Violate the COVID Narrative, Get Sent to the Looney Bin

Beate Bahner is a German lawyer who specializes in medical issues. Earlier this month she raised a stink about the strict quarantine measures the government had imposed to fight the Wuhan Coronavirus, calling them a violation of the German constitution. By her own account, she was violently subdued and forcibly committed to a psychiatric institution.

The report below takes pains to be even-handed, presenting Ms. Bahner’s account, and also the opinions of those who think she truly is a lunatic, or has been hysterically grandstanding. In any case, crazy or not, the fact remains that she was involuntarily committed to a mental institution because of what she said about the ChiCom flu.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

04:52   The Missing Part — How is dissent in the Corona debate punished?
04:57   With disregard, with ridicule or even by being admitted into a psychiatric hospital?
05:02   The latter might have been the case with the specialist lawyer Beate Bahner in Heidelberg, Germany.
05:07   However, the story isn’t quite that simple, after all.
05:10   Here’s a report about the curious case from Aaron Morhoff.
05:15   Beate Bahner, a lawyer who has become the symbol of the Corona crisis.
05:19   For some she is a resistance fighter. For others she’s a “confused” lawyer.
05:24   The Bahner case, which could become the biggest political issue
05:28   of the Corona crisis, is quite new, but already very powerful.
05:31   It went from being a complaint about unconstitutionality to the accusation of breaking the law
05:35   and then being admitted to a psychiatric hospital. “Then they pushed me to the ground,
05:39   in the dirt, and used massive police violence.”
05:43   There are only hours between her voice message, her release,
05:47   and being accompanied by cheering fans.
05:50   It all started at the beginning of April. On the lawyer’s website,
05:54   Beate Bahner explains why the shutdown is unconstitutional,
05:58   and why this is the biggest legal scandal the Federal Republic of Germany has ever experienced.
06:04   Among other things, she demanded that all previous Corona measures be reversed immediately.
06:10   Her efforts remained unsuccessful. The constitutional complaint
06:14   questioning the legality of the measures was rejected
06:17   by the constitutional court. Since Beate Bahner had also called for a demonstration, the
06:21   public prosecutor’s office is presently investigating her call for a public demonstration as a crime.
06:26   The events snowballed over the Easter holidays.
06:29   First, there was a voice message which circulated on Telegram
06:32   that was allegedly sent by Beate Bahner:
06:35   Then he pushed me back down to the ground and slammed my head onto
06:39   the stone-paved street from the height of one meter [three feet].
06:42   Nobody said anything. Nobody reacted. Then they forced me
06:46   to spend the whole night in the Guantanamo-like high-security wing
06:50   of the psychiatric hospital. I was on the floor.
06:53   No toilet. There was a sink, with no soap or towel.
06:57   According to Bahner’s description, the arrest resulted in gross mistreatment
07:01   and degrading measures against her.
07:05   The lawyer doesn’t understand why this happened.
07:09   I can tell you it’s all much, much, much worse than I wrote
07:14   in my emergency appeal to a Federal Constitutional Court.
07:17   It’s so horrible, but now I’m here and the 83 million people in Germany
07:21   and the five billion people around the world don’t understand
07:26   what kind of tyranny has been set up here, overnight,
07:30   using lies and deceit and the biggest fake story with fear and scaremongering.
07:34   Apart from the indignation about how
07:39   the lawyer was treated, voices have popped up now and again that actually doubt her sanity.
07:46   The German daily newspaper TAZ even spread the rumour
07:49   that Beate Bahner was a staged performance art project.
07:52   Even many of the lawyer’s sympathizers have raised questions
07:56   about her unconventional publications and statements.
07:59   There’s no doubt, however, that Beate Bahner is considered
08:03   a first-class lawyer. She’s a specialist lawyer for medicine
08:07   and health law, and has published several books. She’s been working
08:11   with her law firm for 25 years and successfully sued
08:15   the Federal Constitutional Court three times.
08:19   What do the official authorities say to Bahner’s accusations?
08:23   On Tuesday afternoon, a police statement was published
08:27   which reads like a counter-statement to the lawyer’s voice message. —On Sunday evening, shortly
08:32   before 8 P.M., a witness informed the police that a woman had stated that she was being followed.
08:36   According to the police, a patrol was sent to ascertain Bahner’s identification.
08:41   Thereupon she resisted by defending herself,
08:45   kicking a police officer several times. As a result, the suspect
08:48   is being investigated on suspicion of assault and resistance
08:51   against a police officers. —Following that, Bahner was admitted
08:54   to the University Hospital of Heidelberg. On Tuesday evening,
08:57   after two days in the psychiatric ward, Beate Bahner was released
09:01   and on Wednesday she was summoned by the police,
09:04   where the lawyer was received by the press and fans.
09:10   The summons was in connection with the ongoing proceedings against the lawyer.
09:14   The first public appearance of Bahner was hard to classify,
09:18   because it seemed bizarre and raised more questions
09:22   than it answered. —It was very friendly, and it was nice.
09:27   It was nice? —Yes, they are very nice people.
09:32   Whether she was agitated in her voice message and exaggerated
09:36   the events, or whether the police statement is untrue
09:39   And plays down the incident, we may never know.
09:43   Although the police base their actions on the mentally ill assistance law,
09:47   the other side of the story leaves a serious accusation in the room:
09:52   Beate Bahner was placed in a clinic against her will
09:56   for political motives. In any case, there was no court order for her being committed.
10:00   The lawyer from Heidelberg has become the symbol of the Corona crisis.
10:06   The Bahner case doesn’t help the increasing tensions within the populace,
10:10   but she does illustrate the symptoms.
10:17   We have tried to reach Ms. Bahner, but unfortunately
10:20   our numerous attempts to contact her remain unanswered.
10:23   We would be happy to make up for this at any time.
10:28   So if Ms. Banner sees this, you can send us an email at
10:33   And while we’re on the subject, in Switzerland,
10:37   a doctor was reported to the police by an acquaintance,
10:41   Who is also a politician, because of his critical comments.
10:46   The doctor was allegedly armed and was making threats on social media.
10:51   The Allgäu police department sent special unit
10:54   to the cardiologist’s home and arrested him. False alarm!
10:58   The doctor spent a few days in a psychiatric institution. He has since been released.

9 thoughts on “Violate the COVID Narrative, Get Sent to the Looney Bin


    PI News has not reported on this again since 16.04. However, the English of the above URL is a quote from the video of her astounding ca. 150 supporters by saying to them outside the police HQ in Heidelberg:

    “Don’t read the right-wing lying press! Don’t believe it”

    She also described the audio voice message apparently coming from her and describing police brutality as “fake news”.

    • Doubts raised in the comments section of that PI thread:
      – How does one get an audio message out into the public while interned in a mental health institution?
      – Her web server was closed by her ISP upon request by authorities and reopened a few days later, now containing a document she supposedly wrote and which exposes her lunatic side. Any questions about its authenticity?

    • I understood her performance in front of those 150 supporters – who took some risk with meeting in spite of the Corona restrictions – as very strong irony. I mean, she told them she had been travelling through Europe during the last two weeks, visiting museums and Opera Houses (nothing of which is, as everyone knows, possible right now), and furthermore her injuries had not been inflicted by police, but by herself, falling from her bike, while riding drunkenly over the meadows near the river Neckar which, according to her, were packed with people (which is impossible, too, at the moment). And other things, that sounded exactly like “Oh no, my husband didn’t hit me. He would never do that. It was clumsy stupid me, falling down the stairs.”

      All in all, I do not know what to think of her. If she says (or said) the truth and really was mistreated, it’s outrageous. But on the other hand, she may very well be mentally unstable and in the current situation have finally lost it. It wouldn’t be so surprising, after all.

  2. Germany learned well from the USSR.

    Sad. GErmany can lock him up, but the Truth is still out there.

  3. Unbelievable, just speechless how this traitors can make you a crazy person for telling the truth , that Germany for today, very scary and sad , … Germans are done really…

    • All power to her elbow!
      However I would submit that the GREATEST
      Constitutional abuse of the German Federation
      Was Mutti Merkel throwing open the country’s
      Borders, ultimately destroying her nation within,
      Along with many other parts of Europe too.

      No doubts any flouting of the lock down “rules”
      By the new Muslim Germans will be ignored.

    • Very good article, Germany is becoming Soviet Union , horrific, Thnaks to Merkel’s regime…

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