Protesters vs. the Lockdown Police in Munich

There were demonstrations against the coronavirus restrictions all across Germany last weekend, including this one in Munich.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Now you may go for a walk over there. —Unfortunately,
00:03   that’s what has been decided. — By whom? By whom?
00:06   By the head of police. —That’s just the way it is. Please go in this direction. That’s just the way
00:09   it is. You can’t change it. I’m sorry. —You just do what you’re told. Don’t you? —Sure, sure.
00:13   Whether it makes sense or not, right? —You can lodge a complaint with the head of police.
00:17   The head of the operation should be present.
00:21   As long as people keep voting for SPD and the green party —that’s what you get. Right?
00:28   And when they willingly walk around with a mask by such nice weather. Huh? Everywhere with masks.
00:43   This being streamed live you know, right? I’m filming, so you are already online.
01:08   Now they’re trying to intimidate us. —Yes, now they’re trying to intimidate. —Fear.
01:14   Of course it’s being barricaded off. —Now they’re going to pick someone to attack.
01:19   Yup. —Then, everything’s super. —Yeah, yeah.
01:38   A woman is being taken into custody. A woman is being taken into custody for no reason.
01:46   Stasi!
01:54   Rapists!
01:58   Rapists! —Nazis! Nazis! —On the constitution!
02:03   This is a sad … —Twenty years ago I became a German citizen. Because of the constitution
02:07   I was given citizenship. —Perpetrators of violence!
02:13   Traitors of the people! —Rapists!
02:17   The dignity of man is sacrosanct! —The dignity of man is sacrosanct!
02:23   You should be ashamed! —May I ask you something?
02:31   May I ask you something? —No.
02:35   Actually you should speak with me. —What do want to know?
02:38   Why was this woman taken away by ten police officers, even though she stood here alone?
02:42   I’m not aware of what happened with the woman. That’s her business and it will be explained to her.
02:45   Yes, but a peaceful woman was taken away
02:49   by at least ten police officers and escorted across the field.
02:53   That area is cordoned off. The Theresien fairground area is closed.
02:58   Ten police officers are dragging a woman off. That you all can be proud of.
03:03   Do your children at home know what you are doing? —Yes. —Your son is certainly proud of you.
03:09   Proud of all of you. Of all of you.
03:12   Ten of you to take a woman away.
03:23   It’s enough to make you cry. —We pay these guys.
03:29   Those of you who are older, I’m a doctor. Do you know what’s going on in the old folks’ homes?
03:34   These people are dying alone. I can’t, but I have to witness it.
03:43   You are standing here for your parents and for your children.
03:48   I was born here of Greek parents, but for all your parents
03:53   and all your children, I’m standing here.
03:57   You [police] swore on the constitution. You prove whether you believe it or not by your behavior.
04:08   I’m a practicing doctor here in Munich. I don’t know what kind of consequences I will earn from
04:14   doing this, but I don’t care, because I have a conscience. And because I have brotherly love.
04:19   That includes each and every one of you. In uniform or not. —That’s completely normal. Resistance.
04:26   You should love another as yourself. My patients are being sent away at the door by the porter.
04:34   Then I have to send them to the emergency room in their distress. —Don’t be intimidated
04:38   by dirty Söder [Markus Söder, Minister President of Bavaria].
04:42   They are sent away! I have to pick my jaw off the ground. I ask them, “What are you doing?”
04:46   It’s your fault! Are you listening?
04:49   I tell them to go to the hospital and they are being turned away.
04:52   That’s when people die. You are there to protect these people.
04:57   I could kiss 50 people a day and maybe after 50 years I’ll meet someone with Corona.
05:05   Are you kidding me? I’m a doctor. I studied medicine.
05:18   Maybe if I give all of you a kiss, I might get lucky and get Corona. What I would have is a cold.
05:23   There are also those working in the interior ministry and employees. —Yes, yes.
05:30   Tell your boss that we will never vote for him again. Of that you can be sure.
05:33   I can’t stand this anymore. I am responsible for people I care for, so I had to rant. Sorry.

8 thoughts on “Protesters vs. the Lockdown Police in Munich

  1. Circus on the wheel!!, that’s what the traitors doing to the people, lying , lying , corruption , it’s awful..

  2. Interesting to find so many police at a peaceful demonstration yet none to be found when the muslims get violent.

  3. “Tell your boss that we will never vote for him again.” — Right. That’s about as effective as a child telling the bully he’ll tell mum. Time to quit being so civil, after all the imported barbarians already showing the way.

  4. We can now see how easy it was for Hittler to do his dispicable acts , all it needs is the government to give an order and their goons happily carry it out .

    • The Germans seem to have a predilection for eagerly carrying out orders when it is something despicable or evil. Not so much when it is something that doesn’t involve destroying ancient libraries or shooting unarmed civilians.

      Hitler wasn’t German; he just took happy advantage of this fact.

  5. Price role back on aisle Germany.

    When the wall came down didn’t the police stand around and do nothing?

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