A Minor Problem

‘So where are the young girls?’ ‘There they are.’

The following video is a brief split-screen of recent events in Germany. On the left side you’ll see Michael Kuffer a member of the Bundestag for the CSU, the Bavarian version of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrat party, the CDU. He is speaking on the floor of the Bundestag in the middle of last month, promising that the thousand “children” Germany agreed to take from the Greek migrant camps will almost all be little girls.

On the right of the screen are clips showing the arrival of the youngsters a month later — nary a chick among them.

Concerning the Junge Freiheit cartoon at the top of this post: The “ACAB” on the shirt of the child at the front of the queue stands for “All cops are bastards”. It’s a reference to a notorious photo of the arrival of the “refugees”, in which one of the little boys is wearing a shirt on which the acronym is prominently displayed.

For further context, see this post by Fred Alan Medforth.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation (and for helping me with the context), and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   These 1,000 to 1,500 children that Germany,
00:05   along with other European countries, pledged to take in
00:09   are either in need of medical attention due to severe illness,
00:16   minors younger than 14 years old without parents, and most of them are girls.
00:20   We’re talking about 1,000 children.
00:24   They are either in need of medical attention due to severe illness,
00:28   minors younger than 14 years old without parents, and
00:32   most of them are girls. We’re talking about 1,000 children.

14 thoughts on “A Minor Problem

    • Yet will this idiot be forced to eat his words?

      Will he make a public apology to the poor
      Tax payers who will bear the costs of this

      As far as night follows day these men NOT
      “Children” will have the right to be reunited
      With their “Families!”

      They will be a pick and mix, a motley crew
      Of free loaders too.

      For God’s sake when will the European public
      Wake up?

  1. Behold, the power of wishful thinking. See what you can achieve if you just believe. (Responsibility is such a messy issue, so don’t go there).

  2. I am astonished at the gall of this man with his lying!!!! Black is white and how many fingers am I holding up? If the party says 4 it is 4.

  3. Did the video mention that half the “kids” share the same birthday of 1 Januar 2006, making them 14 years old, the cutoff age?

  4. Take them all my dear Germans.
    Your politicians have destroyed my country not only economically but also by helping Turkey to push thousand of “refugees”on our islands,who also are infected with the Covid-19.
    Can you immagine the burden on the health system of a poor country?
    In Evros river we saved not only ourselves but also Europe,especially Germany and as a “thank you” that woman von Layen (or whatever her name is) promised to our government 700.ooo.ooo euros NOT for the expenses in Evros but for the illegal immigrants.
    Of course the Greeks do not count,because during the German occupation you burned down and wiped out of the face of our land 1700 villages.We do not forget.
    Next time something like that happens we will open the borders and guide them all north to Germany,since all of then wish to come to you.

  5. German voters are no smarter than American voters. This evil bastard stands up there and lies to them and guess what? Next election, he wins and comes back to lie some more.

  6. In my previous comment there is a mistake the sum for the immigrants is 700 million and not 700 billion.

  7. They started again.
    Operation 1453 “is underway in Evros by the Turks, with an unmanned Bayraktar TB2 sweeping the border early in the afternoon.
    They were trying to find passages for sending immigrants to Europe.

    1453 is the date when Konstantinople fell into the hands of Turks.

      • Yes, seems to be a constant theme with the French. As it was the defenders came within a hair of defeating the siege. A classic example of “for want of a nail”…

  8. When the fun and games of Balkanization comes to fruition, there is going to be no shortage of traitors amongst us to hang. I imagine entire streets filled with these traitors, and the ironic thing is, they will all be shocked and surprised when it happens to them and their wretched families.

  9. Z těchto malých chlapců se holčičky budou v Německu pod bedlivým dozorem muti Merkel teprve dělat. Začne se kastrací. Ti chudáci vůbec netuší, co se na ně chystá….

    [Note from the moderator: This is an English-language blog. Please respond in English, or accompany the Czech text with a translation into English.

    Machine translation:

    “These little boys will only become girls in Germany under the watchful eye of Muti Merkel. It begins with castration. The poor have no idea what is going on for them…” ]

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