Police Violence Against Anti-Lockdown Protesters

The two videos below show separate incidents of police violence in Germany against demonstrators who were protesting the coronavirus restrictions.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video #1: Police officer punches an uncooperative woman in Augsburg

From the accompanying Facebook post, also translated by MissPiggy:

Augsburg: Brutal police violence in front of a restaurant

The elitist dictatorship shows its true face — Bar operator comments on the incident:

Although we were all wearing masks, their masks had fallen, police dogs, pepper spray, clubs and the bar owner was punched in the face.

Police action on Maximillianstraße (Augsburg) escalated in the night between Friday and Saturday. The police directed several punches at a woman already lying on the floor. Many of the bystanders showed solidarity with the bar operator and tried to prevent further violent intervention by the police. However, this was prevented with police dogs, truncheons and pepper spray.

Now the State Office of Criminal Investigation will be examining the actions of the officers.

This is what the establishment’s owner Katharina Ertl had to say to the accusations. She recently took over the traditional restaurant called “Max” in November. She cannot understand the accusations, and describes the whole thing from her point of view, which is slightly different:

“I can only say that I have been struggling for months due to the Corona measure and I have never had a bad relationship with the police. At the time of the incident, I did not understand the aggressiveness displayed by the police, and their depiction of the situation is not correct. I never in any way attacked an officer. After a very aggressive conversation with the police officer, I was suddenly knocked to the ground and sprayed in the face with pepper spray. Following that, I was punched in the face by the officer. This makes no sense to me. I fought my way through the Corona measures, with a lot of passion, and now something like this. The worst thing is, I’m portrayed as a severely aggressive criminal. I’m deeply shocked.”

Video #2: Police violence at a peaceful protest walk in Thuringia

From the accompanying article on Politikstube, also translated by MissPiggy:

By Stefan Möller:

This unbelievable police violence against peaceful walkers took place in red-red-green governed Thuringia, or more precisely: in Erfurt. One of the walkers counted almost 30 police vans that were sent to prevent the peaceful event from taking place.

I suspect that the police commanders were encouraged by the political leadership in the SPD interior ministry to take a tougher approach. It was certainly no coincidence that two peaceful Erfurt AfD members — one of them our city councillor Marek Erfurth — were arrested with completely disproportionate use of force. A 60-year-old man was pushed against his wife standing behind him with such force that it sent her flying into the ground. The video speaks volumes for itself!

The reason I assume political intent is easy to explain:

I have never seen such action in our AfD demonstrations against left-wing extremist violent counter-demonstrators. On the contrary — the gloves were put on.

The whole thing will have legal and parliamentary repercussions for those responsible for this violence against peaceful citizens. I would therefore ask you to send me detailed feedback on all comparable events to stefan.moeller@afd-thl.de. Above all, the place, time, occasion and exact circumstances are important. Many thanks!

Translator’s note:

In the video it’s clear to see that the aggressive police officers have a big cross over their unit and badge numbers. Most probably so no one can report their “exaggerated” force. The policemen securing the area aren’t aggressive. Each has his/her unit and badge number visible, as is the norm, but they hold back and don’t intervene! I suspect this isn’t a coincidence, and that the Unit/Badge numbers were made unrecognisable to allow these officers a free pass for the severe and unjustified intervention.

Video transcript #1:

00:00   I’m allowed to film.
00:04   Let go of me! Let me go! —Cell phones off! —I have a right to film.
00:09   I have a right to film! In Germany there is…
00:15   Police violence! —Here is police violence. —No.
00:19   Turn around!
00:23   Filming is allowed.
00:29   Hey! You stop that! Unbelievable! Hey man!
00:38   He just hit a woman, man!
00:44   Have you actually lost your mind!? —You all get back!
00:47   Get their badge numbers!
00:56   Police violence! Hey!
01:17   Go on! Move back!
01:25   We have the right to film. —Go on, move back, back.
01:53   Hey, that’s an older woman. —Hey man, they’ve completely lost their minds.
01:56   He totally punched her in the face, and hard. —The policeman over there punched that lady
02:01   who was already on the ground. —Film it. —I am already.
02:04   Stay back! —Yeah, hey, man, you can’t do that. Have you completely lost your mind, man?
02:19   I know, keep your distance. Yes, keep your distance. Distance.
02:24   Hey, man, look, that guy just punched her.
02:33   It’s not your fault, I’m not saying that. It’s that one cop there.
02:47   Yeah, but that’s no reason to punch her in the mouth!
03:11   I have the right to film. I have the right to film. I have the right to film.
03:24   Go on! Everyone move back!
03:41   They sprayed him in the eyes with pepper spray. —Yes, I know, they used pepper spray!
04:20   It’s her mother. They pushed her.
04:41   Move back 2 to 3 meters [6-9ft] We need space for the police officers.
04:59   Calm down, boy.
05:10   You all must move further back in this direction. Attention. —Back, step back. Back.
05:15   Back up now! Back. Back! Back!
05:27   That’s right! Good girl.
05:33   Hey, man! The poor animal.
05:45   Pepper spray. —Pepper spray.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Police violence. Against civilians who have done nothing.
00:07   This can’t be happening! This can’t be happening! —Something like this cannot be for real!
00:12   Let go of me! —This man did nothing wrong! —Let go of me!
00:17   Quiet now! —I can’t be quiet. Let go of me!
00:22   Let go of me! —This can’t be happening!
00:27   Let me go! Man! I can’t breathe! Just let me go!
00:34   The man suffers from a heart condition! You know it, too! —OK, hands on your back!
00:38   Hands on your back. Leave the upper arm on the torso.
00:42   Let go of me! I can’t breathe! Man!
00:46   Merkel’s dictatorship. —This cannot be for real! —Thomas, keep quiet. —Bunch of fascists.
00:52   Leftist fascists! —Hey, you psycho. Those aren’t leftist fascists. They are just doing their job.
00:59   No! What kind of work is that!? This man has a heart condition!
01:03   And he didn’t do a thing! —He violated the law. —Nonsense! What law? He was walking on the street.
01:10   Calm down. —Yeah, he’s a psycho, this guy.
01:15   You’re the psycho. —You’re calling them leftist fascists.
01:20   Everything’s OK. Stay calm.
01:32   This is nuts, all this for two people. —Hello, what’s going on here? —I don’t understand you.
01:40   Your system is done.
01:47   They did nothing wrong. Nothing at all.
01:51   He’s being taken away like a dangerous criminal.

17 thoughts on “Police Violence Against Anti-Lockdown Protesters

  1. That would never be done against rampaging “New Germans” celebrating New Year’s Day according to their own “traditions”, now, would it?

  2. People don’t realize just how many pigs there are in their police dept’s. And I’m not just talking about Germany.

  3. Ah, Germans in uniform have started beating people up in the street. It is wonderful that the world has a Spring-like quality of refreshing itself and returning to normal.

  4. “I was just following orders” got nobody was acquitted at Nuremberg.

    • Nuremburg was Victors justice and the reason why the west can’t win wars any longer.

      • I seem to remember reading that Admiral Nimitz actually spoke in favor of Doenitz and unrestricted submarine warfare in that there was nothing in that respect that America had not also done in the Pacific. But he was still convicted for planning and preparing his forces for offensive war.

        The West cannot win wars anymore because its leaders and its voters have become too soft to do whatever is necessary and expedient (targeting civilians, imprisoning journalists, and shooting lawyers) to win a war.

        • Targeting civilians? Not doing this is one of the ways you tell the guys in the white hats from the others, eg Israelis v “Palestinians”.

          It’s also often ineffective, eg Brits targeted by the Luftwaffe, Germans by the RAF, and, again, the Israelis.

          • If you want to win a war you do whatever is necessary. Even targeting civilians. We firebombed every major Japanese city except for the two we atom-bombed, and flattened almost every German city because it was effective and it diverted resources and labor that could have been otherwise used towards the war effort.

            Undoubtedly it is cruel, but no one can argue it didn’t work. We won.

          • I must disagree. Without going into too much detail, the Brits, like the Germans, found that losses from daylight bombing were unacceptable, and lacked the means to bomb accurately by night; almost by default, they slipped from bombing industrial areas to cities, and (unofficially, at the time, and for many years after) it became policy to terrorise the German population by doing so.

            When the US 8th Air Force began to arrive from 1942, some found this repugnant; they had the Norden bombsight (which only worked by day, in clear conditions), and would “precision bomb” strategic targets. I’ll pass over the horrendous losses they suffered until they got long-range escort fighters in late ’43, but mention that even in the now notorious destruction of Dresden in February ’45 (whether or not the true reason was a request from Stalin), the RAF blitzed the city by night, while the USAAF attacked such strategic targets as the rail yards by day (and the story that their escort fighters machine-gunned people in the streets is untrue).

            Japan was different: as you say, the Americans targeted cities as soon as they were able; even allowing for anger over Pearl Harbor, there would seem to be a racist element in their differing attitudes towards the German and Japanese civilian populations.

            The question is, is it justifiable for a democracy to target civilians, especially when they are subjects of a dictatorship? I refer you back to the Israelis, who seem to think not.

          • MarkH, It’s why the Israeli’s have a constant jihad problem, the lawyers won’t let them kill them, and they keep coming back for more. It’s war of attrition and the Israeli’s are losing the demographic war like everywhere in the west. So who really is winning you say?? If you want to get serious about urban centers for fighting jihadist? Level the bloody city and starve them out. Oh the Germans almost won the battle of Britain if they had kept hitting their airbases instead going for the cities.

      • G, you clearly make a good point given how the USSR skated. Even after its fall no KGB suffered justice (some NKVD did indirectly, as consequence to Stalin’s sensible paranoia.)

        Because it was only suffered by some Nazis, it is hard to call Nuremburg victor’s justice. Your (post hoc ergo propter hoc) predicate does not follow for a number of reasons, including some mentioned by TMIAHM.

        OTOH, if you’re implying that by our not bringing justice to all who deserved it because it fed the goals of the soon to be next generation of vipers, then you are indeed right. The Lord settles such imbalances eventually, maybe even in this life (see Jer 9.7-8).

        What I like most about your statement is that one may glimpse in your outcome some evidence for charges wherein pleading “I was just following orders” won’t keep the indicted from the gallows after the next victory.

        That prospect, I pray, may make my previous comment (when not garbled by the editing artifact “was”) helpful to those soon to face the current crop of fascist enforcers.

        • Pascal, A very thought provoking reply to say the least, but, it always comes down to Victors justice and has since the beginning of time and leave God out of it, for God does not interfere in the affairs of men on earth.
          As for the NKVD getting what they bloody well deserve? Well when Stalin died, ole Beria was shot, presumably by Marshal Zukov himself, and the killers in the NKVD were themselves killed by other NKVD killers who knew to much and that was much of the cycle in the Soviet Union under Stalin’s reign of terror that made Hitler look like a choir boy in comparison. Heck, they killed over 30,000 Polish Officers and noblemen and the Brits kept a damn lid on it to keep the Poles in the war on their side.
          What I did in the service of my country, was to put it mildly, nasty, brutal, bloody business that I do not regret and I saved countless lives by my methods, which my superiors did not want to know, as long as I got the job done. If I did what I did back then now, the lawyers would chew us to pieces. To make the point, the Victors make the rules, not the vanquished and defeated, I’ll stay on the side of the Victors for there is nowhere else to be, and the coming fun and reindeer games with the 3rd world inside of our borders of the west is coming, so do decide if you are going to get your hands dirty to save you and yours from the 3rd worlders and leftist enablers. Democracy as we know it is dead because we ain’t voting our way out of this mess now, that ship has sailed, it comes down to the cold, cruel, harsh stark choice of them or us. Be the sheep for the slaughter or be the Wolf, your choice and nature doesn’t care if you’re the sheep, because sheep is always for dinner.
          As for some lawyers bringing me to some show trial like the Hague? Good luck!

  5. Not Nazis, Stalinists. Frau Merkel is bringing back the Stazi.
    American Democrats are unleashing their inner Stazi.
    We don’t buy guns for target shooting, we buy them for shooting Stazi thugs. Target shooting is just practice for when they have taken so much we feel we have little to lose.

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