great Britain’s more extreme Islamic milieus. Al Manaar has among its former parishioners the ISIS executioner “Jihadi John”, who became known for his videotaped executions of war prisoners, along with the at least as brutal “hip-hop jihadist”. It is the first time al Manaar has been openly found in a Swedish context in Sweden, but the connections to Sweden are older than that. On al Manaar’s board of directors is found a Swedish citizen who earlier resided in North Stockholm County.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s network organizations are characterized by their communications skills. Skills that they have partially acquired through working with the media outlet Al Jazeera, but also through building their own competency in Sweden.

Sara Gunnerud, now with ABF, was formerly communications chief for Ibn Rushd, as well as the editor of the study association’s newspaper, Kupolen (The Dome). Gunnerud is the author of “The Power of the Word” (Katalys 2014). Gunnerud should be considered as one of Sweden’s most skilled and most experienced political communicators, even if her role is mainly that of adviser and expert.

Within the Social Democrats, Gunnerud sits on the board of directors of Föreningen Hjärta (Association Heart), part of the Social Democrats for faith and solidarity. Among the former members of the board of directors of Heart are found, among others, Omar Mustafa, ex-chairman of Föreningen Hjärta, and Ibn Rushd’s ex-head, as well as Rashid Musa, chairman of Sveriges Unga Muslimer (Sweden’s Young Muslims).

The Islamic Association in Sweden identifies itself, according to its own statutes, with the Muslim Brotherhood’s theological and political interpretation. Sweden’s Young Muslims lost their right to state aid from MUCF (Authority for Youth and Civil Society Questions) in 2019 in a judgment in Stockholm’s parliamentary court because they were not seen to live up to democratic criteria.

The Corona crisis provides a possibility to take a further step in the Brotherhood’s wider establishment in different societal functions. It can now be seen to have begun an establishment in the Armed Forces civil society organizations and thereby in the Swedish total defense.

Note: The municipality of Eskilstuna has recently stopped all payments to the Ibn Rushd Study Association, citing that the association is one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s network organizations in Sweden.

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  1. “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed;
    if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may
    come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

    Winston S. Churchill

    • That is my all time favorite Churchill quote. The next is about the path of conflict. The third is his accurate description of Islam, after the River War. 120 years of truth has not been refuted by events.

      • I agree.

        Churchill was a very wise man and a truly gifted orator.
        Ronald Reagan comes the closest I can think of in modern times to be as quotable and as gifted as an orator but he is still a shadow of Churchill. No one else in this day and age is even a remotely close to the wisdom and verbosity of Sir Winston.

      • Amen. His words guide guard direct and protect. I wonder how he would describe Mr. Haircut Johnson?

  2. Not that distant across the rest of Western Europe. Ahmed and Ali have their barracks networked within shouting distance of each other across every government building and barber shop. Where did all those arms ammo and conversions come from. Years of the Nanny States and PC garbage have undermined common sense. Anyone really surprised at this outcome? The nation neutralised. Shagged silly by wild turkey BoJo and his harem. Macron and his old lady. Germany’s Communist. The utterly sick stupid relationship with COMMUNIST China. Time to get seriously into survival mode – and splurge in all the right places,

  3. N. N. Taleb’s best selling book, “The Black Swan”, should be flying off the shelves again. No wait….. did I say flying? The stupid no yoke flee dumb deadly game was heading for disaster all along. The music just stopped. The wrong mix of illegal types at the wrong time. Better get women out of the tanks and man up soon. To save lives.

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