Is China Going to Trigger a World War?

Our Bangkok correspondent H. Numan sends his take on the ChiCom flu and related matters.

Is China going to trigger a world war?

by H. Numan

We don’t quite know (yet) what caused the Chinese virus. Probably it comes from an infected bat, butchered and sold for food on an extremely unhygienic open air market. I know all about street markets. We have plenty of them in Thailand. Only with some standards of hygiene. You cannot butcher on the spot for example. In China, no such rule. Hygiene was never butchered. You can’t butcher what ain’t there, right?

We hear plenty of silly conspiracy theories these days. I get really sick of all the nonsense people dump online about Bill Gates, Soros and NWO. If aforementioned were only 5% as effective as those really dumb people claim, they would have achieved their goals a long time ago.

Another theory is that this Chinese virus didn’t start on a market, but in a nearby laboratory. Not impossible, but highly unlikely. Given that the POTUS makes such claims, I very humbly have to debunk it. I attended the NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare) school in the army. My instructor began by telling us how truly horrible those weapons are and how little we can do against it. Actually only against N weapons. Only within the army itself, and with very limited effect. Forget the civilian population. Y’all gonna die. Sorry about that.

It is technically impossible to prevent. We simply don’t have the resources for it. What we learned is how to detect it, and how to clean up yourself and your equipment after an N or C attack. There is no protection against B weapons at all. None whatsoever.

He told us that compared with chemical weapons, nukes are just firecrackers. Chemical weapons are almost innocent compared with biological weapons. All three are the stuff of horrors. You even imagine how truly horrid they are, not even in your worst nightmares.

A nuke explodes, that is it. Huge damage, and for a limited time, radiation. You can treat survivors immediately, and some infrastructure will remain intact. Large scale chemical attacks (most of them) cover large areas for weeks up to months. Whole areas or even entire countries will biologically die. Most life dies. Plants, insects and animals. Everything. For example, a large scale chemical attack on military installations in Germany would basically exterminate all life in central Europe. The unlucky survivors would slowly die of starvation and lack of medical facilities. Even clearing paths to walk on safely would be a huge effort. Months later gas would still stick to fences, leaves, in puddles, in houses and in cellars. Merely touching it would kill you. All life, plant life, insects and animals would have to be re-introduced to start life again. Forget about restarting civilization. Europe would be a literal valley of death.

The worst of all are biological weapons. This Chinese virus is relatively mild. Moderately contagious, but not very deadly. Yet this relatively mild virus spread like wildfire around the globe. The real danger is in overloading the medical system. Once you catch it, you need to be hospitalized. We simply don’t have that many hospitals or equipment to help everyone. That’s why this pandemic is so deadly and dangerous.

Again, this is a fairly mild virus. Imagine — better not do that — something designed in a lab that’s not so innocent and much more contagious. Such a virus would not be easy to counter. Designing a deadly virus is one thing. Designing one that only kills what you want or to have an antidote for your own population is quite another. Even if a vaccine is possible, inoculating 1.5 billion people is a massive undertaking.

Okay, now you have a bit of a background. Given the enormous dangers, I doubt very much if the Chinese government intentionally spread the Chinese virus.

The keyword here is intentionally. By playing it down when the virus emerged and hushing it up it when it did, they most certainly caused the entire world untold hardship and damage. China is not a democratic country. It never ever was. China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It used to be an empire for millennia. After a period of civil unrest it became a military dictatorship and then a people’s republic. Long periods of unrest are nothing new in China. They had many. Some lasting for centuries. The Warring States period, for example. You probably think WW2 was the worst in human history. Nope. That was the Taiping rebellion, in China. About 30 million people died of unrest and (mainly) starvation. No nuclear or automatic weapons were necessary. Later chairman Mao caused 15 to 45 million people to starve. Chinese know all there is to know about difficult times. And… how to make the best of any crisis. As they’re doing right now.

Is the current crisis intentional? No. Is China abusing the situation to take advantage of it? You bet! Compare it with a serious car crash. A driver makes a mistake, and causes an accident involving many cars, with lots of victims. Was it intentional? No. However, if that driver immediately denies any responsibility, charges money for using his first aid box, puts the blame on others, and tells everybody he is actually the hero, that changes this story a lot. Any judge will take a very dim view of such behavior.

That is exactly what is happening now. Before there was a crisis, Chinese doctors warned the government. They simply disappeared… Before there was a crisis the Chinese government started hoarding medical supplies for themselves, just in case.

When the crisis began, governments of the world looked to the WHO for advice. This organization has been bought by the People’s Republic of China. Admitted, America foots the bill ($450 million), and China only $10 million (now $50 million). How much the Chinese spent on buying the entire top of the organization is not known. A lot less than $50 million, that much is certain. Kind of funny, if you think about it. America pays for everything, and is vilified. China spends a fraction — but they buy the right people — and becomes a hero. ALL top doctors of the WHO, no exceptions, have nothing but praise for China.

Oh, before I forget: Tedros Adhanom. The big boss or comrade chairman of the WHO. They didn’t have to buy him. He began his career as a (Chinese) communist. He’s a doctor, all right, but not a physician. He holds a doctorate in medical sciences; that’s not quite the same. He was minister of health under the vilest regime Ethiopia ever had. Where he suppressed news of several cholera outbreaks. A regime supported by guess who? Why, China of course! After that he was promoted by Beijing to head the WHO. No need for bribery, he’s a party member of long standing. The other ‘doctors’ are bought, but not him. They only need to bribe the top. You don’t need to bribe everybody. A sincere doctor in a lower position makes the organization more believable.

During the crisis the Chinese government blames everyone for causing it. Even Italy and America. Calling this virus the Chinese virus is not acceptable. Like mohammedans don’t like to be named for what they are. The Chinese government puts a lot of effort into not naming it Chinese virus; that is ‘racist’.

Paying even part of the damages is absolutely not on their agenda. China is putting a lot of diplomatic pressure on Europe right now to silence those who want to talk about responsibility and damage payments.

During this crisis the Chinese government sold their stockpiles at a profit to countries in need. Much of that stockpile was defective. Their quality control is like democracy: not made in China.

At this moment Chinese companies — you can read: the Chinese government — are quietly buying whatever they can in Italy and elsewhere in Europe. As they did during the Greek debt crisis. A lot of Greece is now owned by China. Don’t be too surprised if one of these days the Chinese fleet anchors in Piraeus. It’s theirs. In Holland and elsewhere in Europe China tries to buy strategically important businesses. China tries in particular to buy maritime companies now in trouble due to the Chinese virus crisis. The Dutch government just forbade them to take over a shipyard.

To finish off, did China use biological weapons to cause the crisis? Effectively it doesn’t really matter. For all practical purposes they did. Partly because they don’t want to lose face by admitting guilt. That’s a huge no-no in Asia. Partly because they are Chinese. The Chinese tell the world what to do, not the other way around. And simply because it’s an opportunity. To be used and exploited for those who see it.

Don’t be misled by the Opium Wars and later on. That’s an exception. Normally China isn’t keen on being bothered by outsiders. It happens, hence the Great Wall. Or Great Walls in plural. They built many. Until about 1600 China was the world leader in … everything! Those Opium Wars only happened because China wasn’t interested in cheap European muck. China exported lots of things to the world, such as tea, silk and porcelain. They weren’t interested in importing what they saw as junk from Europe. Just pay in silver. That was not possible. Europe had lots of cheap cotton to pay with, but not that much silver. And they had opium… the rest is history.

There is a lot more to be told about China, such as the Belt and Road project or the troubles in the South Chinese Sea. Where tensions are rising, not lowering, due to the crisis. But that is too much for just one article.

Both Europe and America have to respond to China. Decisively and fast, at that. I expected China to become a huge problem after I’m long dead. Say 20-30 years in the future. This crisis is a crisis for us, and a huge OPPORTUNITY for China. They milk it until the cow runs dry and begs for mercy.

Europe and in particular America will have to treat this as an premeditated attack with biological weapons, otherwise there won’t be a Europe or America in the very near future. It doesn’t matter a lot that they factually didn’t use biological weapons, as they are acting exactly the same. We have to respond to that. If the USA (I doubt it) and Europe (I’m certain of it) were to treat this as an oopsie, then effectively China has become the de facto word power. Right now. In 2020.

— H. Numan

25 thoughts on “Is China Going to Trigger a World War?

  1. Looking at the way third world illegals and Muslim terrorist high command sail into the craven arms of the borderless second world non force many taxpayers and indigenous are asking who is VE Day kidding? All that sacrifice was for nothing. Useless colonial export Patel and slob Johnson with his boyz.

    • Bojo the clown. Get a haircut. Stop drinking drugging medicating lies and cheating. Lose weight. Loose women. Work. Full time that is. Best to resign and take your whole gang of incompetents with you. Someone needed to unite the pc tribes. CPC9 doom.

  2. Any global organization with an Ethiopian as it’s head should not be taken seriously in the first place. UN agencies seem to be full of such non-entities who are there because of their socialist beliefs and their skills on their knees. I don’t blame the Chinese for buying those prostitutes for cheap; it is a much smarter use of resources to buy the leader for a couple hundred thousand dollars than try to buy the organization for a couple hundred million dollars.

  3. The world is in line for a massive power struggle, Communism versus islam. The rest of us will have to dig in and decide whether to learn Mandarin or arabic or to worship mao or mohammed. I do not know which I dislike most.

    • Decide if we’re going to be commies or moolies?
      Have you no self respect at all?
      [ad hominem redacted]
      Every minute of every day.
      Speak, often and loudly. Corner commies, muslims and post-modernists, and tell them forcefully that they are un-enlightened scum. They want to throw down over it; you turn into the threat and unload every thing you’ve got into the enemy.
      These vermin multiply because the citizen takes it.
      I will not indulge these pigs, nor should you.
      Fight hard, fight dirty.
      They can only kill me once, and I have already got more of them than they have got of me, so I win.
      An inch an hour, two feet per day.
      Take the fight to the enemy, and never stop.
      Here’s another little thought.
      We are winning.
      The tide of opinion has turned against the ruling elite.
      This bogus lock down is just another indication of how desperate they all are.
      Keep the pressure on. Get hot, get loud, get mean, and do not stop.
      Now, I’m off to go [redacted].

    • It is us of the western world against islam and communism, thus as it always was.

    • The Chinese Commies have been treating their Muslims very islamically these past few years. The Muslim goes quiet as usual when confronted with concentrated retraining.

      • Many Chinese has also been known to be pretending to be respectful of Islam to gain an upper hand economically.
        The reality is Chinese culture is as oppressive as Islamic culture. The fact is many Chinese end up behaving worse than Moslems, because they are so culturally and racially similar; and not to mention so united in their hate against the West. But Chinese tend to be more subtle in their hate agenda against the West.
        Those inhumane Chinese are also known to make use of our fear of Islam to intimidate us, to put us down, to bully us, etc.

        • In fact, modern Chinese culture is even more oppressive than Islamic culture because Chinese make an extensive use of modern technology to oppress people. Electronic rating of citizens on the basis of their “good behaviour”, computer spying and what not. It is also more shallow and materialistic as it is based on communist atheism. Chinese rulers do not recognise any transcendent principles, any moral absolutes, any higher values. That is why they are so absolutely and unashamedly opportunistic and ruthless. Muslims, for all their faults, are more human.

    • Learning Mandarin or Arabic would be just a waste of time.
      I would not even bother communicating with those pretentious, grasping, greedy subhuman who are only interested in oppressing us and taking away our dignity, independence and freedom.

  4. China together with Islam is a big threat to our independence and freedom if one let their oppressive influence to spread to the Western world. Eg.,Chinese Vietnamese forcing the West to be involved in the Vietnamese civil war is just another ploy to expand their Chinese influence in South East Asia . Their authoritarian Chinese societies would never change for the better because that is how they have been behaving for centuries just as they failed to get rid of their irrational hatred for the West. Their infighting is just like between Shia and Sunni factions and they should sort it out themselves without causing so many needless damage to our Western civilization.
    It is also more likely the Opium War happened due to their own Chinese dysfunctional societies that failed to control their own Asiatic societies greed and addiction to opium. China has always been a mess and they were never thankful to the much more advanced and much more civilized Western civilization. The West should let China and their Chinese diaspora sort out their own dysfunctional societies. It is futile getting involved in their rotten Asian societies that constantly attempted to bring us down with their pretentiousness and propaganda. It is time the world realized that China was never an advanced civilization like the Russia or the West.
    Their Chinese had preyed on our kindness and vulnerabities and in return all we get is hardships and nastiness, instability from their tyrannical Asiatic societies.
    The West should also stop pandering to their endless Chinese demands in Taiwan, Hong Kong or South East Asia or anywhere in the world. If they really want to get rid of China, they should for a start get rid of all the rotten Chinese culture that has caused so much damaged to our lives.

    • Chinese Vietnamese forcing the West to be involved in the Vietnamese civil war…”?

      The Chinese and Vietnamese have been heriditary enemies for centuries. China (and the USSR) supported the North only because it was Communist.

      • These days the Chinese military get very badly mauled whenever it messes with the north Vietnamese. The previous generation didn’t do very well against the Japanese. God knows what kind of trashing they would get from the Koreans. Meanwhile I imagine DT is factoring all this and more into his business schemes.

      • @Mark H
        Most Vietnamese were migrants from China and till now most of them still have many close similarities with China. They were never were really enemy with each other though they may divided themselves into different factions during the war.
        That is what they want the world to believe. The reality is most Vietnamese hate the West. Many Vietnamese are known to be openly hostile and ungrateful even though many Westerners needlessly died in the war that was as a result from their China wanting to exert their Asiatic influence in Asia.
        The reality is most Vietnamese is as exploitive as their “enemy” in China.
        The reality, most Vietnamese exploited the war to enrich themselves and to get more aid from the West. The reality is many Vietnamese irrationally blamed the the West for the civil war in Vietnam or their little china. The reality many Vietnamese exploited the civil war to play the victim card and to cunningly invade the West with more Asiatic refugees/ economic migrants.
        The West should never aided the cunning and devious Vietnamese in their excessively long meaningless Asiatic civil war. Asia is full of deception and greed. See how this Asian countries still irrationally look up to China even though their China bad infuence caused so many tragedies to Asia and the world.

        • @Mark H
          You need to have a deeper analysis of what really happened in Asia instead parroting all the lies that was spread by manipulative and exploitive Asians. Asia is a cesspit of lies and propaganda against the West.
          It was unfortunate too that those Chinese Vietnamese made use of Russia and the West to spread their oppressive Chinese influence in Asia.
          Now they are trying to make use of this virus that have been intentionally spread from China to gain needless attention and to cause further disruption to our lives.

  5. Sorry to mention it but your whole article is based on the assumption there is a new separate virus that the Chinese wrongly identified as Covid-19 and the rest of the world took for fact. The Covid-19 virus has still to be (a) isolated,(b) purified, and (c) proven a 100% to even exist.

  6. Why do Chinese travel to other countries like Australia to collect deadly pathogens (bat corona viruses)? Why spend so much time and money with no purpose as they are not required as a cure for any disease?. Very few people contact bats here and catch anything.
    What do they want with the biggest collection of deadly pathogens in the world?

    It can’t just be a “mine is bigger than yours” situation.

  7. It already has. Unfortunately, one side doesn’t seem to have awakened to the fact quite yet, at least publicly. Many politicians and the media are still pushing the “wet market” hypothesis; some are falling back on accidental release from a lab. If the government knows more they’re not telling us. Our intelligence services appear to be MIA, as unfortunately is all too often the case these days. (Except when they’re working against the President.)
    China knowingly allowed infected citizens to travel to other countries while keeping them from travel between Hubei and the rest of China. This is an indisputable fact and establishes intent on the part of the Xi regime.
    The “wet market” origin hypothesis is past its expiration date. A significant fraction of the earliest known cases had zero connection to the market in question (Huanan), and I for one have seen no other market mentioned. It is claimed that no horseshoe bats – the kind associated with the coronavirus – were offered for sale at that market. The bats’ natural habitat is far away from Wuhan. Yes, the Chinese authorities made a big show of disinfecting the market, but in my view that was misdirection.
    The Wuhan Institute of Virology was engaged in “gain-of-function” research on coronaviruses, essentially the study of weaponization. We know this because it turns out that some of that research at the Institute was funded with a grant of $3.7 million from the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases under Dr. Anthony Fauci. That was in part because such research had been banned at NIH at the time because it was considered too risky. SARS – CoV 2 is probably the product of some such research, but not necessarily by Dr. Shi Zhengli’s group. All the experts – well, almost all – tell us that this is not the case (“highly improbable” or some such). (The sole exception of which I am aware is the Nobel Laureate Dr. Luc Montagnier, who said in an interview that it was definitely engineered but that he believes it escaped accidentally. He has come out in support of some other controversial ideas, so you won’t see him mentioned much.) An early paper claiming that the virus had been pieced together was withdrawn under a hurricane of criticism, yet one of the authors said they didn’t want to feed any conspiracy theories. Obviously no one except someone of the stature of Dr. Montagnier dare express such an opinion; self-censorship is definitely at work. (This is very like the situation with global warming – it is the emeriti and independents who attack the orthodoxy.) This to me is the “tell” that it really was genetically engineered.
    The Communist Chinese have cranked up their propaganda machine to spread the story that the virus was created in an American laboratory and brought to Wuhan by athletes who participated in the Military Games. This fable would seem to go against against the “wet market” hypothesis somewhat, but that’s not really the point. Implicit in this claim is the idea that the virus is a weapon, and if it was intended to be used as one why wouldn’t it have been “tuned” to have a certain set of properties?
    The author’s account of his army instruction in NBC sounds basically like what I was told by an acquaintance who was an industrial hygienist in the Air Force many years ago. Biological warfare is unthinkable. Except what if it’s not?
    Suppose that a virus was engineered that would spread easily – rapidly – and deadly enough that it would kill large numbers of vulnerable people, yet mild enough that with sufficiently harsh measures applied early enough it could be contained. If you are willing to sacrifice some of your own people for the larger goal you would introduce the virus among your own population, then clamp down on it at home while letting it spread abroad; after all, such a thing is inconceivable to Western leaders, so it gives plausible deniability. To use a virus effectively as a weapon you would want to keep the opponent in the dark about it as long as possible. Director-General Tedros’s role in such a scheme would be critical, keeping the opponent misinformed and impeding his response – as in fact he did. And he is an ideological comrade of the Chinese, as was noted. Then, when the virus has come to light one could use information weapons to stir up panic. Generate as much fear around it as possible.
    The major damage done by the Wuhan virus has not been inflicted by the virus itself but rather by our reaction to it. It’s too soon to know how badly hurt the Western economies are, but at this point it looks grave. In particular US health care has been crippled by the emphasis on the Wuhan virus to the exclusion of most everything else.
    That reaction was, in retrospect, excessive. I’m sure the Chinese would have expected it, based on their assessment of what experts like Dr. Ferguson would recommend.
    I’m only speculating here, of course. But I argue that what I’ve outlined isn’t unthinkable. The question is one of premeditation. There are other things happening that should be noted. Communist China has effectively broken the agreement by which it acquired Hong Kong; “one country, two systems” seems to be dead with the recent crackdown, and it looks like Hong Kong will be assimilated into the mainland. China has been conducting tests of low-yield nuclear weapons, in violation of treaty. I can think of no other reason for those than their intent to deploy tactical weapons against Taiwan (or possibly Japan, though I doubt that). These recent actions are fundamentally different from the kind of economic expansionism described in the article – e.g. Belt and Road – that has been going on for some years now.
    As someone once said, “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.”

    • As I like to say, “It takes two to make peace, but only one to make war.”

  8. Excellent and intelligent comment. I am of the view that China engineered this weapon to do precisely what it was designed to do-wipe out the weak, elderly and unproductive but also ruin the Western economy in favour of a China left as Global supplier and producer of goods and medical gear. It keeps the young alive to form a consumer base to buy up Chinese tat via Amazon and Ebay. Commerce by all and every means is important to Chinese people.

    This was above all an economic attack with consequences similar to Pearl Harbour. The Red Chinese have no concept of honour unlike the Hong Kong population and the Japanese, who produce high quality products as their reputations are on the line. Not so the Red Chinese whose only “honour” is saving face. Japan has removed all its companies from China in the last few weeks. Japanese “know how” and quality control is far superior to Chinese home grown form. The latter simply do not have the high standards of mindset that Japan and Hong-Kong has. China has already paid a heavy price that I think will change matters considerably.

    As for the CCP “saving face”, in my book they have lost it entirely and the rest of the word knows it, except those politicals in the EU and UK Government shamelessly trying to appease this mobster state. The CCP do not give a fig for its own populace and that latter, has nothing but contempt for us in the west they dismiss as “Ghosts”.

    The game has changed.

    Xi for all his bluster is actually threatened by his own rivals and other families. He is also quite weak and that is clearly demonstrated by his objections to comparison to “Winnie the Pooh”.

    Xi has also peed off the Moslem Uighurs that make up most of the soldiery in the People’s Army. This is one reason he declared himself President for life to enhance his “Dear Leader” cult. Xi in truth is not terribly bright, like so many of his ilk. He suffers from a surfeit of arrogance. This will be his undoing very shortly. He may last a year? Perhaps?

    He is no Kim Il Un from North Korea.

    The Uighurs are not fans of his with millions in gulags as hostages for the ‘good behaviour’ of the Army. Xi has peed off Hong Kong and the People’s Army, as well as the Wuhan populace, so I reckon “pushback” is about to happen. Expect change at the top and mass disappearances.

    To me this was a planned deliberate attack to enhance the power of the Chinese. The CCP has become greedy and over confident. This will be their undoing. Demands of reparations in the billions of dollars, will be made by every country affected.

    For information that maybe relevant, Erdogan and the Mullahs in Iran used the crisis to push their own agendas and Iran especially, had a hand in spreading the virus too and developing it. The figures for deaths from “Covid19” in China and Iran are a farce too, as they are now being revealed in the West, with several physicians reporting fake tallies for the infected and dying.

    China did this in league with other treasonous forces to undermine a resurgent European and American nationalism. Far from ending the latter, it has now ensured its survival and expansion as the awful truth hits home- as it will.

  9. Some further thoughts on the possibility of war with the bugs over this:
    Don’t worry.
    The PLA is a massive paper tiger. Yes, it is a lot of bugs to squish; that’s why ‘Raid’ was developed. But to fear the PLA is overstating it’s actual military capabilities by several orders of magnitude. Expecting the PLA to perform as a modern, competent, dangerous military force is rather like expecting the IIRG to circumnavigate the Terra-aqueous globe on their attack jet-ski’s.
    Simply stated, the PLA is too ‘effin big. Even reform minded PLA leadership agree. Fortunately, Bejing cannot listen to those. Cannot and will not.
    The PRC and the ruling PLA is not a monolith. It is not ‘unified’ at all.
    It is a loose aggregation of warlords (PLA Generals) who do not like one another much at all (the ‘Provinces Problem’) and really don’t like the political commissariat as the political types badly wish to restrain the PLA Generals power and wealth.
    Aye, there is the rub.
    The PLA, first and foremost, is a multitude of titanic business enterprises, each under control of a General. The PLA is the largest real estate, bank, pharmaceutical, hotel and amusement, utility, phone/data and industrial combine in China. The State cannot function without the PLA, and the PLA cannot function without the State. Tax money, of course, is the PLA’s greatest revenue stream. The animosity between Bejing and the PLA cannot be overstated.
    Each warlord buys his equipment and provisions from his own conglomerate. As a result, each PLA region is largely a state unto itself, with no incentive to maintain a rational force structure. Bigger is more profitable for the commanding General.
    The consequence of this is every PLA region has it’s own equipment and doctrine.
    As a result, silliness happens, like 14 different ‘standard’ riles types. Duplicate this for every bit of kit the PLA buys. From tanks to mess kits, the PLA has 15 or 20 different ‘standard types’, each with it’s own unique supply line.
    Imagine the logistics. Right. Nightmarish. Impossible.
    The PLA can’t lift itself. It cannot supply itself. It cannot feed itself. It is too damned big.
    The PLA also has a big problem with modern, combined arms operations.
    They can’t do it. It is an alien idea that just wont fly in the Chi-Com socio-politico-evolutionary environment. They’ve been trying for 30 years and just cannot make it work. Anything other than human-wave tactics are beyond the ruling-elites grasp.
    Nuclear forces. Yup, some big bombs. But not many.
    Nukes are expensive, with massive NRE’s that cut into the bottom line. The PRC thus maintains a minimum deterrence structure with a typically clanky C3I4 system.
    While the leadership would not bat an eyelash at the idea of barbecuing half a billion PRC zeks, that would decrease profits.
    So, while I’d worry if I was the Philippines, the ROC and Nippon would gut the PLA in a scrap. This is not lost on the Warlords of China.
    They are not willing to upend their rice bowls to further the glorious Peoples Revolution.
    The massive PLA turkey shoots of the Korean War and the Sino-Vietnam war are sharp in their minds.
    If We the People wise up, and lean on our governments to turn off the money pumps, the PRC can be stopped.
    Vote with your wallets. Don’t buy Chinese. If PRC goods sit rotting a dockside, the PRC will be stopped in it’s tracks.
    Red Chinese? No Thank You, Please!

  10. In 20 or 30 years into future, Chinese will have a big problem: massive population ageing. The total fertility rate in China is well below 2.1 and the easing of the one-child policy has not helped. Modern Chinese simply don’t want to have children. In a few years’ time, the Chinese population will begin to decline. This is not a problem, as there will still be a lot of Chinese. However, the ageing will reduce their workforce and will necessitate a lot of expenditure to keep alive the elderly.

    Though, of course, China’s government may easily introduce obligatory euthanasia for “unproductive citizens”. They have no religious or ethical reasons to prevent them from doing so.

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