The Turkish Invasion of Greece

The two videos below concern the current invasion of Greece by migrant hordes released from Turkey.

The first video features brief interviews with Afghan prisoners who were released by the Turks and then forcibly propelled towards the border with Greece.

Many thanks to Bose for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Martin Sellner is the leader of the Identitäre Bewegung Österreichs, the Austrian Identitaire movement. He and his colleagues have traveled to Greece to act in solidarity with the Greeks’ resistance to the migrant invasion from Turkey.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Hello, how are you? Tell us what you want to do.
00:05   We want to save ourselves.
00:09   What did you hear? When did you hear this?
00:13   We were in jail for 10 to 15 days.
00:17   They brought us here tonight, let us go, and said head for Greece.
00:21   Let me tell you something. I was in prison for one month in Turkey.
00:25   Today they let us go. They said, “Get out”. We don’t have money or a telephone.
00:29   I have no choice. What can I do? I will go to Europe.
00:33   I will save myself. I have no choice.
00:36   They don’t value Afghans in Turkey, brother.
00:40   How did you get here? Illegally. —No, I mean to the border here.
00:44   By taxi. The police brought us here. They said, “Leave.”

Video transcript #2:

00:21   2015 ALL OVER AGAIN?
00:25   We stand here at the Southern border of Europe.
00:29   We, as you, had to watch the way 2015
00:33   repeats itself. The old images again: The countless
00:37   migrants — “women and children” my a**! They’re all young men
00:41   who are streaming towards the border. Unleashed by Erdogan,
00:45   who broke the “refugee deal” with Merkel unilaterally. We have seen how they cut with bolt-cutters
00:49   through the borders, how they threw tear gas at the Greek border guards,
00:53   and how these lying journalists, again with fake pictures,
00:57   tried using emotional warfare to break Europe’s will to defend itself.
01:01   We have seen it and, like you, we were angry, infuriated,
01:05   and we felt impotent. And out of this impotence we said: “We are packing up.
01:09   We are driving to Greece now as volunteers to
01:13   help the Greek people, the Greek patriots, protect their borders.
01:17   #I stand with Greece is more than a mere hashtag.
01:21   We knew that we had to take action. That is why
01:25   we, as young Identitarian Activists from all over Europe, decided to go
01:29   to the Greek border to help the Greek patriots
01:33   in their struggle, because this border is not only the Greek border;
01:37   it is the European border. This issue cannot remain only a Greek issue;
01:41   it is a European issue. Hence our appeal
01:45   to everyone: Help us, support us, support the Greeks.
01:49   For every patriot, for every European, now is the moment, when he has to decide:
01:53   Does he stay at home, watching the horror images on TV,
01:57   or will he act? We have made our decision:
02:01   we drove to Greece, and we still have many plans. Everybody who can
02:05   should support the Greeks locally, should if possible support activists, protest rallies
02:09   on site, or if it is possible for him, to organise them in his hometown,
02:13   and those who cannot afford all this still have the option
02:17   to sign the petition at
02:21   and subscribe to the newsletter so that 2015 never happens again.

6 thoughts on “The Turkish Invasion of Greece

  1. Today Erdogan sends 1000 armed police units to the Greek border to prevent the Greeks from stopping and/or returning the hjrah invaders.

    Their role is also “rear action” behind the waves, to prevent the so-called refugees from turning back. This was exactly the role of the NKVD during WWII which Russia calls the Great Patriotic War (“You’ll be patriotic or else” – “You’ll be a Muslim immigrant or else”).

    “During World War II, NKVD Internal Troops units were used for rear area security, including preventing the retreat of Soviet Union army divisions. Though mainly intended for internal security, NKVD divisions were sometimes used at the front to stem the occurrence of desertion through Stalin’s Order No. 270 and Order No. 227 decrees in 1941 and 1942, which aimed to raise troop morale via brutality and coercion.”

    • Seems like crew-serviced belt-fed weaponry would clear that problem up, if they stepped onto Greek soil.

      There is a Constantinople precedence — The Nika riots.

      • What a waste of a good Hippodrome.

        Crew-served belt-fed weapons would be good except for the resulting optics which would of course be exploited by leftist media to stir up stupid european sympathizers.

        Green lasers to temporarily blind the orcs trying to cross, or those short wave microwave projectors that the American military has developed for crowd and riot control would be not as satisfying but effective without the bad optics.

        If it were up to me I would just gas them; preemptively if necessary. The Greeks have the right idea but they just happen to be using the wrong kind of gas.

        • Your propositions aren’t really a solution of the problem, nor are they immune to leftist criticism.
          Any means of stopping the invaders is going to be critised by the lefties, so it doesn’t matter which one you opt for.
          In which case it’s better to choose a permanent solution, rather than facing the same problem over and over again.

  2. The Turkish government have supply the “refugees” with special tools to cut the wires of the fence.
    Some of us have recommended to put mines across the borders.
    We are prepared,old and even children ,to face these barbarians from Asia.We are psychologically ready ,and very much we wish to give Erdogan a very good lesson that he will never forget.
    The rest of the so called “refugees” will be sent to uninhabited islands in the Aegean until we examine if they need international protection or not.
    If not they will be sent back to where they belong.
    In the mainland we do not want them.

  3. Ain’t feminism, multi cultural mismatch-ism, smarter than God and nature-ism real winners? Imaging with a seriously deadly virus out and about the left over denial and the bearded Muslim bottom scrapers how to get some real infiltration of the bottom lines of defence. Realists have already resigned to the worst and will have no problem responding. To the rest – a complete surprise.

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