Christiane Amanpour Plays “Gotcha!” — And Loses

Many years ago, probably when I was working in Richmond right after 9-11, I used to watch the odious Christiane Amanpour on CNN from time to time. Not long afterwards I migrated to the blogosphere to get my news and stopped checking the MSM. Watching the video below, I notice that she hasn’t aged all that well.

In this clip you’ll see Ms. Amanpour attempt to ambush Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó with a piece of fake news. Her core assertion — that the Hungarian Parliament has shut down — is simply factually false. You can see her deflate as Mr. Szijjártó politely explains the true situation to her.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video (in English with Hungarian subtitles):

Hat tip: CrossWare.

11 thoughts on “Christiane Amanpour Plays “Gotcha!” — And Loses

  1. “You can see her deflate as Mr. Szijjártó politely explains” that the Hungarian parliament *is* in session. Sorry, I don’t see any deflation in Christiane Amanpour’s facial expression. She readily acknowledges her error, “Okay, well that’s news.”

    • Are you kidding ! ? “She readily acknowledges her error …”

      saying … “Okay, well that’s news.”

      She has just ranted at length about all the OTHER parliaments still open and functioning, then in a prosecutorial tone of voice challenges the Hungarian.

      He then delivers the coup de grace, setting it up very diplomatically, with all that praise and admiration of her show, and CNN, by informing her that she is, simply, flat WRONG !

      And she says “well, that’s news” … ! ! ! ? ?

      For God’s sake, she’s supposed to be in the NEWS business. It’s her *responsibility* to know, before she ‘informs’ the public. But she DOESN’T know, because she lives in the media bubble, inside the Greater Beltway.

      What the hell else could she say? (Having worked up such a lengthy preamble to her accusatory question, she was obliged to let the man speak for a bit, in answer. She could hardly interrupt him immediately, to call him a liar !)

      She then sat there, DEFLATED, with a stony, unhappy look on her face, while he continued with his answer.

      She’s been a smug and arrogant b*tch for years, and still is. (Probably the price to be paid for marrying into the Deep State, but I suspect she always was a b*.)

  2. She’s still sloppy, undisciplined, a feral leftist, and rather an unattractive cow. But her accent always had an East European intellectual semiotics, which was bogus, and now we see her for what she is.

    • What do you expect from someone who cannot even write her name in Latin alphabet? (it should be Amānpur). These Uncle Lenin’s Parrots have enjoyed their lives by spending someone else’s dough for so long. Time for change.

  3. That vile America-hater, Amanpour, has a painting of the 9/11 attack, replete with the burning Twin Towers, in her dining room.

  4. Well done, Mr. Péter.
    This week, the Frankfurter Allgemeine published a letter to the editor by former speaker of the parliament of the state of North-Rhine-Westphalia:
    he complained about MSM reports about Hungaria: quote:
    a country claims christianity, is against muslim immigration , holds traditional values and votes it by two thirds majority! This is just cruel in the eyes of the green-left inclined. How can the Hungarians dare?

  5. We should never have any doubt, what we here from different media outlets and politicians is a result of information laundering. That is a favorite tactic of the neo-Marxist globalist powers and their lackeys. First they invent some idiotic lies, then handing it over to their comrades, who repeat the same thing in a choir, then the original inventors of the lie, reporting in Hungary, that now even the CNN, New Your Times or Bernie have to include themselves, because the problem is sooooo big about the Orbánian “dictatorship”. The latest one is about how Orbán asked for emergency powers to fight the corona virus. Normally the government can ask for a 15 days period, which can be renewed periodically. The opposition, who are interested in larger number of infections and more death, tried to filibuster the next time the vote. That is why the government asked for an authorization not limited in time, which of course contained, that it is for the time of the epidemic and only about the fight against the virus. (so mostly health regulations) The Parliament which as we heard continued to work, can revoke this at any time. That is why the local opposition (The Soros Orphans) invented their latest fake news and you can all see, every station belongs to the NETWORK are spreading it, no matter how transparent that is. They just repeating it, because this is how a good Communist agit-prop department operates.

  6. Sad to see the never ending treachery and subversion the Left is committing – every chance they get – against their own ilk.

  7. And yet google has gaggle of sites to choose from to here Amanpour speaks against Fake News while spewing her anti-American lies.

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