Resistance to the Lockdown in Chemnitz

Last week I posted a video of Muslims in Berlin crowded together in the street outside a mosque as the call to prayer was broadcast via loudspeaker. Police were present at the time, but did nothing to prevent the violation of social distancing regulations.

When German patriots gather, however, it’s a different matter. The following video shows the draconian restrictions imposed on anti-lockdown demonstrators in Chemnitz.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Where was this sort of dedication in Connewitz [Antifa HQ] in Saxony?
00:04   Why aren’t you doing this kind of police work there to maintain order?
00:16   Hello, dear viewers, from DS TV in Chemnitz, in front of the Karl Marx monument.
00:22   This is the area where the demonstration event will take place.
00:26   The citizens’ movement called Pro-Chemnitz is here being supported
00:31   by several local politicians and patriotic activists. They’re here for the demonstration against
00:38   the so-called Corona Dictatorship. This event or demonstration was initially prohibited.
00:47   This ban has since been overturned by the administrative court.
00:52   It was then permitted, but under very, very strict conditions. It is now a stationary rally.
01:00   The number of participants allowed was reduced to 15 people. Limited to just 15 people.
01:06   As you can see by looking at me, it was also stipulated that participants must wear masks.
01:15   In addition to that, every participant had his personal information recorded.
01:22   So now, despite the fact that a relatively large group of citizens
01:26   has gathered around the area where the rally is taking place,
01:30   they aren’t actually where the demonstration is, but are spectators,
01:34   more or less. Observing everything.
01:37   Just beforehand, there were shouts of “We are the people, we are the people!”
01:41   There is an atmosphere developing around us in this area.
01:45   The police, however, made sure that no more than
01:49   the permitted 15 people were able to enter the area.
01:54   I would like to welcome Mr. Kohlmann, but first I have to disinfect the microphone.
02:05   So, here I am, properly disinfected. Up until recently,
02:10   I was still standing in court and had to hear
02:15   accusations about participants in our demonstration wearing scarves on their face too high.
02:21   Now I’ll probably have to defend people who
02:25   were wearing their masks too low. How the times change.
02:29   At noon today, a little after noon, we received the notification
02:33   that we would be permitted to demonstrate here,
02:37   but only 15 people were allowed. We were quite furious.
02:42   We had planned for over 500 participants. 500 people.
02:48   The size of the area that we registered is two hectares.
02:53   So even if the 500 participants came, each person
02:57   had 40 square meters [430 sq. ft.] for themselves. That proves
03:01   exactly why we are demonstrating, because this isn’t about
03:04   our security. This isn’t about our health. This is about our freedom.
03:08   That’s exactly what they are taking away from us.
03:12   There is a very well-known saying that applies to
03:16   every period of time, which says if you fall asleep
03:19   during democracy you’ll wake up in a dictatorship.
03:23   By not wanting to admit to their over-zealous actions of the last few weeks and therefore having to
03:29   take responsibility for their unbelievable failure,
03:33   they remain stubbornly on their chosen course and now
03:37   deprive the people completely disproportionately
03:40   and therefore senselessly of their personal freedoms.
03:44   Although all those scientists who warned from the very beginning of the Corona hysteria about
03:50   the excessive overestimation of the danger of the virus were right, now businesspeople are deprived
03:57   of their businesses and really sick patients are denied the necessary hospital treatment.
04:04   Where was this merciless intervention of the state in the past when it came to fighting real crime?
04:12   Criminals! —Attention! Attention! Free citizens are speaking here! Let those people go!
04:21   Do you want your children to find out what you are doing here?
04:25   You’ll appear as the enablers of the newest form of fascism
04:29   in the history books with the insanity that is going on here.
04:36   Our lawyer has documented everything, so he can justify the follow-up.
04:46   Resistance! Resistance! Resistance!
04:55   Where was this sort of dedication in Connewitz [Antifa HQ] in Saxony?
04:59   Why aren’t you doing this kind of police work there to maintain order?
05:03   We have experienced a new dimension here today.
05:06   A new level of what I once called a constitutional state, or rather,
05:10   what remains of it. What has taken place is traumatic.
05:14   That citizens, completely peaceful citizens who were sitting
05:18   on the fringes of the assembly, are even now being taken away again.
05:22   Over there, point the camera over there.
05:39   During the course of the day it became very clear to me
05:42   that free democracy in Germany has been abolished, using the pretext of a virus
05:45   it’s very questionable whether that justifies the measures being used here.

5 thoughts on “Resistance to the Lockdown in Chemnitz

  1. Telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.
    The same thing happened in America with the Tea Party demonstrations that left the place cleaner than it was before they rallied, versus the “Occupy Wall Street” Social Justice Whiners (SJW) who wanted more free stuff, and the Antifa, most recently in Portland Oregon where they beat a reporter enough to create brain damage and put him in a hospital while the police merely watched.

  2. It’s actually quite in line with the emerging third-world character of European governments transitioning their populations to a third-world population. The police don’t act against criminals, because criminals are genuinely dangerous to deal with. The police show they are relevant by enforcing draconian laws against normal citizens unlucky enough to get caught in their net.

    The police know if they try to enforce any law at all on a gang of Muslim teens and 20-year olds congregating on a street, at the minimum, they will be in for a dangerous fight. Furthermore, their leaders are as likely to side with the Muslims as with the police in the case of any injuries.

    Therefore, you find the police hanging around docile demonstrators in droves, swooping in to arrest some 65-year old who sits too close to the street. The arrest record is the same for the police, and the policeman is more likely to go home uninjured.

    • The only logical conclusion to your comment is that we have to become like them.

      We turned from violence to civility. But if it is right what you say we need to turn back. The road we travelled was wrong.

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