We Will Exterminate the Police!

In the following video, Antifa operatives in France burn a home-made banner supporting the police, and threaten to exterminate the police.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   You can’t leave this here.
00:04   [Banner]) Thank you to our police for their engagement and courage
00:08   Go ahead burn it. (Made by the residents of Montereau-Fault-Yonne,
00:11   stolen and burned by the anarchists) —Never forget, never forgive.
00:17   [?] Anti-fascist! [?] Anti-Fascist!
00:22   Never forget, never forgive.
01:03   You’re gonna understand what a group of dirty pigs they are.
01:21   We’re going to exterminate you, you dirty traitors.

7 thoughts on “We Will Exterminate the Police!

  1. ANTIfa is made up of cowards and bullies. They really are so stupid that they cant even understand that THEY are the Fascists. I encountered some of them at two Pro-Trump rallies last hear in Nashville, TN. We just laughed at them and ridiculed them. Soon the police intervened and threatened to arrest them for harrassing us. They scrambled away on their bicycles. LOL

    • You were lucky to be in the area you’re in. By and large, the right can protect themselves from Antifa. The problem comes in when the police and government prosecutors intervene to arrest and prosecute people for defending themselves and let the Antifa perpetrators of violence slide. This happened in Charlottesville.

  2. The nazis, are Antifa! And leftists, feminists.

    The fascists of the future will call themselves “anti-fascists”

    Winston Churchill….

    • and typical arab hyperbolism! When push comes to shove, they are the first to run away like chicken.ref. arab wars. And if they are ready to die, which they often are, this just serves as prove of the worthlesness of their own lifes that is ingrained in them.

  3. In my early youth I lived in the South of France. I remember seeing these same really nasty anti “Flics” warnings painted on walls everywhere. The accents have changed. “Les Flics” is French slang for the police.

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