Spain: Vox Protests Against the Government’s Coronavirus Response

The following news video from El Mundo in Spain shows footage from a protest against the coronavirus restrictions staged by the populist party Vox. The protesters were not entirely compliant with social distancing regulations during the event.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:02   The protests called by Vox against the government have drawn multitudes.
00:07   [Santiago] Abascal’s party has criticized as “criminal” the management of the coronavirus
00:10   on the part of the Executive. Caravans of vehicles
00:13   traveled to most of the provincial capitals.
00:19   The leader of the party harangued the masses like this from a bus.
00:24   “Forward, Spaniards. Forward again.
00:27   In a car, on a motorbike, on a bicycle or on foot, that our cry for liberty be heard
00:31   of hope and of the future, that our demand be heard
00:34   for the resignation of the government, that our longing be heard
00:37   that Spain survive and that our cry be heard,
00:41   Long live Spain! Behind our king.”
00:44   For the event in the capital Javier Ortega Smith reappeared after being hospitalized
00:47   for the past few days. —“You went out on the streets then as you do now,
00:50   convinced that…” —Many of the protesters skipped the established safety distances,
00:57   and the majority ignored the recommendations requesting
01:00   that they not lower their car windows or put their hands out of the car.
01:04   Otherwise, the protest passed with relative normalcy.
01:10   And Vox celebrated the great turnout of people who responded to their call.