Invitation to a Beheading

The following video is a composite of two clips about the murder and beheading of a teenage girl by a “Swedish” youngster named Tishko Ahmed Shabaz. The incident occurred last year, but the videos only recently became available.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The following article about the murder of Wilma — in which the suspect is actually named, which is unusual in Swedish media — was published last December, and has also been translated by FouseSquawk:

Tishko Ahmed Shabaz arrested for murder of Wilma Andersson

22-year-old Tishko Ahmed Shabaz has been arrested on reasonable cause suspected of murder of the disappeared Wilma Andersson. According to the theory of the police, Wilma was murdered November 11, 2019, the same day she disappeared.

About a week later, Tishko Ahmed Shabaz was arrested on suspicion of murder based on circumstances arising from technical investigation. It seems that, among other things, the boyfriend was interviewed over the telephone for three minutes on November 17, two days before he was taken into custody.

He was then interrogated two more times. On the morning of November 19, a 15-minute hearing was held in the Uddevalla police station, and the same evening, a longer hearing was held, about 40 minutes, at the arrest. Police have made several discoveries during the search for Wilma. Among other things, a pair of burned shoes, eyeglasses, body parts, and a jacket, similar to what Wilma was believed to be wearing at her disappearance. According to the police, it is not certain if all the discoveries have any connection to Wilma, but there is enough evidence that she is dead.

Tishko Ahmed Shabaz came to Sweden as a child from Iraq, obtained Swedish citizenship in 2014, and was Wilma Andersson’s boyfriend.

Tishko went to elementary school and secondary school in Western Sweden.

After studying, he has held a wide range of jobs. Among other things, he has worked as a salesman and in the restaurant industry.

Tishko is suspected of murdering Wilma in his apartment in Uddevalla and has been placed in legal psychiatric examination pending trial.

Video transcript (times from the two original clips):

    Part 1
00:00   In connection with a search using a cadaver dog in the residence, a body part was discovered.
00:08   This body part was well packed in a suitcase that was lying on a shelf in a closet.
00:14   And that is one of the decisive pieces of evidence
00:17   as charges are now brought against 17-year-old Wilma’s boyfriend.
00:21   It was in November of last year that Wilma disappeared without a clue
00:24   and police began a massive search in the Uddevalla area.
00:27   A search in which volunteer organizations such as Missing People and Fikk took part.
00:33   Police dogs were used in certain other terrains. The search was conducted with drones,
00:37   and even the Marine Police were involved
00:40   in this search for the disappeared Wilma.
00:43   The search produced no results. But early in the investigation,
00:47   Wilma’s boyfriend was arrested, and in his apartment police made a discovery
00:51   that enabled them to discount the possibility she was still alive. For in a suitcase was her head.
00:56   According to the prosecutor, the boyfriend is believed to have taken her life
01:00   by “repeated blunt-force blows”, as described in the preliminary investigation.
01:04   He is charged with murder or crime against a corpse — and that means the evidence appears strong.
01:09   There is a technical discovery in the apartment. Blood track. Second track.
01:13   Also tracks in the wrapping material around this body part.
01:17   The boyfriend denied the crime the whole time, but… He has no explanation.
01:22   He knows nothing about this. He saw nothing and doesn’t know anything, you could say.
01:26   His version of the matter is that she left the apartment and after that he knows nothing more.
01:34   And the entire large burden of explanation on this man
01:37   will not lessen without his having much to explain.
    Part 2
00:00   Here Wilma Andersson’s boyfriend is at a McDonalds — shortly after the suspected murder.
00:06   Security video shows the now-charged man standing and waiting for his food.
00:17   The 23-year-old man is charged with killing 17-year-old Wilma and then cutting up her body.
00:22   Her partial remains were found in a suitcase in his residence.
00:32   Witnesses describe the boyfriend as ice-cold after Wilma’s disappearance —
00:36   but at the same time he reportedly behaved differently.
00:40   His father described in an interview that the boyfriend suddenly became quiet and blunt.
00:44   And during the restaurant visit to McDonalds,
00:47   the man’s friends reportedly asked him what happened with Wilma.
00:51   In a later interview, one of them said that the 23-year-old seemed subdued and unfocused.
00:56   According to the friend, the man said that he and Wilma had fought,
00:59   and that he threw her out of the apartment.
01:02   The friends then reportedly questioned his story, but the 23-year-old continued to deny the act.

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  1. Yeah, My give a **** meter is all pegged out, for if you want to virtue signal by dating a 3rd world savage, you get what you deserve, may it be a lesson to the next one. If not? Darwin has another winner. Life is a cold and cruel thing and the lessons that should be learned are harsh and brutal.

  2. Islam sees the non Muslim west as the savages to be ravaged lied to cheated on taped raped and robbed and beheaded at every opportunity. The west has become a very queer old world. They have us in the bag so to speak. Never give a sucker an even break is an expression easily understood by all. Something just as bad or worse than Hitler and his buddies is in our living room. One more time – here we go again.

  3. .
    Losing one’s head.


    “Jag är inte Sverigedemokrat!”
    Sådan tur! Allmänläkaren som
    på blott två veckor regredierade
    från att vara vålmotiverat upprörd
    fackman och medborgare till
    Sverikes för tillfället mest
    framträdande, omogne pajas.


    “I’m not a Swedish Democrat!”
    Such lucky!
    The general practitioner who
    in just two weeks regressed
    from being a well motivatedly
    upset professional and
    citizens of Swedento to currently
    the most prominent, immature

  4. Have Muslims started to enlist in very large numbers in all branches of the services – yet? Or is that a stupid question?

    • Only in France and Belgium, the rest are smart enough to know it is never a good idea to let the enemy in your camp.

  5. Modern multicultural progressive education leaves Swedish girls misinformed about real life and its dangers. And impervious to common sense, which is often politically incorrect.

    Had the unfortunate Wilma been brought up like her great-grandmothers were she would have hardly chosen an Iraqi migrant as a lover. She would have possibly have no lovers at all, but a decent young man whom she would marry in due and set up a proper Lutheran family. No binge drinking, no recreational drugs or recreational sex, no mindless ‘fun’ in foul nightclubs. And less risk of a grisly death at the hands of a half-crazy murderer.

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