The Fourth Coronareich

The five videos below illustrate various aspects of the authoritarian (if not totalitarian) dystopia that Germany has become under the regime imposed to deal with the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video #1: Beatrix Von Storch on the treatment of Christians in Germany

Beatrix von Storch is a deputy leader of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) and a member of the Bundestag. In this video she discusses the discrepancy between the legal rules imposed on Christians during the coronavirus lockdown, and the far more lenient standards applied to Muslims:

Video #2: Doctors protest the Corona lockdown

The second video shows physicians in the city of Schwerin gathering to protest the lockdown:

Video #3: Displaying the Basic Law is forbidden

The Grundgesetz is the Basic Law (also known as the Constitution) of the Federal Republic of Germany. In the following video a policeman tells a young lady that she must remove her copy of the Grundgesetz from public view. Furthermore, he asserts that she does not have the right to express a political opinion in public:

Video #4: Brutal arrests at a Corona demo in Berlin

The fourth video shows the very rough treatment meted out by police in Berlin when arresting protesters during a coronavirus demonstration. Pay particular attention to the way one officer handles a very diminutive young lady who does not want to accompany him:

Video #5: A mandatory vaccine?

In the final video, a lawyer in Cologne describes a proposed law that would impose a mandatory vaccine on all Germans. Citizens will be required to have proof of immunity before they can travel freely and exercise other basic civil liberties:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Ramadan instead of Easter: Submission by the Federal Constitutional Court!
00:03   Due to Corona, of all things, Easter services remained prohibited in churches.
00:08   In spite of Corona, Friday prayers are now permitted to take place during Ramadan
00:12   in mosques? How is that possible? Before Easter, a Catholic priest from Berlin
00:18   filed a suit, all the way to the Federal Constitutional Court, because he wanted
00:22   to celebrate the most important feast for us as Christians: Easter.
00:26   The constitutional court rejected this, with the following reason:
00:30   In view of the life-threatening dangers which the government is obliged to protect against,
00:34   the constitutionally-protected right to participate in religious celebrations and services must
00:39   currently be withdrawn. Period. At the behest of the constitutional court,
00:43   ALL church services remained prohibited. In general.
00:47   Before Ramadan an Imam filed suit for the opening of his mosque for the Friday prayers
00:53   during Ramadan and the Federal Constitutional Court sided with him with the following reason:
00:59   A general ban of services, in mosques or other places, without the possibility for exceptions
01:05   in individual cases and if necessary in coordination with the health department,
01:09   is not compatible with the constitution. Suddenly, the life-threatening danger is gone.
01:17   The right of Christians to celebrate services was suspended at Easter without exception.
01:23   However, if a Muslim complains, suddenly the blanket ban on religious services is no longer
01:27   compatible with the constitution. Christians in Germany are obviously second-class citizens.
01:33   Muslims get what they demand. Was the government afraid that Muslims would revolt
01:38   against a ban on their practice of religion?
01:42   Whoever does not respect his own tradition and culture will not be respected by others, either.
01:46   This isn’t about the rule of law or tolerance. This is submission with supreme judicial approval.

Video transcript #2:

00:01   On May 1, doctors from Schwerin, Germany held a protest vigil on the southern banks
00:05   of the peacock pond using the motto “Corona Panic Devours Basic Rights”.
00:10   They pointed to what they consider to be currently unsustainable conditions in the health sector.
00:15   The Schwerin ophthalmologist Dr. Michael Kärn,
00:18   one of the organizers of the event, believes that many people
00:22   are more likely to suffer from health problems from being locked down than from COVID-19.
00:29   We think these measures are not only disproportionate
00:35   and poorly implemented, but they are even harmful.
00:41   So we’re demanding the immediate lifting of these measures, re-opening the borders, and
00:47   achieving herd immunity while simultaneously protecting risk groups.
00:52   The general practitioner Dr. Martin Adolphi criticized being forced to wear masks in his speech,
00:59   which according to him doesn’t make any sense medically.
01:02   Adolphi compared the forced wearing of masks
01:05   to politically prescribed muzzles. The other participants
01:08   at the protest vigil made their demands known with self-made posters.

Video transcript #3:

00:02   You are presenting your opinion. You are not permitted to express a political opinion.
00:07   You also have a message. —That’s not important and it doesn’t matter.
00:10   That doesn’t matter, but what matters is that you are sending a message. —(?)
00:18   That doesn’t matter either. You understand. —Freedom of expression doesn’t count in Germany.
00:27   OK, so in other words, I have no other choice than
00:30   to put my Grundgesetz [Basic Rights] book away or get arrested?
00:33   You should put it away or else we’ll remove you from the area.
00:37   What about the other people here?
00:40   They aren’t sharing any political views. —Over there they are.
00:45   Basic rights aren’t a political view. Not at all.
00:49   What you are showing here is a political opinion.
00:52   Is that a German flag on there? Oh no! Not allowed.
00:55   By doing this you are sending a certain message. —Basic rights AND a German flag! Oh s***!
00:59   One that is not questionable.
01:03   That’s not the core principle. Put the Grundgesetz book away.
01:06   If you want to read it, then read it.
01:09   But if you’re saying to me that basic rights don’t exist anymore because of the ordinance.
01:12   I didn’t say that. At no time did I say that. I said that at this place and time
01:16   you are not permitted to express a political opinion,
01:19   and that’s what you are doing when you hold a Grundgesetz book in front of you.
01:22   You’re sending a certain message out, and for that reason you should put it away.
01:26   You’ve read the ordinance and nothing is stated
01:29   that prohibits me from expressing a political opinion.
01:33   It says you are not allowed to do this here today. —I’m not allowed to be here.
01:37   No, you’re not allowed to be here with your message that you are sending out.
01:41   You cannot express an opinion.
01:48   Doesn’t it bother you what’s happening in this country. —That’s not what this is about.
01:51   Yes, it is. —No. —No, that’s not what this is about. —Good night, Germany, good night.

Video transcript #4:

00:00   Stop, stop! —Let go of me! —Stop it! —Let go of me! Hello! —What’s going on here!?
00:05   Those are my things! —Wait a moment, we were just leaving.
00:09   Stop! She’s being arrested. This woman is being arrested! Why?
00:13   Why don’t you help me?! Help! Help!
00:23   Help! What are you doing?! Let go of my hand!
00:44   This is insane! You’re all crazy!
00:54   Stand up now! And walk!
01:00   You also have a father, grandparents and aunts at home, right?
01:03   My grandmother helped rebuild all this here.
01:06   Shame on you! Shame on you! Shame on you!
01:19   Get out of here, man! Hey! I didn’t do anything man. Hey!
01:23   You are being taken into custody. —Why? I didn’t do anything!
01:27   You are being taken into custody. Are you listening? Come with us. —I didn’t do anything.
01:31   You are being taken into custody. —Just because I said something?!
01:39   Do you still trust the government?
01:49   We spoke to you several times, and you had opportunity enough to leave the area.

Video transcript #5:

00:00   Hello everyone. My name is Gordon Pankalla. I’m a lawyer in the city of Cologne.
00:05   Currently, the German Federal Government is preparing the draft for the second law
00:11   for the protection of the population in the case of a nationwide epidemic situation.
00:17   I wanted to explain to you what it says here.
00:20   This will introduce compulsory vaccination for everyone.
00:23   Merkel, Spahn and Drosten have been constantly repeating that we will only get
00:29   our previous normalcy back when the vaccine is available. They are saying it over and over again.
00:35   You know what it reminds me of? The dictatorship of the DDR,
00:38   where there was also compulsory vaccination.
00:41   The MDR [local public broadcaster] wrote on May 2: “Public health and the superiority
00:46   of the socialist system — that’s what the DDR was all about when it came to vaccinating.
00:52   A claim that culminated as the socialist solution became the best prophylaxis.”
00:58   We all know where Mrs. Merkel comes from. “Since the ’50s, the DDR introduced
01:02   a mandatory vaccination, which became more and more comprehensive.
01:07   It included polio, diphtheria, whooping cough, tuberculosis and so on,
01:12   and from the ’70s on also included measles, and it was recommended so on and so on.
01:18   Up to the age of 18, DDR adolescents received
01:22   a total of 20 vaccinations.” Decreed by the government.
01:27   That’s an infringement of a person’s bodily integrity, and this is exactly
01:31   what the new drafted law will do. This is what is being prepared.
01:35   We will only get our normalcy back only when we are force-vaccinated. That is simply the case.
01:42   “With the provision of the second law for the protection of the population in a national
01:46   emergency in the case of an nationwide epidemic situation”.
01:51   I wonder if that even exists anymore? “These rules and measures should be developed further.”
02:01   Yes, so, it will be further developed.
02:04   The Infection Protection Act will be further developed and specified it says here.
02:09   Specified. This is very interesting. What exactly is being specified?
02:15   There are NO alternatives, by the way — the bill does not mention any alternatives.
02:19   Also interesting is the amendment to Paragraph 28
02:22   of the Infection Protection Act, which states: When ordering and implementing
02:27   protective measures and so on and so forth, the person affected
02:31   must provide evidence of the vaccination or immunity documentation,
02:38   according to Paragraph 22.
02:45   That the existing infection cannot be or no longer is communicable. So that means, protective
02:49   measures can be taken here. Vaccination is meant here.
02:57   Current vaccine protection according to the existing scientific
03:02   and medical vaccine protection and so on and so forth.
03:06   That means, if you cannot prove that you are immune, you will be
03:11   vaccinated by force. That is what it says here.
03:15   So now Paragraph 5 has also been changed, and that gives authorization of Minister of Health Spahn.
03:24   There it says expressly: “by statutory order without the consent of the Bundesrat,
03:28   To decree measures to ensure the supply of drugs,
03:32   including vaccines and anesthetics, in particular…” And so on.
03:39   So what else do we have?
03:48   Paragraph 4 of Article 5 is being changed.
03:55   Paragraph 4 was previously the statutory order without the consent of the Bundesrat
04:00   to ensure the supply of drugs finally anaesthetics and so on.
04:04   Now the word “vaccines” is explicitly included. It is explicitly included.
04:10   Then we have in Paragraph 22 of the infection protection law, the documentation is new.
04:17   Everything will be documented. The name of the disease,
04:22   date of determination of immunity, basis of determination of immunity,
04:28   also with details of the test method. The name, address of the person
04:32   who has established immunity is documented as well.
04:36   So what is being done here is nothing less than the introduction
04:40   of mandatory vaccination. That’s clear. It’s coming.
04:43   That what Mr. Spahn, Merkel and Drosten are telling us the entire time.
04:47   At the same time, I’ve noticed on television that it isn’t being reported,
04:50   what’s going on here, that a mandatory vaccination is being introduced.
04:53   However, what’s being reported is what the Chancellor is doing in parallel.
04:57   She wants to collect billions. She wants to collect 7.5 billion for
05:05   the development of vaccines. Vaccines. That’s being initiated.
05:15   Who’s taking part? Among those signing are Macron, Italian Prime Minister Conte,
05:20   and Norwegian Minister President Erna Solberg.
05:25   The president of the EU council and Uschi von der Leyen of course.
05:30   The aim is to pool forces for the development of vaccines worldwide,
05:35   and for this purpose 7.5 billion will be collected.
05:39   Yes, we are already in the process of developing vaccines.
05:43   So there is a company in Great Britain that has supposedly developed a vaccine.
05:47   The testing of this vaccine isn’t finished. It is unclear what the vaccine can do,
05:52   but that doesn’t matter. The manufacturer doesn’t want to wait for the results.
05:58   The manufacturer wants to produce the vaccine here now at its own risk.
06:04   “The company will start production at its own risk.”
06:11   In September and in October 20 to 40 million doses will be made available. From September onwards,
06:19   we’ll have a vaccine. No one knows if it will work, but it’s already being produced.
06:23   We have the same situation with this German company in Tübingen.
06:27   It is also working on Corona vaccines.
06:31   The company CureVac and its CEO Hans Werner Haas
06:36   are currently in the testing phase.
06:41   No problem. Annual capacity of production for up to 400 million people.
06:45   The company operates two plants.
06:48   A third one was approved in December. In December? Interesting.
06:52   With that they will have production of doses for up to 400 million people a year.
06:57   With the fourth plant which is currently being set up,
07:01   the capacity will increase to more than one billion in two years.
07:06   So vaccination will be compulsory. Vaccines are already being produced.
07:10   No one knows whether these vaccines will work.
07:13   But what everyone does know is that the Corona is as dangerous as a normal flu epidemic.
07:19   Of course they want to get out of this situation, with the motto:
07:23   “Once we have vaccinated all of you, then you’ll be free again.”
07:26   That’s exactly what’s happening here. Just like in the former DDR,
07:29   compulsory vaccinations, and that’s our system. That’s what the CDU/CSU
07:32   and the SPD decided, but they need a two-thirds majority for this
07:37   in the Bundesrat. So now I call on all parliamentarians to stop this nonsense.
07:43   To stop this infringement of our bodily integrity and reject this legislation.
07:50   We have just had the introduction of compulsory measles vaccination —
07:53   there’s always the argument that this is already in place.
07:56   However, it’s also still up to the constitutional court to decide whether that is even permissible.
08:00   So they want to use all possible means to get out of this misery
08:04   and celebrate themselves as the great saviour for an illness
08:07   that is no worse than the normal influenza that we have every year. That’s where we’re headed.

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  1. A Communist-originated virus that actually spreads Communism is something even Lenin couldn’t have dreamed up. Thanks China!

    • Well said. Hopefully the rest of Europe don’t end up like little China. Some part of Spain is behaving as high handed as China too. Some megalomania Chinese migrants in Spain are trying to spread their hideous chinatowns to Spain and even shamelessly trying to push the false narrative that their pushy, lazy, rude Chinese people are better workers than Spanish!

      • hi wpass,
        I have to pour some vinegar into your wine:
        already in the seventies, spanish farmers ( in the area I am familiar with)employed Africans as fruit- pickers because you just needed one supervisor per workforce, whereas with Andalusians, it would take two supervisors p.c., so the farmers told me. So there was more disdain towards their own countrymen than towards Africans. But the Catalonians are a special breed within Spain. To wit: I worked in the fruitcrate manufactoring plant in Figueras in the day.

        • @herb
          Many Spanish are originally from North Africa and or Latin, Asiatic countries. But the Chinese tend to be the worst culprits when it comes to causing more ugliness to the Spanish culture with their greed and virus.

      • Lazy? Doesn’t sound like the Chinese people I’ve met and worked with.

        • Lazy and troublemakers, that is what I encountered too many times many of them when I was forced to work for pittance under their oppressive Chinese run infested places authoritarian abusive Chinese bullies.

          • The Chinese do work hard in causing more chaos and instability with their oppressive economic manipulation. Many of their Chinese are known to work hard in trying to bring us down economically via their extortionate, oppressive draconian manipulative Asian Chinese style. It is time the free world stop pandering to their thuggish, exploitive practices which have been known to be so damaging to our Western civilization. The damaging spread of Chinese culture are even more subtle and more damaging to our livelihood, independence and freedom.

        • @Mark H
          You should see how lazy those abusive Chinese bullies are in their filthy Asia. If they hardworking as you said they are, why is their China so filthy and polluted. They are just waiting for foreign slaves to clean up after them.

          • A century ago or less, industrial areas of Britain, the US etc were filthy and polluted; doesn’t mean the people didn’t work hard.

          • @Mark H
            The fact that most Asians and Middle East have a high dependence on foreign slaves on jobs they considered as hard labour such as cleaning related job, just proved that they are still as lazy as ever even in present day and time. Furthermore the filth and pollution in Asia is still horrendous because most of them are not bothered about filth or not bothered that their own lazy Asian societies failed to clean up the mess they spread irresponsibly. The virus situation would not have gotten so serious if their oppressive China did not spread their filthy oppressive Asian culture that is more interested in hiding the truth than in our wellbeing.

  2. “The fourth video shows the very rough treatment meted out by police in Berlin when arresting protesters during a coronavirus demonstration. Pay particular attention to the way one officer handles a very diminutive young lady who does not want to accompany him”

    If only the Berlin Police was as tough on Antifa

    • Antifa isn’t tough. The lowlifes that make up the membership just know that the police are not going to do anything to them as long as they are physically assaulting those perceived to be on the right.

  3. Thanks for putting up those videos from Germany. I thought the US was bad!
    Here is a video from the People’s Republic of New York where Comrade Emperor Cuomo is in full control as well as Covid Commissar DeBlasio.
    The Deep Blue States like NY, CA, NJ, etc. are in full Lock Down mode with pockets of resistance outside of the suburban Downstate areas.
    It should also be mentioned that things are getting worse every day in NY where I live. (I am 45 miles north of Manhattan). We have no idea when we will be allowed out of house arrest. They keep moving the goal posts.
    NY City is the worst because the good little Commie Liberals will do anything to be “safe” including giving up all of their most basic freedoms, liberties and God given civil rights. Funny how there are no lawyers on Tucker or Hannity talking about how they are fighting the Lock Down. I wonder why that is? NO LAWYERS ANYWHERE ON FOX NEWS OR ELSEWHERE except Mark Levin who is great. Something going on.

    For myself, I go out as much as possible, luckily I have a car and my house is in the country so it’s not so different. Except when I go to the stores- I can’t bear all the fear mongering virtue signaling Nazis who even wear the masks when they’re alone in their car.
    Trump is going to have to do something to restore Liberty to the Blue States that are ruled by insane sociopaths like Cuomo, Murphy and the rest of the Demon Rats. We are circling the drain at this point. My best hope is the Upstate people who seem to be willing to fight. God help us all.

    • The beatings by their brutal, authoritarian, inhumane CHINA authorities is even worse with people shouting screaming horrendously everywhere.

    • Sadly Seneca, it appears that we are down to two groups or factions in the government. One demands that the citizens comport to their agenda without question on the pain of criminal sanction. The other group expects the citizens to set the agenda that the government will comport to. In both cases only self-interest is evident. No mention is made of the greater good for one’s neighbor or one’s country. In the view of such socially sanction selfishness I believe we are getting, as a country, what we richly deserve.

    • Just remember this all happening under Trump and he remains silent.
      In NOvember we have zero hope with two globalist anti Constitutionalist
      Hey Trump, I want all my money I sent you!

  4. One word: unbelievable!!, this police are Merkel’s gestapo, and they attacking own people for this , where Muslim and illegals are untouchable..RIP. Germany, it’s a point with no return, way , way too late , all this parties except AFD, are traitors it’s too many of them , Germany is done , completely done ..

  5. The 3rd Reich was Pro German, The Fourth Coronareich wants to control Germans with vaccinations.
    No doubts the Muslims will be allowed to opt out.

  6. Univiral change so suddenly. Just like that. Just goes to show.

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