Well, the Emperor’s Naked

Many thanks to CrossWare for translating this op-ed from the Hungarian news site Vasarnap.hu:

Well, the emperor’s naked

by Francesca Rivafinoli
March 31, 2020

For the precise news consumer who hard-hacks other articles out of a flood of current infection rates, curfews, and opposition dictatorships, can find such things in the small print today:

  • The migrants who wanted to enter the EU are turning back from the Turkish-Greek border.
  • The Polish nurses illegally working abroad are going home.
  • The European Parliament is limiting its functions to those that are essential.

Some quite serious axioms are failing here, let’s face it.

Here, for example, the European Parliament, which up until now has presented the world every month with sweeping resolutions on cardinal issues such as ‘the situation of LGBTQ people in Uganda’, and threatened to frown on anyone who does not fully comply (even in faraway Oceania) or meet the expectations of the LIBE Committee [European Parliament Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs] in Brussels. We look now at the agendas that focus on “fundamental” issues curtailed because of COVID-19, and what we see is that all human rights issues have been deleted without a second thought.

From a logical point of view, issues such as ‘equality for women in Vanuatu’ or even ‘intersectional disadvantages for the mesquite LGBTQ community in the Falkland Islands’ are now no longer ‘fundamental’ problems for the European Union. We understand that, too.

Then there is the home of Martin Schulz and Manfred Weber, the superlative Germany, who teach us about European values at all times, and it turns out that they have about 270,000 Polish nurses, 90% of their total guest workers doing their job totally illegally, as is fully known by the authorities. And now, as these women go home to their families, the voice of panic can be heard on the German public television channel about those evil Poles, who left hundreds of thousands of poor elderly Germans without provision. Because these Poles are “not in solidarity”, unlike us Germans, who are full of European values, in solidarity, and who allow them to for care and push our helpless elders illegally, without any registration, and for all this, we pay as little as we can to suck them away from the health systems of countries to the east.

Which arrogance has already broken the barrier with German commentators, who even raise the unorthodox question of whether they should instead stand on their own, rely on domestic, national resources, rather than on the import of shoddy cheap labor. “Guten Morgen”, one could say.

And as if that was not enough of a slap in the face, the pandemic landed another punch on European progressivism where it hurts the most: the mantra that migrants cannot be kept outside the borders of the EU, and masses would lose their lives in the Mediterranean Sea if there were no NGO ships cruising there. For wonders, a single closed border and a sufficient number of Greek border police smoothly dissuaded migrants who desired to land in Europe. And at sea, rescue is in order, although the Ocean Viking hangs around in the Marseilles harbor — the rest of the ships are not abandoning the people, but they are all being taken back to the Libyan coast.

Of course, it is possible to refer to the epidemic as a force of God, and to call the isolation of migrants strictly transient, but in this case the other established narratives are collapsing: on the one hand, when it comes to brain surgeons and working ventilator operators, migration-favouring politicians should send airplanes to bring in migrants to relieve the European health system; on the other hand, if the reception of migrants is life-saving philanthropy, it is incomprehensible why, right now, they are left in danger and why we do not see in the news that Carola Rackete [captain of the Sea Watch 3] is delivering masks and quick tests to Libya or building epidemic hospitals in Turkish refugee camps.

This lipid-enveloped RNA virus seems to be revealing at an astonishing rate what many have guessed: the emperor posing with a robe of European values is really very naked. We hope we may get something out of the emergency — one might even win something.

21 thoughts on “Well, the Emperor’s Naked

  1. Germans had another dirty move at the beginning of the epidemic. Example Hungary ordered a large quantity health masks, breathing machines and other apparatus from China, which was landed in Hamburg port. The Germans simply took the ordered and paid shipment and kept it for themselves. Here you go “European values” and solidarity they always yakking about. Orbán then contacted with China and sent airplanes directly there. getting other shipments of the necessary equipment. I do not have to tell you, most conservative people has a VERY LOW opinion of the EU and Germany. (We share this feeling with the Italians)

    • Hi there I/m from Poland..”Traditional” Christian-conservative in Polish version.
      Contrary to pools and political statements ,EU is no much popular in Poland ether..
      We Poles identifying EU as a German political tool and attempt to colonize economically this part of Europe..
      Lebensraum ,Mitleurope , Generalplan Ost ist stil fresh in our national memory..
      We see with clarity now.for which purpose Lisbon Treaty was design and who is main beneficiary of it..
      West Europe didn’t learn anything from II World War..They see a developing problems in Europe “business as usual” When they are pressed about Europe spiraling into abyss ,immediately denial mechanism is applied..No willing to analise no deeper reflection..
      Self serving attitude prevalent everywhere .
      There is growing deeper and deeper division in Europe by days..
      We in CEE understand now if we are to survive and save our Cultural ,Historical and Moral heritage ,new concept and form of economical,political Union in CEE area has to be created..because EU is failing enterprise ..Mather of time when will collapse.. US also see this dynamics and understand necessity of Geo-poitical shift in Europe
      As you probably know, with US help we in CEE are developing new entity call 3 Seas Initiative..180 mln population and 60 % Europe territory ( without Russia)..
      I/m writing this for our American friends ,to let them know we are not in slumber like our “west” neighbors .We want Europe to survive..and we feel responsible for Europe future ..Regards

    • has this embezzlement been reported to the competent law enforcement agencies? Which Germans took the items? Just follow the money. Has captain Hook migrated to Hamburg?
      This reminds me of legends that were spread centuries ago about a minority with a capital “J” that allegedly profanated sacred christian objects and had newborn babies for breakfast. Give me a break,please.

      • Don’t be naive !!
        ALL German State Agencies now about this .The same story in Holland,England,Belgium..
        Theirs “economical success” is a effect of Slave Workers policy by Decades in their country..
        Only satisfaction we have now ,there will be NO Spargel (Asparagus) and Strawberries and other greens on German table this spring..
        500 000 Seasonal Slave Workers Army from Oste Europe wont show up there due to close borders..All will rotten in theirs fields..

        • not entirely,Maria. Just had my first asparagus this year. It was delicious, sorry.

          • You may have your Spargel..Only think you Germans are concern..Eat god,drink god,,on expenses of others..
            I have bad news for toy..it may be yours last Spagel//
            Rest of the Europe wont put up with this self serving Germany b…..t anymore..I just read NATO forces has been dispatch in EU to organize effort to combat Pandemic..
            NATO you Germans so much despise ..Yours Lisbon EU nowhere around..and people by hundreds are dying ..To much busy with condemning Hungary or consuming Spargel with Champagne perhaps ..

          • German style,low ball sarcasm..[I have a low opinion of you]…
            People are dying and what you German only care is Spagelzeit..

          • I dislike asparagus, and would trade every sprout of it for cabbage, beets, potatoes, beans, carrots, and turnips. Strawberries, however, are another matter…

  2. the opinion of the eu is even lower here in Britain believe me its way lower.

  3. Yes it is true. Most of the eastern european nurses work illegally, often in care of one single person in their home. And it was 24/7 for about 1500€ p.m.
    in cash, no IRS involved. Now why would a qualified nurse do that in the first place,one wonders. To be frank, if I would be paid three times my income abroad, I would leave tomorrow.

    • Those “eastern european nurses work illegally”…
      Show me a source of your info SVP !!
      Slave Workers that’s what it is !!
      My neighbor is a this ” illegal nurse” in Retirement Home in Hanau..
      As is properly stated City of Hanau refuse to give her an employment contract..
      Instead they propose Contract of Mandate for limited Time..
      Contract gives all advantages to German Employer and depraving a person any Workers rights..
      BUT !! she still have to pay taxes in Poland because money income ..
      Please do NOT circle around lies and misinformation some of German idiot..who has no clue or purposely lying.to show Poles nurses in the bad light..
      Yes she is making 6 Euro/hour..and all expenses are on her..
      Local German nurse with full time Contract for the same job and ALL worker Rights is taking 28 Euros for hour .
      This give you a test why ordinary hard working CEE people feel about Germany and EU the way they feel like..Much worse conditions are applied by DUTCH !! They are real suckers where work abuse take place..
      This is real picture so call One Europe and European Solidarity..

      • 6 € per hour? this is below minimum legal standard. I would take a lawyer and sue the institution.And the 28€ ph nurse only gets about half of it cash, due to taxes, unemployment insurance and retirement fonds.
        I quoted a case of a friend who paid the nurse of his private wallet.And by the way, is anybody forced to work abroad? I seriously doubt that.
        And in case you forgot: the war ended 75 years ago. Psychologists would talk about projection when individuals judge by their own standards circumstances beyond their influence.

  4. I used to like the word ‘values’. But it over the latest decades it has been so overused, misused and abused that I have become allergic to it. Especially when they go with the adjectives like ‘European’ or ‘democratic’. It seems nowadays this word is used either by fools or by shameless demagogues.

  5. The elites and their provisional wings seem far better equipped for putting into place as much disruption as possible given the opportunity the virus presents. In suspect this has all been worked out on the training ground, so to speak, and the whole apparatus was ready to go. It is very, very difficult to know if one is watching the elite globalist agenda go down like the Titanic, or whether that is what they want you to think. Misdirection, as magicians call it. Great piece, as ever.

    • Bildenberg Group schooling..one of them..
      I/m shivering just thinking ,what would happen by now if Trump wasn’t in the White House..

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