More Protests in Germany Against the Corona Lockdown

Thousands of German citizens took to the streets again this weekend to protest against the strict measures imposed on them under the Wuhan Coronavirus lockdown. The two video clips below show various demonstrations, and the response by police.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1: Demo at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin

Video #2: Compilation of demos in Berlin and Stuttgart

Video transcript #1:

00:00   We are the people! We are the people!
00:36   Shame on you! Shame on you!
01:36   You Nazi pigs! Shame on you a**holes!
02:13   That’s sick! That’s sick, man!
02:20   Stop it! Stop it!
02:44   Freedom! Freedom!
03:50   It’s all gone. Do you still have water? Water. —Tear gas.
04:02   We are the people! We are the people!
04:05   You pigs!
04:30   Shame on you! Shame on you!
04:35   Freedom! Freedom!
04:42   We are also the people; we also belong here.
04:48   There are children here! And you’re spraying pepper spray! What’s the matter with you!?
04:59   Traitors of the people! Traitors of the people!
05:30   Shame on you! Shame on you!
05:37   Go away! Go away!
05:51   We are the police!
05:55   Helmets off! Helmets off!
06:10   Helmets off! Be the first one among you!
06:18   Basic Rights! Basic Rights!

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Demonstrations with more than 1,000 participants, 1000 police officers deployed.
00:03   Once again thousands were protesting against the Corona measures, as here in Stuttgart.
00:07   The organizers registered 50,000 participants, but the city limited the number to 10,000.
00:13   At a similar event in Berlin, the police took thirty people into custody,
00:18   because there were too many people present in front of the Reichstag building.
00:22   Among those arrested was the well-know Vegan Chef and conspiracy theorist, Attila Hildmann.
00:31   We are the people! We are the people!
00:39   I was in the military. I’ll tell you one thing: I’m ready to die
00:42   for this country. —After an appeal from Attila Hildmann,
00:45   there were once again Querfront protests against the Corona measures in Berlin. —They’re all
00:49   Freemasons, Bilderberger members of secret societies. —Shame on you! Shame on you!
01:04   That’s animal torture.
01:21   Resistance! Resistance! Freedom! Freedom!
01:41   Fascists! Fascists!
01:51   We are the people! We are the people!
02:04   Stuttgart: Large demonstration against the Corona measures. Unconventional Thinkers Demonstration;
02:07   the organizer Michael Bellweg is a businessman from Waiblingen.
02:11   The initiative enjoys a popular turnout from all sides.
02:14   Anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists, Bill Gates critics
02:17   and those who are worried about their basic rights.
02:20   This is my first time here, and it is my first at a demonstration since my college years.
02:26   The main topic for me is the relation between proportionality of the measures
02:30   versus our basic rights and the reasons given.
02:33   In my opinion the reasons are not sufficient.
02:36   I’m here to send a clear signal about self-determination.
02:40   I’m also here to say, I will not be treated like a child.
02:45   If the organizers had their way, there would have been 50,000 people at the protest.
02:50   The city was concerned that the social distancing requirement of 1.5m [5 ft] wouldn’t be met, and
02:55   only permitted a maximum of 10,000 participants. —My colleague Katrina Thoms
02:59   was there to experience the Anti-Corona protest
03:02   firsthand. What were your impressions?
03:07   There was a wide spectrum of people that came here.
03:12   Now the event is over, but you can hear the music in the background
03:15   while the stage is being dismantled.
03:18   However, a short while ago, the discontent and the impatience of the crowd was very clearly felt.
03:23   People have just had enough with the restrictions placed on them during the Corona pandemic.
03:29   They want to return to their normal routines. What really astonished me was just how many people
03:35   have conspiratorial ideas. There’s no other way to refer to it.
03:39   There’s a whole lot of anger involved.
03:42   There are even people who say that there is no coronavirus or that the pandemic is already over.
03:47   Some people adhere to the narrative that Bill Gates is directing the governments
03:53   of the world in order to forcibly vaccinate everyone.
03:58   That’s something floating around the internet on YouTube and social media.
04:01   Very many people here actually believe that.
04:04   They have it on their signs and it was said on stage repeatedly.
04:08   That’s something that attracts populists, from everywhere, including from the right.

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