The Corona Lockdown is an Abuse of Power

Hans-Christoph Berndt is a politician for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) and a member the Brandenburg Landtag, or regional parliament. In the following video Mr. Berndt discusses the German government’s coronavirus lockdown policy, describing it as an abuse of power.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Hello dear friends. Even on the Robert Koch Institute’s own COVID-19 dashboard,
00:08   the graph of daily cases shows that the “epidemic”,
00:12   if the term was justified at all, is practically over.
00:15   Since the beginning of May, the only cases being listed are according to “notification” date.
00:19   These are cases with an unknown onset of the disease and —
00:23   probably far more frequently — cases without symptoms.
00:27   If the restrictions on our private and economic lives and our basic rights
00:33   ever had medical justification, that justification is long gone.
00:39   Continuing these measures is in no way justified.
00:44   Even loose shackles are still shackles, and the continuation of our shackling is an abuse of power.
00:51   “The observable effects and impacts of COVID-19 do not provide
00:57   sufficient evidence, in terms of the health effects
01:02   from COVID-19 on society as a whole, that it is anything more than a false alarm.
01:06   The government’s protective measures, those original safeguards,
01:11   which have now lost all meaning and purpose,
01:15   are still in place for the most part. It is strongly recommended
01:18   that these measures be lifted completely and immediately
01:21   to prevent further harm to the population — especially unnecessary additional deaths.
01:28   The deficits and failures in crisis management
01:32   have subsequently led to the provision of invalid information
01:36   and thus the misinforming of the population. The following accusation could be made:
01:43   The German government has been and remains
01:46   one of the biggest fake-news producers during the Corona crisis.”
01:49   I have just read the e-mail sent on May 8th by Stephan Kohn, a ministerial official,
01:54   to which he attached a study on government action
01:59   during the “Corona pandemic”. A study which unfortunately was not received well
02:03   by the Minister of the Interior or the Federal Government. I highly recommend that you read it.
02:10   It can be found on the internet blog Achse des Guten [Axis of Good].
02:14   Everyone should read it and pass it on.
02:17   Stephan Kohn was removed from office because of his analysis
02:21   that he made in cooperation with scientists
02:25   like Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, which contradicts the dogma
02:29   of the infallible government. And as in the DDR,
02:32   the rulers are afraid of the truth because it makes the government’s actions appear absurd.
02:37   They are also afraid of citizens who speak the truth.
02:40   Just how great their fear has become we witnessed a week ago in Berlin, when a dozen policemen
02:45   led the civil rights activist Angelika Barbe away from the Alexanderplatz.
02:50   We also saw it last Tuesday in Cottbus,
02:54   when several hundred police officers tried to contain a rally with 50 participants.
03:01   Let me repeat: Our continued shackling by containment orders is an abuse of power by the state.
03:09   Protesting against this is now a civic duty.
03:13   Speaking of rebellion, last Tuesday a citizens’ initiative in Potsdam
03:17   sent an open letter to state environment minister
03:21   Axel Vogel (Alliance 90/The Greens).
03:24   It demanded an end to the planned construction of the Tesla Gigafactory
03:28   in Grünheide. The factory for electric cars is a prestige project
03:33   for the sustainable energy turnaround, and it is to be built
03:37   in an area where drinking water is under protection of all places. It could hardly get any crazier.
03:40   In order to undermine resistance to the project, all kinds of tricks are being used, such as the
03:46   “piece by piece” pre-authorization that will create a fait accompli at some future point.
03:52   Even before the citizens’ initiative’s open letter was handed over,
03:55   my colleague Lars Günther publicly sounded
03:58   the alarm at the press conference of our parliamentary group in the Landtag [state parliament].
04:01   Concerning the subject of the Gigafactory, or better said Giga-fake-tory, in Grünheide,
04:07   we will not let this rest anymore than the topic of the “lockdown”.
04:11   The Federal Executive Committee of the AfD and its spokesman, Jörg Meuthen, also finds little rest.
04:16   The decision to revoke Andreas Kalbitz’s party membership is,
04:20   regardless of what the legal assessment is,
04:24   a serious political mistake. It is damaging to the party,
04:28   because it threatens to tear the AfD apart.
04:31   The order of the day is to counteract a splitting of the AfD into competing factions and parties.
04:39   The order of the day is to finally convene a federal party conference this year
04:42   to elect a new federal executive committee.

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  1. Sweden has the highest death rate per capita than any country in the world this week data shows today. In the incoming and upcoming civil wars across the newly balkanised west it will be a little interesting to see casualties entered for the Swedish potato.

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