Eric Zemmour: Reconquer the No-Go Zones!

In the following two videos (taken from the same appearance on a socially distanced TV talk show) the popular French commentator Eric Zemmour discusses the dire situation in the country’s culturally enriched banlieues, and calls for radical action to retake what have become foreign enclaves on French soil.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

In the first video Mr. Zemmour talks about the tactical alliance between the Left and the invaders:

In the second video he calls for the reconquest of the “Sensitive Urban Zones”, saying, “It is necessary to reconquer by force or give up.”

Video transcript #1:

00:00   The Bondi Blog launched a petition, as to say go ahead and encourage them, to say “very good”.
00:06   They resonated with the popular riots because now these neighborhoods are called popular.
00:12   Now that the French population has disappeared from these neighborhoods.
00:16   It’s the new one, the new buzzword. So here we are and who signed [the petition]?
00:21   Obviously there were movements of the colonials.
00:24   All the movements connected with the Muslim brothers,
00:27   but there was also the CGT, the railway south, there was south education.
00:30   So you see, there’s this alliance
00:33   between workers’ unions and the movements of the colonials, which has absolutely exploded.
00:40   That’s the dream of a certain extreme leftist, and that reveals the atmosphere.
00:45   So when the police union — I also need to mention,
00:48   they spoke very pertinently of an asymmetrical media war.
00:52   That means the police are filmed to show what they’ve done to the suburbs.
00:56   So now the police union says
00:59   they will also be filming to show the truth and what is actually happening in these suburbs.
01:04   I totally agree with them. —They are already filming?
01:07   Yes, I think they should film it, show it on television,
01:10   and we’d see what’s going on there. We’d see that the police are victims
01:14   of years of neglect, and we’d see that they’re the foreign power.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   She committed suicide not too long afterward. —The policewoman, I remember very well, absolutely.
00:03   The policewoman who revealed… Let’s get a reaction from Mark, but we only have
00:06   a few seconds left. —Yes, just a couple of seconds. I’m not going to modify Eric’s analysis.
00:10   Obviously there’s a area that has gone completely foreign, in which we can’t assert ourselves,
00:18   but where we have resigned ourselves to saying
00:21   we have to try something. For the most part, they are French,
00:24   from those who have their documents. So we tell ourselves,
00:28   we’re reinvesting. That’s what we’re doing,
00:31   so that these people are no longer led by preachers’ orders
00:35   which drag them into this horror and bring us into this abomination.
00:44   I believe that at some point, we must have a republic that wants to regain and impose its rights.
00:52   Really quickly, 10 seconds, Eric Zemmour. —That’s the difference between you and me. I think we
00:56   reconquer by force. Moreover, in order to reconquer, there’s a problem of the number of people.
01:00   You think — you are more humanist than I am — you think that
01:03   we can bring people around by means of education.
01:06   That’s something I don’t believe anymore. I think that from a certain number —
01:09   you know it is the sentence from Hegel that I say all the time —
01:12   the quantity becomes a quality. So in this case it is necessary to reconquer by force or give up.
01:16   We’ve heard all your contributions. Thank you.

14 thoughts on “Eric Zemmour: Reconquer the No-Go Zones!

  1. The dilemma facing patriotic Frenchmen is not just that of the Muslims waging hegira – conquest by migration – it is that many French political leaders (including Emmanuel Macron, the President of France) are sympathetic to them.

    It is a matter of public record what Macron said about immigration while campaigning for his present office. When asked about it, and specifically about Muslims entering France in greater numbers, Macron said that if he was elected president, there would be more immigrants – including more Muslims – and that the French people would simply have to “get used to it,” or words to that effect.

    In brief, Macron is a globalist – therefore an enemy of La Belle France. His loyalty lies not with the French people or nation, but with the globalist mandarins at the European Union and their kind. Macron has ties to the Rothschild banking dynasty, which very likely owns him in some manner. If the French people believe that he works for them, they are sorely mistaken. And that is the challenge they face.

    Eric Zemmour may very well be right about the necessary course of action regarding the “no-go zones,” but that only begs the question whether such actions would even be considered a viable option in the first place – by the present regime at the Élysée Palace.

    • No, the current regime will have to change before there can be any serious effort to deal with muslim controlled territory. Simply, the political will is not there and the current traitors like the situation just as it is, albeit with a little less violence and obvious islamization to lull the populace until demographic change have made Francistan inevitable.

      Another problem is membership in the EU, and replacing Macron with LePen isn’t going to solve that. Before any serious cracking of skulls can occur, the EU will have to somehow be neutralized. If circumstances are dire enough, the French military under LePen might be able to do what is necessary and just ignore the EU mandarins because France is too big and powerful to just censure or expel from the EU. Regardless, the window of opportunity to deal with this demographic and cultural disaster is almost closed.

      • The French military already have made ole Macron nervous by sending a white paper to him stating that to import more 3rd worlders will make civil war inevitable. It will be a matter of time where whatever politician is in power in western Europe will be irrelevant as the military will be forced to deal with the massive 3rd world problem.

    • “There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. Thats a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.”

      24 April 1999 (CNN interview) the day NATO began bombing Yugoslavia
      ~ General Wesley Clark Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO from 1997 to 2000

      • Not to excuse Gen. Marcus, who probably knew little of the history of (now former) Yugoslavia; nor did I before I was married to a Serbian woman (1996-2010), and even she had blind spots about Tito’s “disappearance” of his opponents. Ran into her in the supermarket recently (amicably), but I digress…

        The civil war there was not only about ethnicity; Serbs were (mainly) Orthodox, and mostly opposed the Nazis, Croatians were (mainly) Catholic, and broadly (?) supported them; Bosnians (mainly) muslim, but not all fundamentalists. Certainly all seem to have committed atrocities in the war twenty years ago.

        • Ole Tito wasn’t afraid to deal with the muslim problem after the war, for he had hundreds of thousands shot, for even Tito knew you could not let rabid muslims running lose to create more havoc. The former Yugoslavia peoples never got along for they always, despite Tito’s best efforts, remained amongst their own, and nothing demonstrated that better when Slovenia left first and then everybody else made their borders, everything after that was a land grab.

  2. France, like the rest of Western Europe, is being eaten alive. When the serious breakdown begins it will be a real disease breeder. I imagine.

  3. “we reconquer by force”
    I’m 100% behind you, but to reconquer by force also means forced deportations.
    When both actions take place you will have your country back.

    Btw, I support both actions taking place in America regarding all illegal aliens and their illegal children.

    • Marcus, there won’t be any forced repatriations, it will be the choice of the suitcase or the smokestack. They will be fleeing to where they came from or face massive retaliation by the natives where there will be no mercy, no quarter, no prisoners and no exceptions as a matter of policy.

  4. France: reconquer by force or give up. I don’t know. That’s a hard one for any French citizen to choose between even while a minutia of its’ population continue the Yellow Vest protests. Only when talking heads like Eric Zemmour take ownership of that task and lead by example I’m gonna say that the French have already given it up. There is a Cultural Marxist problem in France. Are there any no-go zones in Poland or Hungary? The French have already lost the battle when you see people like Macron being put in charge of France.

    • Arthur, I think you are right, unfortunately. ( I am French and I live in France.)

      • C’est la vie! Some of my ancestors left Normandy in 1066. Then left Britain to travel to the U.S. in the middle of the 19th Century. My Pop whose name is Maynard visited France in 1944 and 1945 courtesy of the US Army. His Pop’s name was Francis which he never went by and instead went by his middle name of Arthur. But where is there to go to in the 21st Century where the governing oligarchs haven’t betrayed their own indigenous civilization? Poland? Hungary? Life will always find a way and sometimes you have to go where it thrives.

        • I enjoyed “courtesy of the US Army”! My Dad was in Burma 1942-5, courtesy of the Royal Air Force; officially a radio operator, he mainly drove (mostly US made) trucks, then served on an air-sea rescue boat out of Chittagong, pulling British and American fliers from the drink.

          He and his comrades preferred the tribal people to the mainstream Burmese, even adopting a boy as “mascot”; I still have some photos.

  5. In WW2 Bosnian Muslims made up the lion’s share of the 13th Waffen SS Division. The 13th fought in eight different campaigns in the Balkans, where it became feared for its ruthlessness. In addition to seeking out and destroying enemy guerrillas, the 13th waged a relentless assault on local Serbian and Jewish civilian populations. By 1945, the brigade was withdrawn from the region and transferred to the Eastern Front, at which point they shed their uniforms and deserted.

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