Ride-by Shooter Arrested in Malmö

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Samhällsnytt about a arrests made in a drive-by (on bikes) shooting case in the southern Swedish city of Malmö:

22-year-old man arrested for drive-by murder in Malmö

In November of last year a 15-year-old youth with a non-Western immigrant background was shot to death outside a pizzeria on Möllevången in Malmö. Another youth was found shot and seriously wounded. Now a 22-year-old is a suspect with probable cause in the gang-related murder.

The arrest decision was made by a Malmö district court on Friday. The arrested 22-year-old has a non-Western immigrant background and was previously convicted of crimes, aggravated assault among others, for which he was sentenced to 75 hours of youth service (usually gardening or cleaning work) “on the grounds of good behavior”. He was also convicted for driving without a license.

Three other persons, two 22-year-olds and a 21-year-old, were arrested in the same case. In the absence of strong enough evidence for involvement in the murder and attempted murder, for the time being the prosecutor chose to charge them only for narcotics offenses.

All three have non-Western immigrant backgrounds and have been previously convicted of various crimes, such as drug offenses, assault, drunkenness, threats, and more. They are well-known to police as figures in criminal gangs in the extremely problematic, so-called “vulnerable” and immigrant-dominated neighborhood of Seved.

The two crime victims were also previously known to police, according to information. It is unclear what specific conflict among the concerned persons lies behind the shootings.

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  1. Hmm, one culture enricher shoots and kills another in Sweden? I wouldn’t arrest him for such an act; better to give him a bounty, or at worse, charge him with littering. Maybe he can teach the rest of them how to properly aim with their weapons. Such effectiveness needs to be encouraged, then when there is only one left like in Highlander, he can be deported back to whatever feces-hole he slithered from.

  2. This picture with all this black Muslim women with lots of kids is very concerning, looks like in a Muslim country, I can’t believe this is Sweden.. very frightening..

    • Probably all from the same male; people who do not understand the concepts of dysgenics, demographic suicide, ethnic replacement, etc., would do well to ponder that image. Within several decades that it takes them to come to adulthood and begin multiplying exponentially, native Swedes will find themselves at first outvoted minorities, then persecuted and slaughtered at will under tbe guise of law like white South Africans.

    • Nothing more than vermin that will be dealt with good ole fashioned methods when the time comes. They have no problem killing or raping our kids with impunity, so I absolutely feel nothing for theirs.

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