The Coronavirus is Allah’s Punishment Against the Kuffar

In the following video Muslim women in India are asked their opinion about the ChiCom virus. All of them are delighted that Allah has sent it to punish the infidels.

Also, they’re obviously unconcerned about social distancing, because they know they can only catch the coronavirus if Allah wills it.

Many thanks to Bose for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   It is written in the Quran that a virus would come; that virus’s name is CORONA.
00:05   We are always ready and strong. If you want to panic us by using corona,
00:10   death will come anyway; don’t frighten us by using this virus (corona).
00:15   Allah is great… Allah sent this coronavirus,
00:20   because everyone who is ruling over us for them,
00:25   Allah calls them… Now Allah makes decisions about who needs to live and who needs to die.
00:30   Here we are standing in groups. Nothing will happen to us. No disease can infect to us.
00:35   Those who fear to protest, they get affected by the virus. We have to stand here and need to
00:40   show our courage to them, we who are standing here, spending our time by leaving our homes.
00:45   Our Allah really is great. The coronavirus came just for this.
00:50   Allah will decide now who needs to live who needs to die.
00:55   What do you want say about the coronavirus? —We don’t have any fear about Corona, because
01:00   Allah did everything to protect us… We know everything. Corona is not any disease/virus.
01:05   Only people affected by Corona are those who fear.
01:10   We know it very keenly… QURONO or QURAN or CORONA is the same.
01:15   We knew many years ago that this Corona would come. This is in our Quran, Surah 10.
01:20   Now more dangerous diseases/viruses will come, which Sir Modi knows, and what will come.

16 thoughts on “The Coronavirus is Allah’s Punishment Against the Kuffar

  1. There is a very compelling reason why muslim men make their women wear bags over their heads. It is actually for your protection.

  2. How do they explain their co-religionists in Iran being hit hard with the ChiCom virus?

    • The muslims in Iran are Shia, which are kind of like Islam’s version of Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons at best. In the West, most people see them all as muslims but to a devout muslim the Shia are barely muslim, or apostate and therefore just as worthy of being killed as a jew or any other non-believer. The fact that the Chinese virus has hit them particularly hard would tend to reinforce their faith that it is the will of Allah, and belief in the superiority of Sunni over Shia.

      • so one sect has a Sunni-e disposition with the other sect is just plain Shiite-ty.
        Ok, not an original

  3. Well, that’s more vaccines and palliatives for others. Let Allah protect them. I’m good with that.

      • The only question is “how do we increase that percentage?”

        Although if they are not ethnic Swedes then no harm done. They will just import more anyways to replace them.

  4. I doubt the combined IQ for that bunch of lovelies would even reach 100. Those gabbling, gobbling voices, with nonstop babbling were something, too.

  5. Words fail me…..

    Well any way, “Stupid does as stupid is”….So much hate.

  6. My motivation to try and reason with any of them over this is extremely low. It is one of these things which fall under the self-correcting forces of nature. Que sera, sera.

  7. Could be any population centre diversity smelter in occupied Western Europe. If it’s all in the mind then these cut and bagged savages have it.

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