The Call to Prayer in Berlin

Due to the Wuhan Coronavirus, public religious services may not be held in Berlin. In compensation, churches are allowed to ring their bells, and in order not to discriminate against Muslims, mosques are also allowed to broadcast the call to prayer. In an unfortunate setback for “social distancing” in the German capital, the ululations of the muezzin induced a large crowd of the faithful to gather in front of the mosque, all of them ignoring the two-meter rule.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating the German portions of this RT video, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

MissPiggy has also translated texts about the call to prayer in Berlin. First, a tweet from the Berlin police:

About 300 people gathered in front of a mosque in #Neukölln today during prayer calls. The Imam, the OA @BerlinNkl & our colleague, only partially succeeded in persuading those present to keep their distance. The prayer was ended prematurely in agreement with the Imam. #covid19

— Police Berlin Einsatz (@PolizeiBerlin_E) April 3, 2020

See also this article (in German) with several other videos. A translation of the article:


Berlin Neukölln: Corona party with “Allahu Akbar” calls (Video)

After a call to prayer from a Berlin mosque (since Corona lockdown now allowed), which is under supervision by German domestic intelligence, about 300 people gathered yesterday in Neukölln with calls of Allahu Akbar. The police barely managed to stop people from gathering or make them keep the required distance form each other, etc. Our video of the day comes from Berlin and shows scenes that took place yesterday in front of the Neukölln “meeting place”. Philosophia Perennis abstains from any commentary; the images and context speak for themselves. The video also shows a policeman running through the crowd, before disappearing behind the gate of the mosque. However, the police seem to have dispersed the “event” after all.

This can still be seen in the following video report. Just 20 minutes after the publication of our article, the YouTuber has set his video to private. There are many other people who have taken pictures.

Equal rights for all? Really?

The Bundestag member Nicole Höchst: “Huh? The prayer could be ended in agreement with the Imam.” We can all be glad that the imam agreed. Or else…?

What would have happened without this agreement? Why was this agreement so important that it even needs to be mentioned here? What would be done if, for example, Catholics were to gather? What would be done if demonstrators gathered for Germany?

According to further information from the police, the leaders of the Neukölln Mosque have assured the police that they will announce on social media that the faithful do not have to appear in person in front of the mosque at the call to prayer.

Video transcript:

00:07   (Sign) “I hear your call” — Call to prayer as a sign of solidarity in the Corona Crisis.
00:59   It is a sign of cooperation, of pulling together, and a sign of solidarity.
01:06   Our society needs that in times like this. In times of crisis, when people are afraid,
01:12   are in despair and don’t understand what is going on.
01:17   There’s an enemy on the prowl that is invisible.
01:21   Religion is there to provide cohesion, peace and security.
01:30   (Sign) From April 3, 2020 at 6pm there will be a Christian and Muslim call to prayer daily and at 1:30pm on Fridays.
01:34   The congregation want to convey hope, assurance and solidarity through this action.
01:46   There will be no prayer gathering. Everyone on the street
01:50   please maintain the required distance from one another.
03:05   The bells will ring today at the same time that
03:08   the muezzin performs the call to prayer in our neighboring mosque. We aren’t allowed
03:13   to call them to our houses of worship, but we can remind them that they can pray to God.
03:16   It’s a sign of solidarity between the Muslims and the Christians here in Berlin-Neukölln.
03:22   We want to show that this virus doesn’t recognize the difference between religions.
03:30   It doesn’t avoid places of worship, and that is why we aren’t able to meet physically.
03:35   However, we are sending a message of unity and solidarity.

16 thoughts on “The Call to Prayer in Berlin

  1. This is beyond disturbing!!, in the Christian country !! They allow yell in Arabic!!, , by microphone!!, it’s becoming like in this 3th. World countries where Christians and Muslim live “ together “ but Muslim slaughtering the Christians at Easter and Christmas, it’s just unbelievable what this traitor elite prepared for German people , and all Christians/Europeans on this continent..

    • Yes , they are coming soon to take over after this “Corona “ histeria, they already buying companies and firms , ..

      • Like Adolph and his Nazis before them I imagine the Chinese Communists have a few old scores they want to settle. As with the Muslims it’s a total mf how so much is being
        either handed over or so easily taken over by their utterly hostile ideology.

  2. that was a staged provocation, a rehearsal for the coming ramadan- sessions.
    Should these gatherings be terminated by law enforcement, then the crybabies will claim that their religious freedom was infringed and sue the state at a UN court. But I am disgressing: law will not intervene!

  3. May I add a tidbit of humor in the easter petiod?
    Allright. Merkel is on a official visit to Israel. The stress an still latent corona infection cause herb to die of a heart attack.
    The diplomats check the cost of transfer to Berlin, about 25.K €.
    An isreali diplomat suggests that a funeral can be done on site for only 1K €.
    After a minute of contemplation, the Germans made up their mind and said:
    OK, we bury her in Berlin. This here country has a history of deceased rising from graves.

  4. “the ululations of the muezzin induced a large crowd of the faithful to gather in front of the mosque, all of them ignoring the six-meter rule.”

    The “six-meter rule”? I thought the separation between persons was governed by a six-foot rule, a.k.a. a one-meter rule.

    • I see now (0:55 in the video) that it’s “Bitte Abstand 2m halten!”: “Please keep 2m apart.”

  5. Solidarity between Christians and these devil worshipers? Ruins of Notre-Dame Cathedral is still there.

    • Exactly, that was year ago , this beautiful master piece was destroyed by Muslim workers , they don’t even mention nothing about it ..

  6. Coughing and spitting at people while infected… deliberately ignoring the Police… and now sounding the call to prayer in the lands of the Infidels. The Peaceful followers of the RoP are loving this.

  7. I have always found that if you can coordinate with the local churchs to ring their bells at the caterwauling times by 3rd world savages, it really drives them nuts. Or, from personal experience in muslim countries, make or order 10 foot speakers and play some Wagner, or AC/DC or Rammstein to really rattle them when that bloody caterwauling begins. Make a fun and exciting game of it, and always keep your magazine fed bundle of joy near you, just in case one of those 3rd worlders has a sudden case of sudden jihad syndrome.

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