Those Poor Refugees Bring Tears to my Eyes

The Greek government is steadfastly resisting the onslaught of the migrant horde that has been released by the Turkish government to storm the fence at Turkey’s land border with Greece.

The following video contains excerpts from a news report from Greece that aired on Bulgarian TV. It turns out that tear gas is being used at the border by both sides — that is, not only are Greek border guards using tear gas against the mob trying to cross the border, but the Turkish government has reportedly delivered tear gas to the migrants, plus drones with which to deploy it.

Many thanks to Tanya T for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

06:22   Some are leaving, and others are coming. Such vans with refugees
06:25   keep arriving incessantly in Odrin.
06:30   We are going, the border is open.
06:34   At the border, however, the refugees find out that there is no road to Europe.
06:42   We have learned that many mayors of Turkish municipalities
06:46   as well as businessmen have declared that they will pay for the transport
06:50   of the refugees to Pazarkole and other points on the border with Greece,
06:55   so, indeed, the people are coming.
06:58   Somebody is paying for their transport, definitely.
07:01   Maria, thank you. And now, from the piece of land between Greece and Turkey
07:06   that we call No Man’s Land, Tsvetana Balabanova is there.
07:09   Hello, Tsveti. How are the Greek authorities reacting to what has happened over the last 24 hours?
07:13   Good evening. We no longer are at No Man’s Land, because about an hour and a half ago
07:22   we were asked to move out of there, due to the increasing pressure,
07:26   but the crew and I witnessed the latest escalation
07:29   of tension between migrants and border police.
07:33   We have information about one policeman injured by a thrown stone.
07:37   Greek border police complain that
07:40   the Turkish side not only are cutting the barbed wire,
07:44   but also drones with tear gas are sent from Turkey to the migrants.
07:51   [The reporter says 17 people who crossed got a sentence of 3.5 years for crossing illegally.
07:58   The new Greek government is demonstrating that it is adopting a tough policy
08:05   towards migration, she says.]
08:13   Here’s what else we saw during the day.
08:21   In No Man’s Land between Greece and Turkey
08:24   tear gas is a weapon used by both sides.
08:28   Migrants are shooting stones and wood at the security forces.
08:31   At a given moment the situation becomes strained, and all journalists are asked to move out.

8 thoughts on “Those Poor Refugees Bring Tears to my Eyes

  1. Likely the “migrants” are just as much a burden and annoyance to normal Turks as they are to the budgets of European municipalities that they are dumped upon. No surprise that Turkish mayors and businessmen would pay for their transport to encourage them to go somewhere else.

    Supplying tear gas and drones to the invaders to use upon the border guards should be seen as an act of war. It is only a matter of time before someone gets the bright idea to arm a few of those savages with small arms and some Greeks get killed or injured. The Greeks should emplace land mines and let it be known that they are there, to deter the orcs from trying to storm the border enmasse Ceuta style. And tell the EU to get stuffed when they inevitably cry about it.

  2. About time! These “immigrants” are actually an invasive swarm of locusts. I would have plenty of sympathy for real refugees but when these “refugees” storm Greek borders and attack Police etc, that is not being a refugee. No person has the right to demand attention and welfare. I know what real refugees look like. These ain’t. These are locusts after a free life on the European welfare teat. Since when has it been correct to demand at gunpoint such status?

    These are thugs plain and simple. This is typical of the genre- endless griping and posed victimhood. This is is an attempt to subject Europe to Islam. Erdogan is a tin pot oik trying to play Mr Big Man. He is trying to obtain NATO support and start a war with Russia. We are not having it.

    Greece shot a number yesterday and the Greek Navy used force to stop these locusts in their rubber dinghies from getting to the islands. About time. With the Covid19 about to hit EU big time, this Erdogan deliberate invasion, is an act of war and should be treated accordingly and all that means.

    We are all tired of these ghastly creatures and their fake victimhood. What other ideology or “People” attack countries and immediately impose sharia laws and beliefs on a host. This behaviour is straight out of the Koran. These people are a complete fraud as is the Leftist Globalists that caused this. We need a new Nurenberg in the near future.

    The wars in Syria and elsewhere were illegal. Again the culprits in the Deep State that caused them should be brought to book and tried for High Crimes. I would not have waited five years and more to shoot back at thees “Refugees” and their fake victimhood.

    • Nuremburg is the bloody reason why we are in this mess today, for we can’t win wars and won’t because we are now to afraid to break things and kill people for total Victory. Bring in the belt fed bundles of joy and start mowing the lawn where these invaders are concerned.

  3. Don’t have borders? Don’t have what it takes? Of course you are going to be invaded. You can be sure when these “migrants” get their glands on weapons they will not hesitate to shoot to kill. Read their bloody koran. Listen to their bloody screechers screeches. We are those same Christians, Jews and Hindus they intent to wipe out or enslave. In the meantime beards harbour disease.

  4. Don’t anybody forget, this is an act of hijra. These are invaders who are being encouraged to occupy and defeat the European people. This is no place for faint hearts or bleating leftists. My message to the Greek people, “Lock and Load.”

  5. It’s TIME get rid of EU. , Merkel, Soros, Macron and this whole traitors elite , put them for trials , close the borders and put own country in law and order, it’s a horrific chaos across Europe, Germany are You listening???

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