Culture-Enricher Murders Teenage Boy in Oss

Last weekend a Sudanese asylum seeker launched a knife jihad in the Dutch village of Oss, allegedly stabbing a teenage boy to death when he rode by on his bicycle.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from De Telegraaf:

Rik van de Rakt (18) was attacked without reason

Suspected stabbing killer of bicyclist in Oss is refugee

by Mick van Wely
April 20, 2020

Oss — The 25-year-old man in custody for the stabbing death of Rik van de Rakt (18) from Heesch this weekend in Oss is an asylum-seeker from Sudan. The suspect is a status-holder and lives in Heesch. It is the second refugee arrested this year in Brabant for a fatal crime.

The police confirm the background of the suspect after an inquiry by De Telegraaf to the community of Bernheze, under which Heesch falls. “Today a search took place in his residence in Heesch. The investigation is still in full progress, and we are still looking for witnesses, especially the cyclist who was riding over the Hescheweg in Heesch on Sunday. The suspect will be brought before the examining magistrate tomorrow,” said a spokesperson from the East Brabant police.

Known to police

In the village there is much anger and sadness over the murder of the teenager who, as it now seems, was attacked and stabbed to death for no reason. It quickly became known in Heesch that the suspect was the 25-year-old status-holder. He had previously caused a nuisance in the village and was then also known to police. It was made known on Monday that the suspect was arrested in a confused state shortly after the murder.

In spite of the enormous impact of the deadly stabbing and multiple attempts by De Telegraaf, Mayor Mariecke Moorman did not wish to comment on the incident on Tuesday.

Found next to bike

Rik van de Rakt was found dead Sunday morning next to his bike in Oss at the interdection of Julianasingel and Dr Saal van Zwanenbergsingel in Oss. It later turned out that he was stabbed to death.

As it appears from camera photos, the perpetrator also tried to stab a woman. But she was able to escape the man. The police are still looking for witnesses to both attacks. The police say a terrorist motive is not yet ruled out. “There are no indications in that direction. However, at this stage, we are keeping all scenarios open,” said a spokesperson from East Brabant police.

He called his stepfather, Mario, and screamed for help,” said a friend of Rik’s Monday to De Telegraaf. For the grandparents, it is still a big mystery exactly what happened on Sunday morning.

Protests against AZC (asylum seekers’ center)

Four years ago, Heesch was turned upside down by large protests against the arrival of an asylum seekers’ center. Dead pigs were placed in a tree and eggs thrown against the windows of the town hall. The mobile squad had to intervene against rioters. The center was not opened.

The Sudanese is the second refugee in custody in Brabant on suspicion of murder. Last month police arrested a resident of the asylum seekers’ center in Echt for the murder of the 56-year-old barrel talker, Frank Schrijen, from Boxmeer (a major figure in the carnival world). The suspect comes from Trinidad and Tobago.

The lawyer for the Sudanese suspect in the stabbing in Oss was asked for rebuttal through the Public Ministry, but has not yet responded. De Telegraaf does not know who that is.

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