Christians Must Die!

The following video is a representative slice (so to speak) of Modern Multicultural Europe — a “Danish” imam, speaking in Arabic, subtitled in French, and then translated into English for additional subtitling.

The imam is calling on Muslims to unite so that they can fight jihad in the way of Allah and conquer Europe for Islam.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

On a similar note, here’s a brief news item (also translated by MissPiggy) from the local Austrian news outlet reporting on the graffito pictured at the top of this post:

Austria, LILIENFELD COUNTY. This graffito has rightly caused a lot of excitement. The lettering “Christians must die” (“Christen müssen sterben”) can be seen at the Traisen-Markt train stop. Above it, in the same style, the words “Allah Akkbar”. The removal of the graffiti has already been initiated and will cost about €500.

Video transcript:

00:02   The Palestinian-Danish Imam Monzer Abdullah (Imam and member of Hizb ut-Tahrir, Denmark)
NInternet Conference
July 23, 2017
00:05   In an authentic Hadith, the Prophet Allah blessed and greeted him —
00:10   Let us know that we would conquer Constantinople and Rome.
00:16   The final solution to the problems of the countries
00:20   of the Levant (Near East), after the establishment of the Caliphate and
00:24   the eradication of the Jewish State, is to conquer Europe.
00:29   The whole Mediterranean, with all its shores,
00:35   must become exclusively Muslim, in order to fulfill
00:41   the promise of the Prophet — may Allah bless and greet him — concerning the conquest of Rome.
00:48   Europe must be invaded. We must try a second time.
00:52   We need a new Tariq, who will cross the sea, cross the strait,
00:58   liberate Andalusia and bring it into Islam.
01:05   We need new Ottomans, who will return to the Balkan countries
01:11   and bring them back to Islam.
01:17   We need an army, made up of proud and pious believers,
01:26   who will set out from North Africa to conquer Rome — Allah willing.
01:33   So… thus, we… will…
01:42   fulfill our duty of jihad in the path of Allah,
01:51   to uphold His word, to raise His banner and to establish the Sharia
01:59   throughout the world. Jihad demands the conquest of Europe!
02:03   The jihad demands the conquest of Europe.
02:07   “Fight them until there is no more fitna (worship of anyone other than Allah)
02:13   and the religion is entirely Allah’s” (Quran 8:39).
02:17   The fitna can only be eliminated by eradicating capitalism and secularism.
02:25   Inviting Europeans to convert to Islam is not enough to put an end to fitna.
02:31   The fitna — this perversion — can only be eliminated
02:35   by the destruction of capitalism and secularism
02:40   and their replacement by an Islamic regime, or by the expansion
02:44   of the Islamic regime to the heart of the European continent,
02:49   the stronghold of the Crusaders, and… the invasion of their
02:54   bastions… and of their civilization… secularism,
03:00   thus eliminating once and for all the danger that awaits the countries of the Levant.

18 thoughts on “Christians Must Die!

  1. Absolute disgrace that removal of the graffiti would cost €500. In a sane society those who deface with graffiti would be horse whipped and made to clean their mess.

    If the Austrian officials had any sense, they would extract a few of Muhammed’s finest from their comfy prison cells and make them clean the mess. Better still would be to make them wear a pig costume as they did it.

    • Futurelearn is known to be extremely intolerant of criticisms directed towards their oppressive Asian communities or their Asia or China.

  2. It’s all right there in the Coran9. My first visit to London in decades was quite a shock. Plastic people easten away with and by Islam’s dregs. Disintegration. Just look at no go BoJo. Ladies first.

  3. I am tired of Islam and its endless threats and violence. 1400 years after the fake “Prophet” MHMD was poisoned by a survivor of one of his attempts to conquer, they still harp on about conquering the world for their fake “Allah” the moon god. They still don’t get it. The world does not want to know about your crazy schemes. What part of “Not want” do you pagans fail to perceive? You bomb, kill and murder us, filch our welfare systems, commit crimes more than any other group, and continue to demand we convert to your “Cult”. As a Bishop with a Doctorate in Theology, I see nothing of value in your benighted cult.

    You cult destroyed the Roman Empire and the Hindu civilisation. Four hundred millions dead thanks to Islam and its ambitions. Does that not inform your tiny minds-that tiny itch between the ears- that we in the West do not want, nor will “revert” any time soon? I will never revert, as I have a penchant for Christ and I hate and loath Satan.

    I equate “Allah” with the above. I could overlook your threats as those of pathetic minds incapable of using any sense of intellect but your murderous and despicable behaviour means that I cannot ignore your dangerous ambitions. Bishop Odo fought with William the Conqueror in 1066 against the Saxon King Harold.

    We Bishops are forbidden to carry arms in war but Odo carried a club. We Bishops must not draw blood. However, such is my natural disgust with creatures and postures like this video shows, I will seek dispensation from the Church to join my fellow Britons and Europeans on the Front line.

    You people have squandered any claim to humanity and consideration normally to be shown in time of war under the Geneva Convention. You have exterminated fellow Moslems, Christians, Yazidis, Hindus and Buddhists and thousands of others- all innocents. I swear on their graves I would rather die on a battlefield than give way to such simpering arrogant filth that is unique in history. Even Churchill wrote about this.

    And I don’t care if any fool is offended. Mind over matter. I don’t care and these “things” don’t matter. Sorry for my rant that is not perhaps appropriate for a Churchman but these “things” offend me at every level of my Being.

    • Thank you, Bishop, for your fervid defense of all that is civilized by so roundly condemning that which is not.

    • I don’t blame you for being agitated. There is something wrong with people when they get along well with sparse accounts, exaggerations, throwing out the quotes of Jesus, vague testimony, and lesser parables. Its very damaging when the koran throws out a quote by Moses where he made Jews traitors for perverted relationships with the stars. Biblical people have a long history of being attacked by those who worship around the stars or have moon or sun gods so it was a fair statement by him. In place of this valuable quote the author of the koran put a fable about Moses and used it as evidence to kill your kid if they reject islam.

      I am a nazarite so God made me go through murder practice. He selected muslims in Egypt to do it with because God wanted to show me how intimate He is with murder. He would say when they were going to try to get me and then me or the police would foil them. Once God told me I was about to see a murder and then a couple days later I saw a muslim kill a european.

      When God wanted to attack abortion though He went around the democracies, not islam. He mixed His judgment against abortion with the blood of those people who died in Joel 2.30. God also once altered my vision when a lady I was with said she supported abortion. For a few seconds He gave her the face of a ghoul with blonde hair. For me, the most troubling part of the bible is Ezekiel 9. The role there that causes God to intervene against murderous jihad is an attack against those who have no grief over abortion so it is a threat to some people I know, but they do deserve to figuratively get chased by hatchets because they support doing that to the little ones.

  4. Ah. At least the newcomer seems to have used his or her German classes well.

  5. The imam responsible for these seditious outpourings should be prosecuted and, subject to due process, should be imprisoned and expelled as he and his kind are clearly unfit to live in a civilised country. I have been to many muslim majority countries and Mr Trump described them accurately. The only things islam produces consistently are uncontrolled violence and islamic nutjobs who carry it out.

    • This is why we a losing the fight against islam, because you truly believe we can use civilized means with uncivilized savages. Taking the high moral ground in fighting islam only gets you buried in it.

  6. Why hasnt this murderer been arrested for hate speech?

    Se have to keep being dafamed by these savages from toilet hole locations,

    If u or me spouted this speevh wed have eussr gestapo kickimg in u front door

    I need to know why this paki scum muscum has not been arrested? Is going to be arresred? Fined, jailed, expozed, or thats just for christians.???

    • That uncivilized bearded savage won’t be touched, the authorities are afraid of them, they are not afraid of us, yet.

  7. Some of you do not know there is a Jew named Daniel who was greatly beloved by God so he was given some decisive words which cause God to intervene and crush the murderous assault on biblical people. In Daniel 7:9, God intervenes against murder dressed in lamb’s wool. This is an act of support for the idea that Jesus is the Lamb of God. This act overthrows the koran’s assertion that Jesus did not die on the cross, so it is an event that produces a momentous biblical victory. The narrator of the koran threw out biblical prophecy of the crucifixion and several detailed accounts of the event and replaced these accounts with a vague statement that Jesus did not die on the cross, it just appeared that way. He did not even bother to take his readers seriously enough to say whether they killed someone who looked like Jesus or He was left for dead and revived, so he himself does not deserve to be taken seriously. A lot of people have died since this false witness was given credibility. The word in Daniel 7.9 shows the bible was prepared to break off this deadly relationship.

    The action in the word of Daniel that directly caused God to do this victorious judgment was the uprooting of 3 kings. God recently accomplished this unusual feat when He fulfilled Joel 2.30. God went into the 3 most powerful democracies and showed numerous times He is much more talented than people at knowing when somebody is being killed. This is an ominous act for murderers across the world. The blood of Christians murdered by Rome, the blood of John the Baptist and the blood of small Jews murdered by Herod was used in a petition and they successfully prompted God to practice His unmatched knowledge of killing events. God wanted to give these victims a role in ending murder in the world, so God selected them to prompt Him to do the decisive acts in Joel 2.30. God also showed during these events that those killed in the womb are raised from the dead, and stated abortion supporters aren’t qualified to see the return of Jesus since their behavior is so different from His innocent miracles. This happened because it says in the prophets God knits life in the womb, which makes abortion an attack against God. Jesus threatened people who disobey the word of the prophets, so God used the events of Joel 2.30 to begin to fulfill the threat against those who violated His command about life in the womb. Joel 2.30 exists so God can attack the murderous trinity of satan, false government and false religion described in Revelation 12 and 13 and crush the rebellion against His laws.

    The great words of Daniel are worthy of facilitating the return of Jesus since they are an attack against murder, killing in the womb and the deadly jihad. This is why God determined the word of Daniel prevails over the gospel of the saints in verse 25. Jesus is no doubt the King of the Jews when He fulfills the biblical strategy against murder that Daniel and the other prophets created with and for Him. Also, saying words about God does not make someone evil, or God evil, if God turned him into a slave. God made a lifelong slave in psalm 88 to be a witness to the events of Joel 2.30 so the much needed acts in Daniel can be fulfilled. This experience is vital to the fulfillment of the bible’s strategy against murder. Some people have their pants on the ground for saying terrible things about a little horn and hoping they get raptured before he comes.

    There are numerous unfulfilled prophecies in the bible which show God is trying to qualify more people for the return of Jesus. Amos says the dreams of the prophets prompt God to intervene against the murder of Jews in Samaria. Isaiah 18 is one such place that helps make the dreams of Amos come true. There a warning is given from the most potent nation. It is from a country known for supporting Jews in Israel, allowing biblical testimony, and for producing technology which helps the whole world know when Jesus is here. Thus, the murderous acts of September 11 were unsuccessful at eliminating the role of some in America who give these gifts to Zion and help produce a biblical victory. The fact there are dozens of peculiar statements like the ones in Daniel, Isaiah or Amos that are good for a warning when they are suddenly coordinated together means a shocking intervention by God is more likely to happen. They reveal God is motivated to remove people who are attacking Him.

    Jeremiah 30 says the most deadly time in Jewish history, which took place 75 years ago, is near the end of the murder of Jews. This means God is due to fulfill the word of Jeremiah soon.

    Anyone with an ability to reason should bet on a well coordinated strategy against murder among dozens of men who never met before that took over a thousand years to build over the bluster of a large group of people who lie and exaggerate before killing somebody.

  8. What Christians? Seems like whatever Christians were left have all disappeared since the Covid 19 Lockdown. The Iman better start thinking about feminists, gays, commies, neurotics , pussy hat wearing cops nand germ phobes since Europe has millions of them.

    • The perfect fit. Maybe this deadly Chinese freak attack that has driven the west back into the trenches has created cause for reflection. Will consumerism and feminism start to wear off as REALITY checks in? Interesting times – as they say.
      Never a dull moment.

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